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  1. KB02

    The FINAL Expansion

    Well... Probably the final expansion. The time has come to finally finish the last loop on my layout so that the trains can complete their "Around the Room" journey. I've been slowly putting in shelving to get around the pool table, added in the Time Saver Puzzle shelf layout that was given to...
  2. KB02

    Track Nail Removal Tool (HO Scale)

    Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. I needed to remove a bunch of track nails from a section where the tracks were nailed directly into plywood. The nails were all hammed tightly onto the ties. I tried gripping the nail heads with pliers, but they were too far down to get a good...
  3. KB02

    Bluing track for seldom used or abandoned lines?

    Has anyone ever tried cold bluing fluid to darken the rails on a seldom used or abandoned sidings on their layout? I’m adding in a small switching section to my layout and was thinking that I might leave one of the sidings as an abandoned spur (closed business, etc.). Yet, the RR might need to...
  4. KB02

    Ever have one of those days?

    Yesterday I decided to spend a little time trying to fix one small problem area of track I had. Right at a tunnel portal, at one end of a turnout, cars would derail if they were run to the left. Running right was never a problem (and was the normal direction of travel for this section). I knew...
  5. KB02

    Another Giant Back on the Rails

    4014 got all the press, but it looks like another giant has come back to life!
  6. KB02

    Digitrax CV Help Needed

    At the risk of this post becoming one huge ad for RailPro, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to program a simple lighting CV on my Digitrax SDH166D. This is one of the reasons I am slowly making the switch to RailPro - The ease of this process is SO much less difficult. I have number...
  7. KB02

    Need a Plumber?

    Needed some plumbing work done (sewer stuff... yuck...). Called around and got some referrals and called in a guy a few friends highly recommend. He came in to check things out and give us an estimate and while my wife was showing him around, he happened to notice my layout. Happened to be home...
  8. KB02

    Industrial backdrops?

    Anyone have a good suggestion on where to find industrial backdrops? I've been searching google without much luck. Lots of scenic backdrops, but not much for industrial.
  9. KB02

    Need Some Design Help

    Rail traffic is just about ready to start rolling on the whistle stop RR again, but I now I need somewhere for it go. I need some help with the operations side of my design. I've got a pretty blank slate, and I've been looking at shelf layouts designs and I just don't know enough to plan this...
  10. KB02

    Which bridge to build?

    With my new expansion, I now get to build a new bridge. I was thinking about a modern steel trestle style bridge (Viaduct bridge?), but I'm also thinking a braced arch bridge would be easier to build. The span it need to cover is 4 feet (or roughly 350' in HO scale, if I did my calculations...
  11. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Well, it has begun, and there is no turning back now. ... well... I guess I COULD turn back if I wanted to, but I'm not going to. My layout started as a pretty standard 4x8, then I drilled holes in the walls and built mountains and now I want to have a bit more functionality, you know...
  12. KB02

    What gauge wire for SMD LED?

    Looking at some possible lighting upgrades for some of my locos. I've got a bunch of 2mm SMD LED's and was going to get some magnet wire to use with them. What size ire should I get?
  13. KB02

    Should I rebuild?

    "If I knew then what I know now..." has been said so many times by so many people. Lately it appears to have been my turn when talking about my layout. The more I work on it, the more I wish I had done things differently from the start, which makes me think about tearing out what I have and...
  14. KB02

    Nothing but static on Econami ECO-21P

    While running my trains today, one of my locos running an Econami ECO-21P just started giving out static. I tried unplugging and replugging the decoder and the speaker, but no change. I reached out to Soundtraxx, but haven't gotten a response yet (on a Saturday afternoon, I'm not too surprised)...
  15. KB02

    Small problem...

    This used to be a nice river scene, but thanks to my 2 year old, it’s now a construction site. Good thing I love him, huh? ps- I’m not worried about the loco. That one’s a cheap “toy” train.
  16. KB02

    Anyone using a TS100 Solding Iron?

    Just came across these and they look pretty good. Certainly better than the cheapy ones that I have and keep wishing they were better quality. Anyone have a use one...
  17. KB02

    Weekend Re-Construction

    The latest expansion of my layout has been a bit of a pain. It is in the basement and along a wall where, despite our greatest mitigation efforts, we still have a bit of a ground water issue from time to time. And there is a window where, when the spring melt comes, snow and ice like to...
  18. KB02

    Can you run enough LED's in series to not need a resistor?

    When I built my round house and was putting lights in it, I discovered that the more LED's I put in series, the more power they needed to light them all. I could get a max of 3 2mm LED's in series behind a 1K resistor and still have them lit. If I ran 4, they wouldn't light, and if I ran just 2...
  19. KB02

    Why does one particular spot on my track always get dirty?

    I have one section on my layout that always get dirty before any other section of track. I can't figure out why. It's a 3' section of straight track with power feeders before and after. All Nickle metal track. I just don't get why this one section of track is the first to pick up the dirt.

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