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    Was there a protopype for this car?

    I've collected several of these Athearn Southern covered gondolas and will eventually run them on my eventual layout. In the meantime, I want to weather them, get the numbering right, etc. --do the things armchair modelers do-- but I can't find any info on them. Was there a prototype Southern...
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    What is NBW?

    The December RMC magazine has an article for building a great little tool shed (p.84). The shed sits up on a raised platform; the upright posts for the platform are stabilized with diagonal cross braces, complete with little carriage bolt heads. I'm curious what the author used for those bolt...
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    Help choosing a freight car truck

    I'm working on an old, old Main Line kit, a Pacific Fruit Express 50' reefer. Old design, too, with rounded roof and K2 brakes, pullman green sides, etc. The yellowed instructions call for simply "Pullman-Standard trucks." I'm not sure what that means in Kadee terms, for a PFE reefer, so I'm...
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    Managing a tiny tap

    I purchased a Kadee #246 tap & drill set. The 2-56 tap is about 5/32 in diameter; too big for either of my little pin vices. One end is squared off, for what that's worth. What are people using to hold and stabilize such a tap? It's a very common size. -thanks
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    Gluing Die Cast Parts

    Hi. What type(s) of glue seem to work best for gluing die cast metal pieces (and metal to wood) together? Something paintable, of course, that does not need to be mixed. I haven't tried anything yet, so can't comment on the obvious CA or plastic model glue. Advice appreciated!
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    Wood Rolling Stock Kits

    Does anyone know of other wood kits like LaBelle's? I'm enjoying the LaBelle kits I have put together; just wondering if there are other brands to choose from. -thanks
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    First wood kit

    Greetings all, and Happy Holidays! After the dust settles some I will go into the LaBelle wood caboose kit Santa brought me; the first wood kit I have tried to build and the first model RR project in about.....35 years. I'm writing to ask 1) what kind of glue is recommended for this type of...
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    First Airbrush/Sprayer - Recommendations

    I'm returning to the hobby after, oh, around 35 years away. Probably won't build a layout anytime soon, but am going to start building up some rolling stock kits (LaBelle caboose kit awaits). What inexpensive airbrush setup would you recommend I start with to get acceptable painting and...
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    Are rolling stock 'kits' still available?

    Returning to the hobby after, oh, 35 years away; some things have changed! For one, the local model dealer tells me that real kits-- wooden and metal parts that must be assembled with skill and patience --are for the most part obsolete; no one makes them anymore. As a kid I didn't have the...

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