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    Liberty Rail? Your thoughts?

    Hi guys, Well since my benchwork is finally making it's way up I just wanted to get your thoughts on this final concept I had for a railroad. It would be in N Scale and would go by the name of Liberty Rail (LRRX). What it basically is is a railroad similar to Amtrak (hauling passengers and...
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    It's Been A While

    First of guys, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas. Well It's been quite a while since I've been on the forums and believe it or not I actually have some benchwork up. Hopefully Christmas...err Santa will bring some stuff to get going on the track laying. I know you guys hate to be teased but I'll...
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    Holy Cow! My Layout is starting!

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I have been on the forums. I have roamed around a little but have not posted. I was wondering if everyone could help me out by telling me exactly what I would need to create a 2'x8' open-grid piece of benchwork? I have the date set and am going out to buy the...
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    "Trash Train"

    Hello guys, I want to go ahead and make a "Trash Train" run on my layout weekly once I get it up. I was curious to know if anyone knew of any models that would look good on a trash train. Should I be running special boxcars as I've seen, or TTX Flats with dumpsters??? Any help is appreciated...
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    BNSF and The Royal Gorge Route

    Here are four pictures of the BNSF and Royal Gorge Route from my trip. I'll put up photos from the D&S later. Sorry about some photos being fuzzy, they didn't turn out well from where I had to take them. Heres Royal Gorge F7 402 the loco that leads the train. I got to blow the horn on this...
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    Best Vacation Coming Up

    Well in about two weeks I probably have to have the best vacation every. Our entire trip will be in Colorado, and I will get to be on two railroads. The first railroad will be the Durango & Silverton Railroad. I am looking forward to this ride as I have wanted to ride it for a while. But...
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    Best Track

    Ok, so after reading my thread about an outside HO layout, I have decided to dump that idea and go ahead an do an N scale layout inside my bedroom. I would like to know first, what type of flex track by what company and what code # (like code 55) would be best for a N scale short line running...
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    What I've Been Up To

    Hey guys, I really do apologize for not posting here in a long time. I must say sence I have not been here I have gained knowledge from some Model Railroader magazines I received from my uncle. Looking back at my old posts, I almost think I was an idiot:eek: Anyway, I have been...
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    Want to start weathering models

    :) Well, as Christmas approaches, another year has gone by that my model railroad has not gone up. While my house was recently retiled and carpeted, I think the time has come. I have a final spot in my bedroom for a nice little switching railroad that should allow me to start learning the basics...
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    Question on Type of Railroad

    Hi all, I have seen many model and prototype railroads that have the name "terminal" in them. I know that the word terminal means end, but what exactly is a terminal railroad? I.E. the Illinois Terminal Railroad. Thanks, Chris
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    Painting your locos

    Hello all long time no see, Well, I am about ready to paint some of my locos and was just curious and what the cost of painting one was. I already have the airbrush so we can coun't that out!:D I understand that in different countries, states, or hobby shops they may be a little more expensive...
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    NARY Logo

    Well guys here is my logo for the Northern Arizona Railway. I wanted to ask if someone could possible size down the font so that the whole roadname could be on the blue, and possibly change the font as well. I did it in windows paint and it won't allow me to change the font and that. Could...
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    2-8-0 Old Timer

    I was interested in buying this 2-8-0 Roundhouse Old Timer on ebay. I was wondering if somebody could give me a little feedback on it. Thanks a bunch, Chris
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    Scheme for my rr.

    Hi guys, Upon reading ATSF's thread were he asked for a custom paint scheme. Well it's about time for me to do so as well. The first loco I would like to decorate would be a Bachmann GP35. Like ATSF's scheme, my railroad is called the Northern Arizona Railway. If possible, I would really...
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    Long Time No Post

    Hi guys! I just wanted to drop in and say that I am back now:p I have only been gone for a couple of reasons, one of them being school, football, other activities, and a family member being hospitilized. But on the good side I got some railfanning in, but saw only one train:p :( It was a...
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    First DCC Running!

    Hey guys! Well guys today I ran my first DCC train. I have only run DC until know:D The system I used was a MDC Command 2000, which I received from Grande Man:) I used a UP FA-1, also given to me by Grande Man:p , and three cars, two boxcars and a flat car. The system was great and the engine...
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    Promised Pictures (NOT DIAL-UP FIRENDLY)!

    Well guys I finally did it YAHOO. This will take up many post so lets get going! This is not going to be attachment because I can not make them attachmetns as they are fresh off of a site. Click on the thumnails and they will become larger :D Well thats enough of that! NEXT POST...
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    Realistic Shortline Numbers???

    Hi guys, I have aquired the NARy's first engine, an Undecorated GP35. I am going to paint it and decal it soon, but I have no idea what it's number should be??? Remember this is a shortline. I was thinking about number 10 but I am doubting. I was also wondering if anyone could tell me how I...
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    Am I in way over my head???

    Hi guys, I have a quick question to throw out in the forums. I am interested in buying a MDC Shay kit form someone I know on a different forum. The loco has not been assembled, except the motor, which is a upgraded NWSL motor. But the problem is I have been hearing that this kit is a little to...
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    The Easy Way???

    Hello all, I have two steam locomotives I really want to decal with my own lettering, which is Levittown & Massapequa, for those who don't know, my railroads name. Really, I have no idea at all how to remove them! I really don't want to scratch 'cause I don't have an airbrush, and spraypainting...

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