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  1. Dub

    O-Gauge or Lionel?

    I thought about measuring the distance between the rails, but there is an easier way. The wheels made of metal must be isolated from each other. It is harder to do if the truck is made of metal. The couplers are aging, over 40 years. One picture shows hair line cracks all over the coupler.
  2. Dub

    Track for 3 rail layout

    You can build what you can afford. Fasttrak is ok. I do not believe any track offered today is junk. You may want to consider sources that are close. Heck go to craigslist and buy someones table! If you can move it. This post may shock members I have not been here for years.
  3. Dub

    Newbie here. I have an old Lionel (1930) that won't run. Advice needed.

    Use a cheeper engine to make sure the track is ok. Just think if that engines works it may work too well and fly off the track. Put up some bumper boards. I agree with checking the track. The center rail must be isolated from the track piece.
  4. Dub

    How to replace smoke unit on Lion Chief Scout 246x

    On smoke unit engines I often use a simple slide switch, wrap it in electrical tape around the base then epoxy it inside the cab. Just cut the feed to the smoke unit and add the two switch wires there. Be careful not to let the epoxy seep into the switch.I have used screws on the switch and...
  5. Dub

    How to replace smoke unit on Lion Chief Scout 246x

    Two screws on the bottom plate should get you in. A pin at he back of the motor slides out only one way. The scout uses a plastic monster for smoke, once they burn out they stink. This module fits all the modern starter four wheel drive engines . You may have to solder one or two wires for the...
  6. Dub

    How do you mount an open circuit board?

    If it is a relay, they are sold at Radio Shack. You can also make one from scratch. I use a timer with diodes on the track to stop the engine. To keep my boards mobil I use RTV on a foam core. Naturally they cannot be soldered easily after that. I like the post idea. Here is what it...
  7. Dub

    3 rail block wiring?

    You isolate the center rail of each section A easy way to connect to the track is have a piece of metal and slide it into the rail from the bottom bend it and tape it where it passes the outer rail and there have a hole drilled, to solder the wire or use a small nut and bolt. The wire goes to a...
  8. Dub

    O-gauge roll call

    I am into three rail. I collect more to fix/repair, and to expand my knowledge base. On the side, I also do basic home electronic projects. I search for circuit diagrams and attempt to build them. I started with the LED. The neat thing about this is that it is not scale specific. To date, I...
  9. Dub

    Track screws

    Home Depot or Lowes has small packages. Fastenal would sell by the 100. They should have an online site too. Fastenal Local Hardware had #4 by 5/8 woodscrews in a package under 5.00
  10. Dub

    Lionel 6111 Faltcar

    Lionel 6111 Flatcar For some reason I love this car. Maybe because it is so simple. It's a cheep buy I just can't resist. Often they are in less than perfect condition so this is what I do. I want to keep it with a used look. I want the side lettering to be in a good condition otherwise...
  11. Dub

    Using relays to control crossing gates.

    Toy Train Revue. Here is a gem of a site. Toy Train Revue.
  12. Dub

    Here are two sites you might want to look at. Electronics Club and the New Railway Modelers Enjoy.

    Here are two sites you might want to look at. Electronics Club and the New Railway Modelers Enjoy.
  13. Dub

    Led wiring setup

    I thought you would like the directional light. I don't do DCC. One resistor will work for both LEDs. We are discussing post 6. You cannot do it automatically the way you want. As I said the LED will shine only when you press the button, the way you had it wired. Keep the momentary...
  14. Dub

    Lionel 666

    The 666 was made by MARX. Lionel had a 1666 prairie style like the 2026. My brother had one with his Lionel set. It was not uncommon to have MARX set up with Lionel.
  15. Dub

    Led wiring setup

    Every thanksgiving weekend NH and MASS has a tour of layouts. Check the link for Tour de Chooch Amhearst RR Society for a bulletin. You will find these bulletins at train shows though you have to wait late Sept or Oct to find the latest one. The weekend of March 27th is the Greenberg Show in...
  16. Dub

    Led wiring setup

    NewMarket. Were you on the tour de chooch? I do enjoy viewing the HO layouts I visited Exeter two years ago. I went out to Brentwood last year. Kato, here is a simple track direction light use 470 ohms for DC operation. If you want more brightness you can try 330 ohms.
  17. Dub

    Led wiring setup

    Hey Big G thanks for the link. I could always use another electronics link. I was a frustrated early on. It took me two weeks to make an LED flash. The electronics is a hobby unto itself.
  18. Dub

    Led wiring setup

    The main problem is that your lights will only light up when you press the switch. To keep them on or off you need electronics. Or as Imack stated use a separate switch. The electronic board will costs about 25 bucks the switch 3. Oval is a 470 ohm resistor. Black is a spdt toggle switch...
  19. Dub

    Led wiring setup

    You should take a look at premade boards to do what you want. Your set up only has the light on when you press the switch. It will not stay on. USing AC is OK but an LED will work when hooked up in either direction. Not a problem for you . Place a diode across the LED. 1N4001. The bar on the...
  20. Dub

    Too far Gone? 1682 Lionel

    The next one will be. After owning a lot of plastic pieces it is nice to see a shiny metal surface. The only thing that bothers me about painting this particular type of car is that it won't have a lithograph look.

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