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  1. Gdelmoro

    HO Bachmann - Mantua 2-6-6-2 DCC & Sound - Your Experience?

    Hi all, Anyone have one of these? How do they run? What decoder is in it? Other manufacturers?
  2. Gdelmoro

    Bachmann 50 ton 2 Truck Climax - Need smoke Stack

    Hi all, I just purchased the DCC HO Bachmann 2 truck 50 ton climax with the Soundtraxx sound module. NICE little locomotive. I want to change the straight stack to the Onion Stack. Anyone know where I can get one to fit this model?
  3. Gdelmoro

    Do you keep ll your locomotives and rolling stock ON your layout?

    Hi all, Do you keep all tour models on your layout? If not where do you store them?
  4. Gdelmoro

    Adding LED’s to the BLI Lighting & Thunder

    Hi all, I have a BLI Lightning and Thunder and I want to know if I can add additional LED Strips to the connections for the ones that come with the product? anyone do this?
  5. Gdelmoro

    DCC Decoder for Tug boat

    Hi all I have an HO Tug Boat omn my layout and I want to control the motor and lighting. Does anyone know of a decoder that would do that?
  6. Gdelmoro

    GP7 Dummy - Metal Wheels

    Hi all I have 2 GP7 Dummies (I think they are MTH) that are about 20 years old. I want to repaint them and change out the plastic wheels that are in the Truck with metal. I think they are 48" wheels but I cannot find any online. They d not have axle extending beyond the wheel. They fit into...
  7. Gdelmoro

    Is flex track ever out of gauge?

    I just replaced a section of track that was problematic with a new piece of Code 100 Atlas Flex track. When the locomotive goes over it it derails. Seems that the space between the rails is too wide according to the NMRA gauge. Is it something I did installing the tracK? Or could it be a bad...
  8. Gdelmoro

    Where can I find a RR organizational chart showing who reports to who?

    Often you hear about RR positions (especially in the transition era) but I can't seem to find a chart that shows who was at the bottom and who was at the top and what the reporting strcture was. can someone point me ion the right direction?
  9. Gdelmoro

    Finished layout, now what?

    For 45 years I've been building my layout. Now, I'm about 75% complete and considering operation options but I'm not sure i can leave it alone. There must be something to improve, add, replace or improve. For those of you with essentially completed layouts, what do you do now?
  10. Gdelmoro

    Looking to add a smooth running great sounding DCC early era Diesel to my roster

    Hi all, I want to add a 1940's - 1950's mainline Diesel to my roster. The railroad is HO DCC modeling the transition period. Primarily weigh-freight with minor passenger service. There are two small yards (sorting & ferry). Current Diesel roster is 2 BLI SW1500's and 1 BLI SD7. I don't...
  11. Gdelmoro

    DCC & Sound Mantua 0-6-0 sent back

    Hi all, last week I purchased a new DCC & Sound Mantua 0-6-0. It arrived with a part broken off (but I could fix that). although I was disappointed about the broken part I was anxious to try it out. Ok on the layout speed step 1 - nothing, 2, 3, jerk move jerk, 5 moving, 6 moving steady then...
  12. Gdelmoro

    One Loco out of 6 stops on same spot ???

    Hi all, I posted this on another site also hoping to get some ideas. I have 6 DCC locomotives. 3 Steam and 3 Diesel. Only 1 stops at this same spot on a very slight mainline curve. Right about where the mark is. That curve is really about a 38* radius. There is a gap just prior to that spot...
  13. Gdelmoro

    Z Scale???

    Anyone model Z scale? Do the locomotives run smoothly? Do the cars stay on the track? I saw a post of a layout in a suitcase but I cant imagine how something that size reliably operates. Turnouts? DCC? Where did i put my magnifiers?:confused:
  14. Gdelmoro

    Rear wheels on my 282 derail - Sometimes

    I have a BLI 282 Light MIKADO that will have the rear 2 wheels derail for no apparent reason. seems like it is arround turnouts but I'm not sure it's not actually happening somewhere else and becoming evident by the turnout. anybody have this happen? cause? Solution?
  15. Gdelmoro

    Need pic of prototype New Haven 282 Mikado at end of service.

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a picture of this locomotive to use as a model for weathering my HO Locomotive. Anyone have any ideas? I tried Google but I can't find this locomotive. Found this, only 1# off.
  16. Gdelmoro

    1st Loco Weathering try on a good DCC Loco

    Ok all you weathering experts, give some pointers to a rookie! I haven't done the cab or tender or wheels yet. And i need to reduce the intensity of some of the steam effect.
  17. Gdelmoro

    Can these couplers be replaced with Kadee?

    I have 2 of these log cars that I can't use unless I can change the couplers to knuckle (Kadee). The tricks look like they are attached to the frame with pins but they don't budge. The couplers are attached to the trucks. anyone ever do this?
  18. Gdelmoro

    JMRI for iPad?

    Anyone know if I can install JMRI DCC programming on an iPad?
  19. Gdelmoro

    3 way wye wring

    Hi all, Hi have an old Model Power 3 way switch that works great but I disconnected the wires when I rewired the layout for DCC. I have the turnouts wired as below. But I'm not sure how to wire the 3 way with LED's This is the 3 way
  20. Gdelmoro

    eBay - Garbage - or Convert to DCC

    Hi all, Last year I converted my layout to DCC. prior to that I ran a DC layout for 20+ years and have about 20 DC locomotives. Riverossi, Atlas, Mantua, Atheran from 1980 - 2015. RS1, 2, 3, Pacifics, F7, Shay, GP-7, What do you guys do with your older DC Locomotives?

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