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    sprung wheelsets is there an easy way???

    i have alot of sprung wheelsets that still need to be assembled i am currently using the tip of my #2 exacto knife to persway the springs in. does anyone know of an easier way to put them together that doesnt involve using more then the 4 springs it needs. cause i keep messing them up or loosing...
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    an un-named industry in process of detailing in HO

    I started building a kit that i recently bought as part of a larger grouping of items on ebay. i am going to put a complete interior fully detailed inside this building even thought no one will ever see it lol here is a few pics tell me what you think. this is a large section of the floor and...
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    where can i get corrugated tin in ho scale

    i am working on building an older industry model and the roof and exterior walls are made of corrugated tin i would prefer to build all of my industries from tine as i will be building some masive buildings and this stuff seems to be reallly easy for me to work with. i have been able to find...
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    digitrax sound fx and motor decoders and overlapping functions

    since i am still a noob at digital only been experimenting with it for a few days. my question may seem stupid. i have mobile decoders which obviously have function abilities and i plan on adding a sound fx decoder. what i would like to know is do i loose function abilities on my mobile...
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    how does auto reversing work?

    i am curious how does the auto reverser device work how does it know when to switch it is something i would like to know before i try it and break something
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    up big boy to get reading paint?

    i have a up big boy and i am thinking about going with a reading paint scheme any suguestions before i start and would i be frowned upon for defacing the up by making it a reading railroad loco
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    new to dcc i need to know the basics on digitrax and loconet

    i decided that i wanted to use digitrax for digital command control and their website seems uterly useless. what can you guys tell me about using digitrax digital and loco net. i would like for all my human interaction points to be panel mounted such as command station and throttle ports. what...
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    how die hard are you for modeling?

    You know your a die hard modeler when you injure your self in some stupid way that may require stiches and you keep on modeling. today i was working on fixing my big boy and the razor blade (extra sharp of course) slid off my project into my finger the gash is an inch and a quarter long and...
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    i need alot of the red brick styrene cheap

    I am going to be working on an old foundry and i ill need alot of curragated and alot of the red brick styrene where can i get this for cheap. the building complex is gonna take up half a sheet of plywood at least possibly more i dont have all the measurments yet just to give you an idea of how...
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    whats the best way to apply decals

    i have some good quality decals that dont have any clear between the letters to hold them together. what is the best way to apply decals. keep in mind i have never applied a sinle decal in my entire life.
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    birdsboro armorcast to be modeled

    I live right outside of birdsboro and i have been trying to find information on the armorcast buildings. i have not found what i am looking for. on monday i am going to take a trip to the abandoned facility and try and find documents like blueprints and what not because i want to model this...
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    custom turntable need help

    i have two small turntables one i think is a walthers pit turntable and the other is a standard atlas turntable niether of which ar large enough to carry my big boy. has anyone built a cusom turntable to overcome this problem. if you have progress pics please share them. Thank you, Jamie
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    looking for digital couplers

    has anyone heard of seen own know where to get digital couplers. i am wondering where to get them and what they would cost because i am definately gonna try to put them in my locos but i am thinking about putting them in all my cars. if anyone has pics of what the units look like when installed...
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    hand rails

    i am working on repairing a rivarossi 4-8-8-4 with the damage that has been sustained it looks like it was dropped (down a set of stairs). I bought a static model specifically for parts for this project but one thing the static model doesent have is brass handrails. i can easily get ahold of...
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    how does he do it with turn outs

    i was surfing and i found this on the forums website and i just cant figure out how this guy gets his turnouts so close together its like they are hand laid. also that yard is insane over kill i want a yard that big
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    ing DCC system

    i would imagine that this is the best place if any to ask what DCC system is the best. i have been thinking about getting and MRC Prodigy. but i was wondering what you guys thought. i am 19 and just starting out in putting together my labor of love (reworking buildings for my layout) and i need...
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    my mess

    i have been playing with trains since i was 5. i am currently 19. i have attached two images of a building i just "rebuilt". i bought it used in a rubermaid tub of lots of goodies. i carefully dismantled the building and painted the interior modeling and then installed LED lighting inside i can...

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