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    Max Track Voltage

    So the one suggestion made that applies directly to the real question, you just disregard and ASSUME it won't work. I don't think it will be set less than the full value either, but it is such a simple thing to check. To just blow it off like that ..... Who looks childish?
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    MRC Command 2000 DCC System

    I own two of Command 2000. While it worked great for its time 15 years ago? And I still use them for Christmas Tree service and children it is way obsolete. I would not recommend getting one. If you do I would think that $10-$30 would be the most that I would pay. It is not a stand alone...
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    Covering Track Nails?

    Assuming you are not planning on ballasting the track then find brown paint to match. If you are planning on ballasting then the noise you experienced iwth the caulk is going to come back anyway.
  4. Switching Done At Union Station

    Switching Done At Union Station

    Completing its yard duties, a lonely 0-8-0 drifts slowly through the now nearly empty yard and is silhouetted by the lights of Platte City Union Station. A few passengers await the midnight arrival of the all-coach transcontinental "Gold Rush". HO scale Life-Like Heritage 0-8-0. Union...
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    2009 "Holiday Extra!" Photo Contest

    If the photo is already entered into the photo gallery is there a way to cross-link it, or does it really have to be uploaded a second time?
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    Unloading on Ebay

    Not Athearn but I noticed a bunch of Branchline stuff suddenly unloaded. Upon investigating, several of the regular dealers are dumping the old stock since Branchline just released a new run. Personally I can't tell the difference between the old and new.
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    Pass or Fail "Grades"

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    PFM Sound System.... How did that work???

    They are .047 microfarad. The non-constant lighting would probably be 16-18V don't remember exactly. One could hook up the system turn the throttle on all the way and blow the whistle loud and full blast. Measure the voltage with both those going on. Buy a lamp that is rated a bit over that...
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    LED Christmas lights.

    I've been using Christmas tree lights for layout purposes for over 30 years. Two years ago I got several sets of the GE warm white LEDs that are the perfect color and size for headlamps.
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    DC wired turnouts on DCC???

    Yup, just leave the turnouts on the old power pack. Don't change them at all.
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    Since everyone's ears are different the one that sounds best to me might not be the one that sounds best to you. However, the only GP9 that I know of equipped with sound from the factory is the Proto-2000 run a few years ago. So unless I am mistaken you have a choice of exactly one. On the...
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    Your greatest MRR disaster

    About 1986 I purchased an N-scale Atlas E7. This was the new and improved mechanism that had 12 wheel drive (as opposed to the E8s that were 4 wheel drive). I got it at a swap-meet. Took it home and spent the rest of the day cleaning, lubricating, putting Kadee couplers on (yes Kadee and...
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    How Many Couplers?? ;)

    Well I looked through all the answers and didn't see this number. I saw one over this number - 175.
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    Help me fill in a blank! (please)

    I don't know if this is an idea of what to do with the space, or more of a general comment. I would not extend the industrial tracks across the back of the new area. I would terminat them on the left about the same length they were. The Butler Frozen food tracks could be extended back into...
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    New to Model Trains. Looking for advice.

    Yes there is a relay solution. The relay would have to have DPDT contacts. These would be wired like a normal DC direction control switch. The coil of the relay would be wired to the button. Press the button and it would turn one way (speed up) while the button not pressed would (speed...
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    Atlas DC Sound

    SOME people have trouble with everything. Most often they have not read the instruction book. All the trouble I've had with my DCC systems has been self inflicted.
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    That was more of a snapshot rather than a photo. I was running a train at the time. On this...

    That was more of a snapshot rather than a photo. I was running a train at the time. On this layout if an operator blows a signal they can easily loose their operating privileges. So I just snapped the picture and got back to running the train. There is a block signal just off the end of the...
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    Whats the front on an RS-3

    The first one in the prior post (color over the cab) is MUCH better.
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    My first

    If you are building the G&D from original track plans you have to use #4. Otherwise it won't fit. Nothing. Used sectional track has almost zero retail value.
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    how did you pick a rail line

    If you figure it out let me know. I've yet to be able to choose. 1. Santa Fe because it was next to my grandparents farm - ooops the streamlined passenger cars are all boring stainless steel. 2. CB&Q because they were the first to dieselize - ooops same issue as Santa Fe stainless steel ...

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