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    Terminal Strip Question?

    Ok I went out and bought a terminal strip/barrier strip. It is a dual row, but it appears that the left/right side, in each section is connected together, making 8 different sections. What are the ones called that has a row of 8 (just using that as an example) where I can put a power wire...
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    Covering Track Nails?

    What would you all suggest using to cover up track nails with? I tried using several different caulkings etc, and it really made the rolling stock pretty loud when they were rolling, I found track nails to make it alot quieter. So looking for ways/ideas to cover them up. I have brown ties but...
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    Rolling Stock is really noisy after gluing track down.

    I glued part of my track down over the weekend and today I put some rolling stock on it and pushed it back and forth and now it is REALLY noisy on the glued back. It also has a foam roadbed. Any ideas?
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    Balasting track - before or after the track is layed?

    Couldnt find alot of good info on google so im gonna ask here. After I lay my roadbed, should I ballast it before, or after I lay the track down?
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    How to tell the era of rolling stock?

    How can you tell which era or year that rolling stock was in use by looking at it?
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    Laying foam roadbed on curves question

    I have a question in regards to laying foam roadbed. I was testing and laying some down around a curve. I notice that on the curve it can start to "bunch up" and kind of make a pinch stick up in the corners (hope that makes sense) Is there a way to stop this from happening?
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    Is an Atlas "Selector" not used for undertable switch machine?

    Not really sure if the atlas selector is used for undertable switch machine or not. Im new to the hobby so may be a dumb question =) I seen it today and I seen it had 4 buttons on it, so I assumed that was what it was for, or is there another product that is used to do that? (switch turnouts...
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    Power Pack to wire up switches?

    What would you guys recommend as far as a powerpack goes for wiring up turnout switches etc? Just a cheapo? Its on a 4x8 layout so dont need to much power, would prefer osmething cheap. Thanks!
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    Is 18 gauge wire ok to wire switches with?

    Would 18 gauge do the job, or do you guys have any other recommendations?
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    Rerailers back to back to back - any problems?

    Im thinking of putting 3 rerailers back to back inside of a tunnel to help so that there are no derails. Is there any drawback to doing something like this? Thanks
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    Measuring flex track on curves (to size)

    How on earth do you measure correctly flex track going around a curve so that you can cut it to the right side? I am trying to make a curve and for the life of me I cant get it correctly to line up at the ends to connect to the next piece of track lol.
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    Wiring undertable to question

    Heya, I am new to the hobby. What is the best way to wire an undertable switch? Where does it get its power? I have seen terminal connectors, do they get their power from these? I have the EZ Command Bachmann DCC controller if that matters. Also could these switches be controlled by the...
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    Double wooden trestles? Do they make them?

    Im not really skilled enough with wood to build my own, so do you know if they sell double wooden trestles? I couldnt find anything on ebay about them. Something similar to:
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    Wood or Foam for track buildup...

    I have all the track I need and the layout/design I have is set. Next question is, Im going to have a double truss in my layout. It is a 4x8 layout (due to space restraints). Should I build the track up by using foam or with wood? I need to raise it approx 5 inches in the air, and have a...
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    Are Peco ties brown?

    Are the ties on Peco turnouts brown or black?
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    Would 2-10-2 or 4-8-2 have problems with turnouts?

    I have standard atlas turnouts, would a 4-8-2 or 2-10-2 have problems using regular turnouts etc?
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    0-4-0 / 2-8-2 / 4-6-2 / What all does that mean??

    What do those numbers mean on locos? Thanks
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    Cars derail on turnouts....

    I have installed some turnouts onto a layout im building. The problem is, all my cars seem to derail when they get over them, but only while being pulled by the engine. If the turnout is going straight, they are fine, but when I switch them, they derail when going over them. Engine stays...
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    How far apart should 2 tracks be?

    I am planning on building a double row of tracks. What is the rule/how far apart should the tracks be so that they wont rub each other while passing by?
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    Track on wood expanding/contracting question

    Ive been reading on here and there is talk about wood expanding with humidity etc. My base layout is a 4x8 sheet of plywood. If I lay an inch or so of styro on top of that, do I have to worry about the track expanding/contracting etc? If I dont have any parts of the layout on the wood, but...

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