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    Connecting Code 83 to code 100 track

    What is the easiest and best way to connect a piece of code 100 flex track atlas to a code 83 track? Thanks. I am adding some siding using code 100 track that someone gave me - the main line is code 83.
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    train speed on #6 turnout

    what is the recommended safe speed for a train using a #6 turnout?
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    Lessons learned - building problem free layout

    Let me know if I am "on track" with this amateurs personal observations. I'd welcome the input of the experienced model railroaders. These are food for discussion at this point. 1. Track must be placed on a solid, smooth road bed. All changes in grade or curvature should gradual. 2...
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    HO Steam Engine - need light

    What happened so far I purchased a 3mm LED white bright. It was a little large (I had to file a bit of the base off) and very bright. I am in the process of buying a new light housing. I plan to drill a large hole in the back so the LED can be pushed further into the light housing. This...
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    Trucks for rolling stock

    I'd appreciate recommendations on trucks - are trucks with roller bearings better? Metal vs plastic wheels? Thanks
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    Railroad crossing detector and flasher/gates

    I'd like recommendations on an ho scale detection unit and either gates or flashers that will go on automatically. For realism I prefer a unit that detects the train in advance to turn the flashers or gates on and then turns it off after the train passes.Thanks.
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    HO Steam Engine - need light

    Thanks - I ordered an LED that comes with a resistor. I get a reading of 5 volts on the connections to the light. If the resistor is designed for 12 volts then the LED may be dim - in which case i will use a lower resistor. We'll se what happens.
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    HO Passenger Cars that run on 22" radius track

    I am looking for recommendations on passenger cars that will operate on 22 inch radius HO track. I recently read some comments that Walthers passenger cars need a flatter radius. Thanks.
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    HO Steam Engine - need light

    The light stopped working on my steam engine - can I get replacements and how do I install it? Thanks !
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    how do I change the loco's address

    1)Prodigy express 2) BLI steam locomotive PRR K-4 MODEL 790
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    how do I change the loco's address

    How do I change the locomotive adderess from the default value of 3. I am adding a second locomotive and they are both set at 3 in the factory. I tried following the instructions but nothing changed - help.
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    help - HO PRR K4 BTL - Traction bands

    The locomotive came with two traction bands in a ackge - does anyone know which wheels these should be placed on? The locomotive has three pair of large driving wheels.Thanks!
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    DCC wiring

    I am wondering what is the recommended way to connect the feeder lines from the tracks to the main wire (bus). Should I cut the main wire and solder the wires to the feedeer or are other methods more desireable? I'd appreciate guidance.
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    Soldering to HO track - I am confused

    Also what is the longest distance from the buss wire to a track?
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    Soldering to HO track - I am confused

    Do you solder the wires before laying the track?
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    Soldering to HO track - I am confused

    So far this is what I understand- For a DCC sysem it is recommended that wires connected to track be 14, 16 or maybe 18 gage. Wires should be soldered to tracks at least every 6 feet - some say every track. Questions: Isn't 14 gauge too thick-it's as high as the rail? Do I solder to...
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    cabosse - how change the lettering

    great replies- one more question - how do I remove the existing lettering?
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    cabosse - how change the lettering

    Do you think I can repaint using brushes or is that not going to give acceptable results?
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    cabosse - how change the lettering

    I purchased a pre-finished ho caboose. I would like to change the name from Southern Pacific to PRR. Is this fairly easy to do.:confused: Wher do I purchase the lettering and how do you recommend I proceed. This will be my first attempt.
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    ho- should I use re-railer tracks

    Before I lay down my track, I'd like to know if the experienced HO people think that I should use re-railer tracks and if so, how often and where:confused: . How necessary are they? Thanks!

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