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    My Weathered Cars (I'll post often here)

    Get that sucker in for a painting! Geez UP! Great! Great! Great! Im envious!
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    walthers 130' HO TURNTABLE

    Question: How neccesary is an indexing system? Can a manual turntable usually line up by "eyeballing" it and not caus a derail? Is an indexing system exclusive to the DCC or can it be used on DC? Any help would be great!! TJ
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    walthers 130' HO TURNTABLE

    IM in a similiar boat. Im on a budget, and ive been killing myself trying to find a turntable, manual OR powered for under $100. Now, I know about the Atlas cheapy, but my HO 2-10-2 is 13 & 1/2 inches long. I would need a 14" minimum. The atlas only measures 9". Im in a real pickle and yard...
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    2 New York Central Jade Green 40' Boxcars

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    Scratchbuilds By Play-Doh

    Yeah. Its nothin personal to the guys over there, ive got nothing but respect for them. I just couldnt deal with the new format and set up. It just wasnt the same place after the server switch.
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    Scratchbuilds By Play-Doh

    Really? Are you in the Portalnd OR area? Its in SE portland, just down the road from me. OR, you saw it on the other MRR I was member of. Yeah, the nick name Play-Doh has been a nick name since high school. Dont ask me why, but its just stuck. You folks can call me TJ, that way you can take...
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    Scratchbuilds By Play-Doh

    Hey Folks Since im new here, and still getting to know you folks, I thought I would share some of my scratchbuilds. See for the last couple years (and for a couple more at least) ive been confined to an apartment so ive been tied down to nothing more than my 4X8 layout. My dream is to...
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    Reworking Rolling Stock

    I also used to glue my coupler boxes to the car itself. upgrading cheapo freight cars is one of my favorite parts of the hobby. However I realized that they need to be removed from time to time (especially if they are not at the right hight) so now I got a 2/57 threader from my LHS and fasten...
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    quick question about loco's

    One idea Perhaps...oh whats that stuff called, the stuff used to soften decals. I would think a generous application of that would loosen things up while still keeping paint in its place.
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    Steaming Softly

    Ive always loved the big boy steamers
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    A scratchbuild project for some time in the future

    What a fascinating building!
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    A Very Big Hello!!

    What a great welcome folks! Thank You!
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    A Very Big Hello!!

    Hey Folks! Im the new guy around here and I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. Some of you may know me from another forum but im spreading out a little bit. Ive been in the hobby for a little over a year now and learned ALOT from great people on the internet. My basics: HO...

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