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    MV lenses

    I am searching for MV jewel lenses to replicate ditch lights but I cannot find any suppliers. Walthers is out of stock on almost all MV products. Any ideas as to where to find them?
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    Athearn repower questions

    Has anyone ever tried to repower an Athearn GPXX-2 with an Atlas GPXX drive train? I have three failed projects (Atlas GP38/GP40 chassis) which I would like to use to power three DRGW GP40-2's, Athearn of course. Before I go tearing into these chassis, I would like to hear other's experiences.
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    What size resistor should I use for 1.5volt, 1.2mm incandescant bulbs? These are going in digitrax equipped locos for ditch lights. Also, if I will be running two lights from the same power source, do I need to use two resistors or will one work?
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    please critique my work, new to custom painting

    These are my first two custom paint jobs which copy an actual prototype. I have painted two other engines in the past to a freelanced road I was thinking of modelling. Those paint jobs were very simple. The CORP 3823 was the first one I painted and the 3804 came second. They are both...
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    paint stripping

    Question for the custom painters out there: What should I use to strip the newer Atlas locos and the BLI locos? I have had great success stripping the paint off Athearn models with brake fluid and 90% alcohol, but have ruined a BLI shell and a Kato shell in break fluid. Oven cleaner and 90%...
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    Decoder for proto GP38-2

    Anyone know the best decoder to use for the newest release Proto GP38-2's? I bought a DH163L0 and installed it. It took the initial address program, but then lost it as soon as I cut power to the track. I put the decoder in a GP7 and an SD60M and it worked fine. I then put the same decoder in...
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    Intro with new "layout" venture

    Well, this is my first post on this forum after doing some lurking for awhile. I model HO (I also speak the obvious) in SP, SSW, and D&RGW- MODERN era (that's right, in my 1:87 rendition of this world SP bought UP:D ) I can relate my fascination with railroads and the EsPee back to my early...

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