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  1. malletman

    And for something totally different and seldom seen, American OO trains

    Back in the years just before WWII, there were two smaller scale competing for the smaller than O scale market. One was HO, the other was OO, which is a tad larger at 1:76th scale. But you might say "wait a min, the UK still uses OO", and they do, but its running on the wrong gauge track...
  2. malletman

    Making sense with proto freelancing, found my motive power

    For some time now, I have been planning a small proto freelanced shortline set in north central Indiana. But finding the right "dirt cheap" motive power has been a challenge for me. I have bought and resold several engines as at first they seemed like a good fit, but then I didn't get that...
  3. malletman

    Layout design challenge for a micro layout

    While I can rehab old brass locomotives and build kits to my heart's content. Designing a track plan/scenery plan is something I struggle with. Layout space is 55" by 33" with a tight radius loop of track. Either Atlas Snap or Kato Unitrack in HO scale. Motive power is a lone ex SP Alco...
  4. malletman

    American OO scale trains

    Looking for American OO scale trains(NOT British OO gauge on HO track). These trains run on 3/4 inch wide track and are larger than HO scale. Brands such as Scale-Craft/Scale Models, Nason, Lionel, Schorr, Kemtron, Picard and others. If you have an odd piece or two of these old trains...
  5. malletman

    Looking to buy American OO scale stuff

    Looking for American OO gauge/scale stuff from companies like Lionel, Nason, Scale-Craft/Scale Models ect. Overscale HO buildings from Ideal ect. Thanks Mike
  6. malletman

    How about some OO, and no, not the UK stuff

    This is American OO, which competed with HO for control of the smaller than O gauge market before WWII. Obviously HO won out, but OO hung on quietly, in the background and is still around with a few guys still active modeling in this scale using vintage equipment and converting overscale HO...
  7. malletman

    Oriental Limited brass EMD F3 Phase IV

    Nice unpainted brass F3, phase IV. Runs well on my test track, gears are good, Canon can motor, dual headlight. No couplers have even been fitted to the model. Spare parts bag with coupler screws and steam generator details is included. $75 plus shipping. Thanks Mike
  8. malletman

    What was your first brass engine/rolling stock?

    Brass isnt for everyone, but if you own and enjoy them like I do, what was your first model(s)? For me it was one of the PFM ATSF 1950 class 2-8-0s. Super common and affordable, even at that time when brass was sky high price wise. From there I divulged into Shays and Climax engines before...
  9. malletman

    Amtrak power!

    One of my pet projects is a model of the Amtrak train I rode when I was 7, which would have been the summer of 1980. We boarded in Peru, IN and rode to Chicago. We had a lone F40ph, and 3 Amfleets(coach/cafe/coach). Picked this old girl up for $125 from Runs smooth and quiet...
  10. malletman

    Two logging books

    I have two logging books, one being one of the definitive ones to have if you model logging railroads. Michael Koch's Steam and Thunder in the Timber. Along with Logging Railroads of the West. Both for $100 plus shipping. Thanks. Mike
  11. malletman

    BN's big brute GE C30-7

    I have always wanted a brass one as the plastic ones just done "do it" for me when it comes to BN's Powder River brute. The big GE's were not good for much else, but they could lug and drag coal out of the Powder river and did so for many thousands of miles. Seeing them on railfan trips with...
  12. malletman

    16mm Narrow Gauge for the Holidays

    This past Saturday was the final set up of our groups large scale portable layout. We set up at a show in Indianapolis and ran live steam thru the whole show. A mix of scales but all running on 45mm(G scale) track. Everything from gauge one models, to Fn3(1:20.3) to my and my friends UK 16mm...
  13. malletman

    Clinchfield Railroad F3 #800

    Started doing some of the redetailing of my Oriental Limited brass F3 phase IV to represent CRR #800. I added the raised number plate on the nose door, kind of looks motley in the photo but will look great once painted and the decal added. I removed the twin single chime horns and replaced it...
  14. malletman

    Looking for a custom painter for a brass F3

    There are paint schemes that are beyond my ablities, the Monon is one of them. I have an unpainted brass F3 that I am going to redetail for Clinchfield #800. Which is an F3 upgraded to F7 standards, only the dynamic screens on her roof give away her vintage. Looking to have this painted in the...
  15. malletman

    Any else here seriously considering moving to a larger scale due to vision issues?

    I am considering this very topic very hard right now. I got really frustrated to the point of an autistic meltdown the other night as to enjoy HO scale, when viewing close up, I have to remove my glasses for them to be in focus as it exceeds what my bifocals can cope with. Then when I want to...
  16. malletman

    My Logansport & Eel River RR backstory

    Having a reason, the hows and why's, for a railroad to exhist are really important to me when doing a fictional or proto-freelanced model railroad. It has to make some sense or it tends to snowball itself. My line is set in Logansport, Indiana on the PRR Eel River branch and ties into the real...
  17. malletman

    Does your fictional or proto-freelanced railroad have a back story?

    To those of you doing a fictional railroad or proto-freelance, do you have a back story to your railroad? The how and why it came into exhistance, where the motive power came from ect. I know I have quite the detailed back story. It keeps getting rewritten a bit as I fine tune as I shift...
  18. malletman

    PFM/United Shay repower

    Here is one of my two PFM/United two truck Shays getting remotored. Shay ran well enough that I could have left it alone. But I had this motor on hand, and it will have better slow speed stability around the loop. The second Shay, which is a shot gun stack version is painted, directional...
  19. malletman

    An ode to the open frame motor and how far we have come

    Many of the younger modeler do not remember when motor/gear noise, along with the smell of ozone and hot oil was synomous with model trains. But that was the norm thru the 1950s till the late 1970s when Atlas teamed up with Kato for their drive in the yellow box era diesels. Be it brass or...
  20. malletman

    Track plan for a small logging line

    Below is a picture of what I am working with benchwork wise. Out of sight on the right is a narrow shelf about 3 foot long along the wall that dead ends at the door to the room. The other side of the layout will eventually have a 5 foot shelf that is narrow above my work bench(which is in...

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