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  1. ncng

    Chehalis, WA Train Show, 9-10 Oct 2021

    Lewis County Model Railroad Club Train Show and Swap Meet October 9-10, 2021 We are back with our Fall Show!!!! Buy, sell, or trade all types of model railroad equipment, toy trains, and railroadiana. All scales and gauges. Social distancing requirements may restrict the number of tables...
  2. ncng

    Chehalis Train Show Cancelled

    Due to health concerns in Washington State, the April Chehalis Train Show has been cancelled. David
  3. ncng

    Chehalis WA, 4-5 April Train Show & Swap Meet

    Due to health concerns in Washington State, the show has been Cancelled.
  4. ncng

    Chehalis WA, 4-5 April Train Show & Swap Meet

    Only a little over a month till the show. At last count, only 11 seller tables are left. We have a confirmed 20' x 20' LEGO trains group coming. The former Simpson Timber speeder will be back on site. Remember, free admission to the Lewis County Historical Museum on Saturday 4 April. Come...
  5. ncng

    Chehalis WA, 4-5 April Train Show & Swap Meet

    The Lewis County Model Railroad Club is sponsoring their Spring Model Train Show and Swap Meet, 4-5 April 2020 As always, this is an all scales show with items from Z scale to G scale plus Tinplate, Toy Trains, and collectibles. Multiple operating layouts will be on display including European...
  6. ncng

    Train Show/Swap Meet Oct 11 Chehalis WA

    The Lewis County Historical Museum in conjunction with the Lewis County Model Railroad Club are holding a train show and swap meet on Saturday 11 October. This event will be held in the Blue Building at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds, 2555 N. National Ave, Chehalis WA 98532. Hours will be...
  7. ncng

    New interchange?

    There is an active interchange going on over on David
  8. ncng

    Seattle Area Clubs?

    Sorry, the furthest north that I am familiar with is the Boeing Employees' club in Kent. Tacoma, Olympia, and Chehalis I am also familiar with. Here is a link to the NMRA club list for WA: And here is a link to a list with even more WA clubs...
  9. ncng

    I Could Really Use Some Help Guy's

    Normally, the power to the track on a turntable bridge is routed from the pit rail and either a wire attached to an arch above the bridge or attached to the center drive. Alternately, the pit rail can be split into sections and power can be picked up from opposite ends of the bridge. It...
  10. ncng

    Curved bridge/viaduct

    The Micro Engineering kits come with small segments of track that are in fact straight. You are not required to use them and in fact, I didn't. I hand layed the track on wooden ties. You can make the deck as curved as you want. You just have to figure out how many degrees to cut the...
  11. ncng

    Curved bridge/viaduct

    I'm not aware of a curved trestle or viaduct. I used a Micro Engineering tall viaduct kits and made it into a curved viaduct. All I did was build each of the segments and then mitered the inside of the curved edge of each segment. You have to use the same angle on each adjoining segment or...
  12. ncng

    First Time DCC

    Our club made the decision to go with DCC last year. Don't even think about using MRC. Very limited in its capabilities and expandability. Our club decided on Digitrax mainly because we wanted signaling. Digitrax offers the lowest cost and most complete signaling package available. Their...
  13. ncng

    Buss Wiring - Examples

    I have done basicly the same thing. I used #12 AWG stranded wire with #22-24 AWG drops. I solder it to the busses instead of using clips. You might want to check out for additional information. David
  14. ncng

    1/87th Vehicles

    After months of checking our local Wally World, last Thursday I found the cars only by accident. They were in the toy department but not even close to the toy cars and Hot Wheels display. They were in a black cardboard display at the end of one of the aisles near the dolls. I bought every car...
  15. ncng

    Best Buy Stationary Decoder

    If you use these for Tortoise switch machines, they will not hold the Tortoise in position. They use a pulse of power of up to 10 seconds to allow the Tortoise to change postions and then cut the power off. This is not a problem if there isn't any back pressure on the Tortoise throw...
  16. ncng

    Anyone have any pics? Wpf!

    Here is a birdseye view of the sawmill I am working on. It started out as a Sierra West kit but I have modified it in several ways to make it a little more modern than the kit would have been. It still has a ways to go. I still need to install the piping to the beehive burner that I...
  17. ncng

    DCC Computer Interfaces?

    It is only for Digitrax LocoNet. I am using a LocoBuffer (Original) and it works great. David
  18. ncng

    DCC Computer Interfaces?

    Yes, there are numerous computer programs for this purpose. The ones I am most familiar with are RR & Co, Winlock, KAM and the freeware available for JMRI. Whatever software you use, you will need hardware to interface between your computer and the DCC system. For Digitrax this is the MS100...
  19. ncng

    Stupid Question do you need corkbed on your layouts?

    You don't need cork. You can attach the track to a bare surface if you want. That said, cork has two benefits: 1. It gives the track a roadbed with the proper side slope to attach ballast to. 2. It reduces the noise of the trains running without it. In yard areas you really don't...
  20. ncng

    Sunrise Signals

    I used all Sunrise Enterprises signals on my layout. When compared to Tomar and ISS signals, they are the best. Has anyone looked at the NJ International signals lately? I heard they were now scale size but I haven't seen any yet. David

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