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    Paint or Assemble First?

    I would be inclined to paint the strip wood/mouldings first, then cut to size and touch-up the ends. In Nscale, I have little choice. With Gscale, you can do so much more in a prototypical fashion, but this way saves a lot of meticulous trim painting ON the model. Ken
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    Busch Signals

    >>>> I intend on adding Plastistruct ladders to tall signals and that should pretty well Americanize these signals I think.<<<< Paint everything silver, except the oval around the lights, too. $.02 worth. :rolleyes: Ken
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    Cool new Athearn annoucements

    I'm glad to see Athearn continuing to integrate and update the MDC line into thier own. Love that Frisco gon! Ken
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    Please Provide Advice For A Newbie!

    This works well with smaller modules, but at 4' x 8' I hesitate to mention that with 2" thick foam you could delete the plywood top entirely. I think it would be quite stiff as long as you don't cut a major river valley down through it. Table legs the NTrak way are; 2"x2" pine with a...
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    Railroad Poll

    I'm another Other. <g> My home road is the Greentop & Oberon RY. A fictional amalgammation of Adirondack Mountain railroads with connections to Delaware & Hudson and the New York Central. Currently I have 1 D&H loco and 2 cabeese, 3 NYC locos with 1 caboose. 20% of my rolling stock is D&H...
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    Athearn/MDC Goodies!

    Will do. Thanks for the tip. Ken
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    Hello and have a question about passenger cars

    Welcome to the forum Jeff. How much layout space will you have? To run passenger trains well, and look good doing it, you'll need some pretty big curves. One trick you could use is to have large radius curves where they show, and then use tighter radius curves where they can be hidden...
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    Athearn/MDC Goodies!

    I did go to the LHS and check the Overton parts diagram recently. The clerestory glazing wasn't shown or listed. Apparently a late addition. Ken
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    Athearn/MDC Goodies!

    Athearn Lover sounds a little big on me. But I'm definitely on their side of the fence now. <g> Athearn's other Nscale releases were OK by me, but I had heard rumors that the oldtime products wouldn't be coming back. I figured it was a foolish rumor since the 2-8-0 was already on it's way...
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    Athearn/MDC Goodies!

    Athearn has proven even my least fears unjustified concerning the Nscale MDC Roundhouse product lines since MDC was bought out. I've gotten to fondle some of the new release Overton passenger cars and 36' reefers, and own a pair of new release 36' boxcars. I ordered the boxcars through...
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    lovecraft layout

    I forgot to mention another tie-in with Gotham City. What really triggered my response in the first place. Batman's arch enemies are usually incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. Looks like your layout is proggressing. I'm stalled at the moment myself. Ken
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    lovecraft layout

    Sounds like fun. I look forward to seeing it. I had an idea to make a module of Axxis Chemical complex from the 1st Batman movie. An industrial switching maze with Walthers steel mill & refinery kits. Lots of pipes, rust and flat black paint. Axxis tank cars & boxes, dumpsters, trash, wrecking...
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    Greetings - and a question

    Welcome to the forum and to Nscale Zeroe. Return the turnout while you can. Keep on the wife's good side, as often as you can. Run trains whenever you can. There are 1 or 2 online dealers that import european and British equipment to the US. I don't have the links in this comp though. Try a...
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    OK the Weekends Here! What are you doing?

    Last weekend I had to miss the 2 day train show 4 miles from my house. Yesterday, I found I could make it to the 1 day show 30 miles north. Spent most of the day browsing and gabbing. I'm still on the cheap, so came away with only 2 items. I bought a Microtrains TH&B double sheath boxcar...
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    Benchwork & Layout Tips

    The March/April 2005 issue of N-Scale magazine has an interesting article on a garage layout. The article discusses the benchwork and philosophy leading to the design. It's a 10ft wide x 6ft rectangle with duckunder center operation, and is built tall enough to park the nose of a car under it...
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    N-Scale Alcos

    Willis, On the ALCo F units there is a rectangular grill on each side towards the rear that is set in the body length grill work extending from the windows back. On the FPA4 [ & B units] there is an additional grill, approximately the same size, that is set below the first grill. I asked...
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    N-Scale Alcos

    Something else I just noticed. Atlas makes the C628, C630's, not Life Like. Life Like does make a C424 [I think that's the number<g>]. I do wish that Life Like Canada would come out with ALCo FPA4's. The differences between the FPA4 and the FA2 are quite small but I feel significant. LLC...
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    N-Scale Alcos

    Yes I was talking N scale. I have heard of the Life Like GP20 conversion for the RS11. That would save money over buying the RS11 and a Classic RS3 for about $50 each, though you'd have to obtain the B23 trucks as well. Since the RS3 has a lower body height, there will be room inside for DCC...
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    N-Scale Alcos

    The RS11 and RSD 12 were made by Kato for Atlas and have been out of production for a long time, they were pre-flywheel. Atlas had the RS11 on a published list of locos to do or redo a couple years ago. They have produced everything else on the list I believe, but no announcement of RS11's...
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    Question on diamonds

    It's been a long time since this thread was active, but I do have an answer. Yes. There was a crossing diamond manufactured with HO and N guage track at one time. I saw one or two sitting on a shelf at my LHS. I don't recall the crossing angle, but I think it was 45 degrees or so. No...

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