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    Bought A Compound Miter Saw Last Night!

    I'm building a deck and a fence in the spring, and doing all the molding in my house, so I splurged. Of course my layouts had atleast something to do with the purchase ;)
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    Input Needed On Layout Plan...

    Kennedy my layout will be an N scale layout, perhaps you could fill me in on how this would effect the size of my layout? Do you think it will be a problem having both decks larger than 18 inches?
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    Lenz VS NCE?

    Well I can always upgrade the Set-90 by getting a second cab, to the Set-100 and still be under the $300 price of the NCE set. I'm starting to think the NCE set might be a bit too much for what I have planned. Thanks for the advice though!
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    Lenz VS NCE?

    I'm going to buy a DCC system in the next 24 hours, due to a liquidation sale. I figure I'm gonna have to get it soon enough, may as well save money getting it now. So I need to decide in the next 24 hours which systems to get, and I was hoping you guys might be able to help. Lenz Set-90 @...
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    Any younger guys here that want to give DCC a try?

    Darn, if I wasn't off of work today for the holiday I would have seen this earlier :(. Kuddos for an awesome gesture though!
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    Soaking Cork Before Laying Ballast?

    My friend told me today that he soaks the cork before laying ballast. Is this really needed? Do you guys soak the cork before laying the ballast? If so please share your method of soaking the cork. Thanks in advance...
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    Input Needed On Layout Plan...

    I have a room that is 14x9 for my layout. I don't want to use up the entire room because this is only my second layout. I'd prefer to do a double decker shelf system, with the majority of the shelf being about 12"-18" in width. So my idea is to have a double decker about 10 feet long, with a...
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    Bought A Compound Miter Saw Last Night!

    Got a $200 Craftsman 10" LaserTrac compount miter saw last night for only $150! Benchwork here we come! Now I just gotta get a combination square, and a countersink bit for my drill and I can start building. The hard part is deciding on a track plan etc....
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    I need a little help

    I just started doing N scale myself, and the decision was to get the most track per square foot. I'm almost done with a small 2x2 circle layout that I used to learn from, and next I might either do a 3x6, 4x8, or a 10x2 shelf layout, then maybe early next year I'm gonna do a room sized, possibly...
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    What I've Learned From My First Layout!

    I've just about finished my first N scale layout. It's just a simple circle of 9 3/4" atlas 80 on a 2'x2' base. 1) Never paint the inside of the rails when weathering, it's ok to paint the outside of the rail and the planks, but not the inside. 2) Never lay track after you've built up a...
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    N Scale Locomotive Advice...

    Hey all, So I only have two locomotives, and they are both bachmans. I got a diesel for $20, and a steam engine for about $35. As expected they both really suck at slow speeds, especially the diesel. A couple of months down the road when I've made myself a decent sized layout with DCC I'd...
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    DCC Computer Interfaces?

    I'm new to model railroading and was wondering if any DCC systems would allow you to connect the DCC system to a computer, and enable you to send as well as receive DCC commands?
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    How Do You Guys Weather Your Track?

    I layed a single 5" straight piece of atlas track, and roadbed last night on a piece of foam. Then I did a little practive ballast and was shocked at how horrible such bright shinny rails, and black ties look with the ballast. How do you guys do your track weathering? I was thinking about...
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    Uncoupling...How to?

    Has anyone ever considered making a hump yard with magnetic uncouplers?
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    Uncoupling...How to?

    Why doesn't Kadee make uncouplers for n-Scale? The Pug 308 is an awesome car, wish they sold them out here, gotta love watching them in the WRC!
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    Getting Feeders Through Pink Foam And Plywood?

    I started drilling the holes last night for the feeder wires, and they fit right through without catching, but thanks for all the advice everyone.
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    Getting Feeders Through Pink Foam And Plywood?

    When giving each section of track a feeder, how are you guys getting the wiring through the pink foam and plywood? I was thinking about just drilling a hole clear through and using a wire coat hanger to get the feeders to the other side.
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    Glueing Pink Foam To Plywood?

    Will Elmers wood glue work properly?
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    Glueing Pink Foam To Plywood?

    I bought a 2x2 peice of plywood last night to use as a mock up of my 8x4' layout. The goal is to make as many mistakes on my 2x2 circle of 9.75" atlas track, so that it doesn't happen on my 8x4' layout. My question is how are you guys glueing or attaching the pink foam to the plywood? I have...

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