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    Where is Your Model Railroad Layout Setup?

    My wife and I moved into our current home (fixer upper) in late 2017 and spent the first year working on kitchen and master bath remodeling. Starting in Dec 2018 we pulled a permit to finish our unfinished basement. Other than plumbing and wiring, my wife and I DIY'd the finishing including...
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    Tangent caboose

    Certain Popular Tangent rolling stock may never be found at a discount singly because they don't last long enough to need to get discounted. So in those cases the hobbyist may need do decide if a Tangent model is needful enough to fork over the asking price. Sometimes I have done just that...
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    Tangent caboose

    I just wanted to point out Tangent DOES do multi car discounts. My point stands. So you want just one caboose? If you can find five other nice Tangent models, you can mix and match for a discount. Just saying... Anyway, I'm green with envy that BO/Chessie fans got a Tangent caboose. I...
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    Tangent caboose

    That's wrong. They do discounts when you buy 6 models and more off when you buy 12.
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    Athearn or Roundhouse?

    Yep, coupler metal clips dead give away Athearn
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    Anyone been to a WGH show? Worth it?

    I went to the Chantilly VA show also. I spent couple hours there and found a few goodies. Seems a waste to pay the admission and only spend 30 minutes. The highlight was getting to meet and chat with Shane Wilson, president of Scale Trains and Chris Palmerez of Athearn. Not a ton of HO stuff...
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    M B Klein Closing Showroom

    Bruette, I enjoyed your story. I lived up North with a grumpy train shop owner and shopped with Klein's starting almost 25 years ago via mail order. Due to the bad economy there, I moved to northern Virginia in 2009. Since the Timonium show was the biggest show within a couple hours...
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    ACK! I've gone to the dark side!

    When house hunting in 2017 I couldn't find a finished basement ideal for trains that I could afford but moved into an unfinished basement late 2017. We had a lot of main floor work to do during the 1st year but started finishing the basement last December on weekends and days off, and how to be...
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    Need help getting started with N or HO size

    Even if you go 4' wide at the end for a loop back, 22" radius curves are still pretty sharp in HO. If you ever want to run scale length passenger cars, they need broader curves, ideally 28" or more. While you can fit HO into a 17' long space with decent turn back, you can fit much more N in...
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    Summer is Coming.....Do You Have Any Model Railroading Plans for the Summer?

    "Summer is Coming". Is that like Winter is coming Jon Snow? :p Should we be worried? The "summer" thing comes up every year as if that means it's time to put away the trains until fall or cut way back. The answer to all of this is it partly depends on where you live. Where I used to live...
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    A local problem ??

    Some call it natural selection.
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    Brass prices, they are falling, atleast at shows

    Hate to say it but the pfm gom Rio grande caboose is a foobie. I bought one in the 1990s thinking finally I had a real correct D&RGW 01400 series caboose. Then I compared the model to photos of the real thing. They got the windows wrong on one side. We tend to think brass models are correct...
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    Made me look.
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    A Dozen New Hoppers

    Those nice hoppers need a Caboose!
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    Benchwork done. Now what??

    Depth of top of last layout or planned layout?
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    Benchwork done. Now what??

    If the basement was finished I already would be building the layout but horse before the cart.
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    Kato Web poll

    I had six Kato SD45s but sold them all in favor of Athearn SD45s because they had Rio Grande signature details the KATO units lacked. Of all the choices in the poll, I like the SD45 best, but see no point when Kato has dropped the ball and been passed up long ago by other makers.
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    Benchwork done. Now what??

    We lived in an area that was, I hate to say it, a bit slummy and getting worse every year. Once my daughter was finished with college and that financial burden lifted, my wife said that's it, time get out so we got the town home ready and layout came down and sold and moved about 30 miles west...
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    Anyone just LOVE to design track plans?

    Having a larger radius future proofs your layout so it can handle longer cars that someday wish you could run. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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