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    XtrkCAD Layout Software-Where's the Manual?

    Posts I have seen here describe this software as the best one to use to create a new layout. I have been fooling with it for several days but really getting nowhere fast, as I have no idea how it should best be used. A hobbysit at the LHS yesterday said there was a downloadeable manual...
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    Did Amtrak Use a Caboose?

    I will be running a Phase III Amtrak line but have never seen an Amtrak caboose. Did they run any kind of a caboose, or just end the train with the last car? Also, would baggage/material handling cars be at the front or rear of the train? Thanks.
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    Looking for Advice on First Layout Drawing

    Yes, I know, it is just a crummy had-drawn layout. No fancy CAD drawing unfortunately! One square = 2". I'm just throwing this out on the forum for advice, critique, etc. There are two mainline roads, non-intersecting, though I am not sure how to get one track over the other as yet. Mountain...
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    Can Someone Please Explain Turnouts

    New guy doing a new N layout. I've decided on Peco switches because of the positive spring action on the points. What is the purpose of the "frog" and the significance of them being insulated or not? Which do I want?? I plan on running DC (not DCC) on two seperate mainlines. If I can't get...
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    Anyone Made Foam Modules?

    I'm wanting to create a large N scale layout, but space prohibits a large flat board. Was thinking of using the 2" foam on a 1x4 framework, and making 2 or 3 modules to connect in a large L shape. Easier to build, move and store! Anyone made foam modules? Any tricks in connecting them...
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    Would Like Help ID'ing a Railroad

    I'm planning a new N layout set in the eastern US so as to take advantage of mountains, tunnels, bridges, and be able to incorporate perhaps coal, steel or sawmill as industries. Problem is, I want to ID a prototype RR from that region, circa 1960's-1970's or so, diesel, freight and...

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