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    "portable scenes"

    I'm working on two new scenes on my railroad right now. 1 is a dining car restaurant complete with parking lot, flower s/ greenery, steps and a handicapped ramp. The other is a frac sand and aggregate transloading facility. They are in the design phase right now and will be being built over the...
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    WPF 10-24 to 10-31

    Had the Texas & Gulf Coast office car "Sam Houston" out on its first revenue run. This is also my first posting (I think) from my new railroad club after a political falling out at my old club (can't we all just run trains and have fun!!??) If the scenes looks familiar...
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    Wabash CannonBall

    Interesting fact: The train was named for the song, not the other way around!! "In the wake of the song's popularity, the Wabash Railroad named its express run between Detroit and St. Louis as the Wabash Cannon Ball in 1949, the only actual train to bear the name, which it carried until...
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    WPH 13 May to 19 May

    UP 3985 Simmers quietly in the afternoon sun, on display out front of Union Station. Meanwhile, across town, BB&G #8 rumbles into town with a short freight. Preparing to meet friends and family visiting the 3985, The BB&G crew has the grill going full swing on their unique office on...
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    Best software?

    What's good and bad about the model railroad plannign software you have used, or heard of? What would you personally recommend?
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    Acela Trainset Question

    I'm getting the Bachmann Acela 3 car set on ebay, and I'm looking for 3 more business cars to fill out the proper consist... My question is: I see "Business class" cars and "Business Class- End" cars. I ASSUME that the set comes with the business... End car, but we all know what assuming...
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    Athearn Genesis Challenger issues

    I have an older, (MRC probably) Athearn HO Genesis Challenger. (#3985) It's essential "dead" and un-responsive to any commands. I've tried reprogramming CV 8 to 8 (and to 143, mfgr ID #). No luck... She last ran quite well, but might have been consisted at some point while she was at the...
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    Merry christmas!!!

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through my pike, Not a steamer was stirring, not even a Mike. My yard tracks invitingly empty and bare, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. The diesels were nestled all snug in their sheds, While visions of DCC danced in...
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    High Speed rail is dead...

    We all knew it was too good to be true: Obama Administration Announces Cut-back of High Speed Rail Plans
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    WPH 11/18 to 11/25

    SRS 124 testing rail on the St. Charles Central (St. Charles, MO Model RR Club.) Thanks guys, for letting me run! The 124 is coming along, the pilot is filled in, the strobes are up and work, the AC units are on there... all I need is the satellite dish...
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    Let's see... your junk!!

    One thing I've learned from begin a Sperry driver is the enormous amount of junk along the tracks... old and new ties, old and new rail, buckets, metal spike buckets, tie plates, spikes, abandoned and cut off sidings... Most model railroads I've seen in person are too clean... prove me wrong!!
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    GP15-1 Radiator Grill?

    With the release of the Athearn and Walthers (via the P1k line) GP15-1's there's got to be a detail part for the rear radiator intake (the part that makes 'em look like baby tunnel motors?) Does anyone know if one is available? I checked Cannon and Co... no joy. I remember a model RR magazine...
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    So long EMD... it's been good.$820M+Acquisition+of+EMD+from+Berkshire+Partners+LLC/5687572.html Caterpillar (in the guise of Progress Rail a Cat subsidiary) is buying EMD...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 13 - 19 May

    Sperry Rail Car #124 and a Virginia and a Texas and Gulf Coast hi-rail truck inspect and repair track along the All Points North Club: Well... something must be wrong, both vehicles are pulled up close... Lunch time!! (and time to let a few trains get by) The Slab was poured...
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    Jeff must be working at UP now...

    Found this monster over at our sister forums... and Jeff immediately came to mind: Note to all members: Copyright infringements are becoming a hot topic nowdays. If it is not your photo, or you do not...
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    Rivarossi oil tenders??

    I've got a UP 3985 Challenger (Rivarossi) with a coal tender. I want to upgrade it to the present day oil tender. I'd also like to try to get the aux tender for it, but the only one's I can find are abotu $100 (for the Athearn turbines...) so: is there a conversion kit for the coal-oil...
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    Inspection Vans?

    I'm adding DCC and lights to my Bachmann high rail Step Van. I've seen various pics of the real sperry ones and noticed that they sometimes have horns on the rear of the van... why would those be necessary when they can run to a grade crossing, and turn around? Basic question is, how...
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    Atlas Gensets??

    Does anyone know when the Atlas Gensets are due out? Their catalog says "Jan delivery" but I aint seen any yet... Anyone seen one or got one yet?? ("be the first kid on your forum to collect a genset!!!")
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    HO/OO Scale Class 92 electric locomotives

    Howdy! I've been looking on the British side of ebay, and found a "Class 92" electric locomotive line by Lima. Most of the ones i've found are of a collectors line, and I hate to take one of those and strip and paint it.... and even worse to have to pay the extra dollar (pound) just because...
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    Quick plugs?

    I've got 2 units inbound, and I need to know what style quick plugs they come with. The first unit is an Athearn F59PHI painted for TRE. The 2nd is a Bachmann Acela set. I'm guessing the Athearn is dual equipped for 8 or 9 pin and the spectrum is a 8 pin, but if anyone owns these, or know for...

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