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    Dishes, plates of food, silverware

    Hope this solves your problem - - may keep your unruly redneck customers quiet! Go down this page ( about 2/3 of the way down) till you get to the hamburgers, hot-dogs, and donuts! http://www.vectorcut...cessoriesHO.htm Now your city cops can get carry-outs! The main page is here...
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    Sprung ground throws, Peco turnouts

    No problems at all - use a desk top stapler staple with one end up through the hole in the Caboose throw-bar and the other up through the hole in the PECO tie bar, and bend them over so they don't fall out- the "spring" will take out any overthrow. Set the turnout to the halfway position (use...
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    McAfee Warning

    I'd suggest at try of Clamwin and Malawarebytes - the best two I have come across!
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    2'x8' Shelf Module

    It may be a bit "Full" - can I suggest you look at - Andrew may have something on there that will suit your purpose
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    Matchbox cars and trucks?

    If you are doing 1/87(HO) and ebay, keep an eye open for the French Majorette and the Ulrich kits - there are some useable vehicles in their ranges
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    Tire Plant Facility

    Josh - I bought it at a show here in UK - the box says New Holland Construction Diecast model 1:87 Imported by HOBBY & WORK Hobby & Work Publishing Srl 39,V Xxv Aprile, Bresso MI20091 ITALY Made in China There is one on EBAY eBay item number: 360723222399
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    Tire Plant Facility

    Josh - you might need one of these
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop XLII

    RB posted on Big Blue that he was on his way to the ER with possible gangrene - you guys may not know.
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    XTrackCAD - Anybody here use it?

    Go see the XTrkCad group on Yahoo - - you'll need to join if you want to post
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    Atlas bought by Bachmann??

    I think this is extreemly unlikely - in view of this issued in the last few days Hillside, NJ, December 17, 2013 Atlas Personnel Changes Announced Atlas Model Railroad Company Chief Executive Officer Tom Haedrich, announced the following executive personnel changes. Mr. Haedrich will step...
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    soooo whos got snow already

    None here at my level in the Highlands of Scotland, But the Ben Wyvis to the South west of me has a good covering - and further south in the Cairngorms they have enough to open skiiing runs yesterday - very early in the year
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    A model with a Middle Earth theme

    As an antidote to the rather ascerbic unhelpful original comment above - maybe this will help
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    Home made graffiti decals

    .....;unless you use a screen-grabber program like Fastone capture - this is the last freeware version but it isn't expensive if you want the latest version
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    Layout with river emptying into ocean, color change??

    Somewhere I have an aerial bhoto of Belize City, taken from about 30,000', and there is a very noticeable demarkation between the river outflow and the main sea water - which is between a mile and two miles from the coast itself. The distance would also depend on the speed of the river. I'd...
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    Industrial Shelving

    I think it is being made by Preiser Edit - it is HO Scale > Accessories, preiser Products 1 - 25 of 83 – Preiser 17125 - HO / OO Scales, (PR17125). Industrial Pallet Racking for 48 Euro Pallets with Roof. New item not yet released ...
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    Another ebay find, just how collectible is this?

    I know that postal prices have recently increased - but never mind the asking price (which is very silly), £90.00 for postage within the UK is really extracting the urine :eek:
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    Team tracks

    Zoegraf - a recent post from Model Trains Interactive forum which might be of interest to you Western Transloading Corporation, Annacis Island, British Columbia. It could handle almost any sort of traffic. Cheers...
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    LED flexible lighting strips to illumnate a layout?

    My mate Chris is showing his new Florida layout at Warley, UK next weekend, and he has used LED strips - to see the effect , look here post #66
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    Spurs / customers on a switching layout?

    May be worth taking a look at this post - it is simply one industry, with multiple buildings and several spur tracks, but look at the range of cars needed to switch it! There will be a lot of shuttling...
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    Dual DC throtttle one internal, one walkaround in a single case

    You might wish to add one of these if you do a lot of switching

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