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  1. Dave S

    Showing off in the fall...

    My summer project was adding an office and building power plant to my Engine House.
  2. Dave S

    Help me understand LED's?

    Edit: The perils of procrastinating with the post button! NCR gives a better answer above. Actually LED's are mostly 3V 20mA but there is a fair amount of variation. It's probably not going to help you at this point seeing as you are asking the question but the best way is to find...
  3. Dave S

    There was an "incident" in the train room.......

    My Dad would have said you should also shut off the lights when you are not in the room! ;)
  4. Dave S

    Increasing locomotive top speed

    Yeah I see what you mean. I still haven't gotten a handle on it although the light problem seems to have cleared up on it's own. It no longer goes out when the speed is adjusted. The engine set runs great at low speeds but it's like it has a speed governor on it and won't get much above half...
  5. Dave S

    Increasing locomotive top speed

    Thanks for the reply Ken and George. Something shorting out was my first guess but it affects both the a and b units the same exact way which would be unlikely. The only commonalities are the manufacturer and model of the decoders but they are what Bowser recommends. Ken you may have...
  6. Dave S

    Increasing locomotive top speed

    Another odd thing I've noticed is the headlight will only operate when the throttle is increased. Returned to idle it will blink once or twice then go out. Applying throttle again it will turn on again. Odd. I've factory reset both decoders a couple of times following a recommendation I read...
  7. Dave S

    Increasing locomotive top speed

    I picked up an F3 A/B set from Bowser the other day and installed the recommended decoders (LokPilot 4.0 p#546150). For some reason at the highest speed setting both units run like the throttle was set to half speed. At half speed setting they barely move and if i add some rolling stock they...
  8. Dave S

    A momentous day!

    I keep mine in a beat up looking mow gondola.
  9. Dave S

    Photos of my favorite builds

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love the real sunlight.
  10. Dave S

    Early 2018 Photo Fun

    I have added some lights to my new fueling station.
  11. Dave S

    Early 2018 Photo Fun

    Thanks. Steamers are on the other side!
  12. Dave S

    Early 2018 Photo Fun

  13. Dave S

    Early 2018 Photo Fun

    I miss these threads. There is always some nice work in them. I've been working on a refueling station for my loco's as my winter project.
  14. Dave S

    Fuel port location help

    Thanks Guys. I saw that cap and neck on the model but wasn't sure. Cheers!
  15. Dave S

    Fuel port location help

    Oh man I am so sorry. I fat fingered the keyboard. I mean an Alco RS-3 not 2.
  16. Dave S

    Fuel port location help

    Hi Folks, I've been working on a diesel refueling station and I have an old Alco RS-2 I was going to use to simulate taking on a load of fuel. Trouble is I haven't been able to find out where the fueling port is located on the engine. I saw one picture online that showed what could have been...
  17. Dave S

    Cool Florescent light effect

    I think it's a great idea too although i'd recommend a second led at the other end of the tube.
  18. Dave S

    Just some shots...

    I know what you mean about natural light. I was thinking of creating a 2-3ft long diorama that I can take outside just to take pictures of my locos in sunlight.
  19. Dave S

    Summer of '17 photo fun

    Thanks for the fishing line suggestion guys, I will give it a try.
  20. Dave S

    Summer of '17 photo fun

    Not sure if I posted this one already but this was my summer project. I had gotten a bunch of Rocco and Herpa minitanks for my layouts military rail head and on a whim I also picked up the Rocco Huey, just because it looked so cool. Unlike the vehicles and figures I didn't really have a place...

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