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  1. T.C.

    Political adds ?

    Is there any way to dump those political adds on this site? I come here for trains not political jiber-jabber.......................just sayin. T.C.
  2. T.C.

    Question about a mail order company

    I am looking at the TrainMasters website and they seem to have good prices and reasonable shipping. Has anyone bought from them and if so how was the service in regards to fill rate and shipping (fast or slow) ? Any comment or advice is welcome Thanks T.C.
  3. T.C.

    Question about the PH&D RR

    I am looking for information about the PH&D RR from back in the 40's through the 80's. Specifically pictures of or with the crew of the trains. The reason is my Grandfather on my mothers side worked on the PH&D all his life, but apparently he was camera shy as I cant find any pictures of him...
  4. T.C.

    Hookup wire

    Where can I get hookup wire smaller than AWG30 ? Only thing I can find is 30 and that seems large for hooking up led's and small lite bulbs. Needs to be very flexible and stranded. T.C.
  5. T.C.

    How can I "destatic" the grass and tools?

    I built a static grass applicator and it all works fine, except for one thing............How do I get this grass not to stick to "everything" ? This stuff goes everywhere and is hard to clean up due to the fact it wants to continue to stick even after the power is turned off. I know women have...
  6. T.C.

    Train room electronics question

    I don't know if this is the correct place for this ? Here goes anyway......... I have an old Panasonic Quad receiver under the layout that still works all except for the display lights. Seems someone left it on(me) and the bulbs have burnt out, I would really like to get this going with the...
  7. T.C.


    Hi, I have an old Kanamodel kit that I bought about 30-35 years ago #106c 40 ton coaling tower, I assembled the kit and then life happened (wife and kids) so it's been sitting all this time. Now the kids are grown and I have time to resume the layout I started way back when, so I am looking at...
  8. T.C.

    Bowser M-1 Mountain (brass)

    Found this in a old box today, I have the parts to fix the side rod but I am missing the worm gear and shaft that connects to the rubber motor connector. Any Ideas where I can find one ? Thanks T.C.
  9. T.C.

    HF Workbench any good ?

    I'm thinking of buying HF's 60" wooden workbench, I have read some reviews on it some good and some bad. Anyone have one of these ? If so how do you like it , is it sturdy, is it worth the money ? They can be found on sale for 130.00 so it's not to bad a price if it's not total junk ? Thanks for...
  10. T.C.

    Pitman magnet swap question ?

    For starters I only have and run DC and I have no plans to get into DCC. That being said I am thinking of changing out the magnets in my Pitman motors as I have read they would perform much better if I did the swap. I see that I can buy magnets that I would stack 4 to make one magnet. My...
  11. T.C.

    Would 5ma make a big difference?

    I want to power up some LED's using the CL2N3-G in place of resistors, this little part keeps the current to 20ma. Well I screwed up and ordered the CL25N3-G witch limits the current to 25ma. Does anyone know if this is a big deal, will 5ma make that big of a difference ? Will I blow up my LED's...
  12. T.C.

    I need a "simple"way to detect polarity of a reverse loop for "DC"

    I don't know if I can say "DC" anymore and not get rocks thrown at me? lol Anyway here goes, my grandson and I have cleaned the track on my model RR that hasn't been run for over 30 years. It is powered by a "DC" power supply that my father had built 50 years ago, it's a very large transformer...
  13. T.C.

    Foredom motor bearings

    Need a little help, I have an old CC style Foredom that went south on me, the bearings blew up . I ordered the new bearings and they should be here today. My question is.......... does anyone know an easy way to get the old bearings off and put the new one's on the shaft ? Thanks for any advise...
  14. T.C.

    Pre War OO Lionel

    I don't know if this is the correct place for this or not ? I have a PreWar two rail Lionel steam engine, caboose and a couple of cars. The engine is missing the motor but is in good shape other that that, the cars are in good shape also. I have no boxes. I'm thinking I would like to sell these...

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