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    Under Construction - Birmingham UK

    what do the zig zag lines mean on the road. and i remember seeing in many othr pics of the tracks what are the little orange bars running unde the tracks for
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    MRC Prodigy Advanced

    i personally cant vough for the mrc or nce. i was originally going to go with the mrc prodigy advance. but after talking to people on the forum i decide that i needed digitrax. it is fairly simple to program with and it is extremely expandible
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    My kids weathering job!

    if i ship her my collection how much would she want to weather them lol. but seriously i really like the first rusty boxcar so realistic. you need to teach her how to do scenery and see what she comes up with for you
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    How much time?

    i work in spurts. like every few months i will work for two weeks straight that is after work till bed time. but i am consistantly on the forum for at least an hour a day everyday
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    Working with brass (progress pics)

    your going for a crane right. cranes are definately one of my favorite things i have always been wanting to build one just never figured out what to build it with. tried legos not strong enough. tried an erector set i dont have enough pieces plus it gets really heavy and flimsy lol and it dont...
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    Working with brass (progress pics)

    i personally use a weller iron. i do have a butane iron also i only paid 20 for it at wallmart when it was in clearance. i also dont use flux for me i think there is plenty in the solder. i like working with brass but my downfall is i dont use jigs. so my fingers burn. since i am a mechanc i...
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    Bachmann's latest 2-6-6-2

    you want annoying try rebuilding a broken bigboy i bought it and it looked like someone droped it down a set of stairs. i did alot of nice work to it and them i started getting really mad at it so i boxed it up and put it away i will have to dig it back out when i clean up the desk. i stopped...
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    May Car Exchange

    nice story was the light thing an accident or intential.
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    Weekly Photo Fun 30 Apr-04 May '10

    and to remark on the steel mill i like it. did you prototype or custom design it. i too plan to include a steel mill eventually. but i cant build it while i am still living at home. i have to find a much larger place to build in. cause the building is and big as a couple stadiums. if you are...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 30 Apr-04 May '10

    i would love to see these running down a nice layout or even sitting in the crates with my collection lol. i still in the collecting stage but i have lots of goodies
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    where can i get corrugated tin in ho scale

    my topic must have been eating at you for a while to dig it out of the grave lol. but to see something come back with new ideas is great cause now it will attract moe people lol
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    where can i get corrugated tin in ho scale

    ooo i love machines from history they are literally so amazing just to see what people thought of and how they did it. the old style looks to be the easiest to make cause i like playing with the lathe
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    Let's get LOADED!!!.....

    everywhere seems to be carrying less and less of the stuff we all want like when i was say 12 they discontinued the barbeque sauce i had grown up on. and i cant get my favorite flavor of gaterade anymore
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    Show Us Your Shops / Servicing Facilities

    i love the roundhouse design its modern yet simple great work i think it is just what im looking for. plus it looks like it could easily be updated with more bays and what not
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    Let's see your first layout

    my first layout (my only layout that was operational) was probably12 years ago. it measured 8'x8' the single main line followed the edges and there was one hoop the ran across the middle where the two sheets of plywood met together. i personally dont have pics i dont think any wher ever taken...
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    Lessons learned!

    you described me good in this one i have enough train materials to build a train layout that will fill my entire basement. when i am only getting half i can safely say i have 1/4 a mile of track. and somewhere between 30 and 50 turnouts. at last count i had 30 locomotives and well over 100 train...
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    Show us your snow and MOW equipment!

    what are the green things on the end of each car
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    Show us your snow and MOW equipment!

    the yellow crane car in the last picture i just got one of them today. it took me an hour to rig it up cause its not easy but boy does it look nice. mine is also yellow but it will be green just like my 250 ton crane i have pics of on this thread. i will post pics when i get it done thanks...
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    Lessons learned!

    a big mistake i made was making benchwork with out figuring out where it was gonna go so now i am left with a cool design and no place to stick ick because of the way i will be setting up my layout
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    Lessons learned!

    keep on going i like you mistakes lol i have all day

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