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  1. MoPac_Eagle

    OldNew Starting an HO Layout

    I think you meant to say that to rvnmedic6869 as I haven't served in the Armed Forces.
  2. MoPac_Eagle

    Sold thanks for looking. 3 Scaletrains Kit classics WC box cars

    HO The start of his post says "For sale as 1 lot HO Scale."
  3. MoPac_Eagle

    Shoestring budget

    I like the Mopac, but I also model EVWR and P&L.
  4. MoPac_Eagle

    Soundtraxx Sperry Car Recommendation

    This is a link to another forum I found. It looks like they used Caterpillar engines. Hope this helps, Luke
  5. MoPac_Eagle

    Ulrich-- Gondola Build

    Your loads will look very nice when they are done.👍
  6. MoPac_Eagle

    Running Bear's January 2021 Coffee Shop

    Hello everyone! Today I plan on painting some of my DPM buildings. I also plan on cleaning some stuff up around the layout. Guy- I actually don't mind going to school, but with everything going on right now it is crazy. Curt- I originally bought one of those Cubes, but it came with a dead...
  7. MoPac_Eagle

    Running Bear's January 2021 Coffee Shop

    Good morning everyone. The school has been shut down for the first time until January 19. We are going to be "all remote." I never thought I would say this but, I hate not being in school. Ken- Thanks a lot! Now I have another GP18 I have to model. I am trying to model the engines (mostly...
  8. MoPac_Eagle

    Home under construction dio

    This is a very nice house. What are you using for shingles?
  9. MoPac_Eagle

    Running Bear's January 2021 Coffee Shop

    Hello everyone, it has been a while, which means lots of catching up to do. My finger is still slowing me down, although it is healing now. I would post a picture of it, but I don't want anyone to spill their coffee. Wille- Hope you had a happy birthday! I also have that Plasticville tower...
  10. MoPac_Eagle

    Ulrich-- Gondola Build

    Your gondola is coming along very nicely. I can't wait to see it completed. Also, You have probably said somewhere, but what CA do you use? I think you need to stop watching Saving Private Ryan, it is starting to have an effect on your vocabulary😛.
  11. MoPac_Eagle

    Running Bear's December 2020 Coffee Shop

    Happy new year!
  12. MoPac_Eagle

    Running Bear's December 2020 Coffee Shop

    Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.
  13. MoPac_Eagle

    HO scale Camera?

    Thank you for all the choices. I still haven't decided on one yet.
  14. MoPac_Eagle

    Make your own crushed ballast

    I already have... the MoPac ballast is a lot harder than the CNW is. This was taken from the UP main at Union Illinois by the Illinois Railway Museum.
  15. MoPac_Eagle

    Details West PL-160 pilot/plow attachment

    I usually use regular old Testors glue. I think one of the two would be the best option for gluing metal to plastic.
  16. MoPac_Eagle

    Just in..

    Hello Howard, Welcome aboard!
  17. MoPac_Eagle

    HO scale Camera?

    KBO2-I decided not to get one of the key fob cameras because it was an awkward size and shape. Terry- I have three iPhone 4s I have acquired, but they were too wide to fit on some parts of my layout. When I get one, I will say which one I got and how much I like it.
  18. MoPac_Eagle

    Make your own crushed ballast

    Off hand, what size I'm I looking for?....... Jerry-do you have any woodland scenics ballast? If you do find a strainer that lets those pieces through. You could use a window screen. If you have something with a screen, you could upload a picture, and I can see if it would work. That is some...
  19. MoPac_Eagle

    Running Bear's December 2020 Coffee Shop

    Chet-Louie is just sad he doesn't get any of the good smelling things inside of the eggs. You have a very nice layout. How did you make your trees?

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