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    Anyone know where Josh Is?

    He messaged me first of the week about a unit i ordered, i sent him an email but he hasnt got back to me either. Give him some time and he`ll respond i`m sure.:)
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    Excitment in the air!!!!!

    Oh yeah thats what I`m talking about !!!!! went to English`s saturday spent 4 hours walking around in awe of all the stuff i need to procure for the train collection!!!
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    Excitment in the air!!!!!

    WOOO HOOOO!!!! in the process of changing locations in the country for work purposes and am very happy to find out I have relocated within 3 or 4 miles of Bowser Manufacturing and English model railroad supply !!!! Cant wait to invade the place!!:D:D:D:D:D
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    I hope Athearn catches this one!

    That is funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D
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    Weathered RailBox

    looks great ! wanna do mine?
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    Trivia pic

    wheel grinder for track mobiles:D
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    Lets see your tunnel portals

    still under construction:D
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    Foliage frustration

    What i always do is the first layer of turf goes on before the paint dries, then spray it down after the paint dries . on the second coat it is always wetted down before i apply any thing so that it sticks and wont be blown away by the stream . Make sure you spray over top of the work not...
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    Railroad Poll

    Norfolk & Western or Chessie:D
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    Car Carrier - Lonestar kit (no longer sold)

    that looks cool as can be!!!:)
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    Ordered My First

    looks good! glad your happy with it .I too have been contemplatin a BLI just can afford it right now .
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    Question regarding BN engines utilized by Union Pacific.

    The term you are refering to is loaning horsepower:)
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    MRC Command 2000 DCC System

    The MRC system, in my opinion is not worth the money. For same same price of an MRC system, you can get a good NCE starter set. MRC decoders are junk. OK i get it but for 50 bucks just to get started ?:confused:
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    MRC Command 2000 DCC System

    :DWhat would be the general concencus of this particular controller as a starter systen for the person wanting to get into DCC to try it out without having to invest a pretty good chunk of change? these particular controllers are out ther for between 50 to 100 dollars each and i cant find any...
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    Local Frieght

    HA HA HA HA !!!!! Naked women on a flat car ! stop that train !!!!:D:D:D:D
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    Local Frieght

    dude ! that was so cool !!!!!! the ole camera on the flat car trick:rolleyes: i wished i would have thought of that:D
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    Scl gp38-2

    ok well now i know what mars lights were! very informative UP2CSX:D Hmmmmm... I wonderif you could recreate that in a model , the whole figure 8 oscillating effect?
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    Athearn Parts

    try this guy on ebay send him a email through ebay and tell him what you are looking for. he usually has it or can find it. eBay My World: lhe2005( 3502) Member since: Jul-17-07 Location: United States Views: 1289 total Items for sale Add to favorite sellers Contact member...
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    Update and pics of my new layout

    looks good but can i suggest on your inclines , use the wadded up paper and the plaster cloth . it comes out so much better looking as more convincing slopes and natural looking ground .:D
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    Using Google Earth to view the rail yards! omg!

    heres the yard where I live,-82.269037&spn=0.003389,0.005761&t=h&z=17

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