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    New to N Scale

    hi Guys This is an old set but unused, are they any good as a starter set? Ken
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    Snow Plow Kiwi style

    We've just had a small snow fall, KiwiRail guys out clearing the tracks. Ken
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    OFF TOPIC!! PDF to jpeg converter?

    Looking for some freeware;) to convert a PDF to Jpeg or similar. Cheers, Ken.
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    Hollow core doors (deal of the year so far)

    I'm thinking about a new layout (again:rolleyes:) I went looking for hollow core doors at the recycle shed (council owned dump). lots of doors, I found 4 all the same thickness 35mm, no prices written on them. Big sign saying all $10 doors are free..........just happen to have a black marker...
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    Another new start.

    Hi Guys, well after a few false starts:D I'm in training again, a small layout for Brigette and me (and mum) 6' x 4' based on the Hornby Thomas set the little B got for Xmas. believe it or not my Class J is more than happy on the inside track 34.5" The round the walls I started is a...
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    the simplest of things

    I've been getting loco's out one by one and just running them up the track and back. I got my BLI C30-7 out and lined her up... no sound no direction lights, but she moves. Programme track full reset re-addressed yup ok. running, no sound no lights....??? :confused: Ok shell off, oh broken...
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    Here I go again!!

    Well I've started the bench work, no real plan on paper (or screen) but I'm building. Of course I had to build a gate!! And make it fit around the desk (again) I'm thinking of a couple of reverse loops in here, one on top of the other and not put the backdrop right at the back...
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    Hopefully a new room.

    Found another Fab house, we've signed up to purchase subject to us selling of course. My hobby room is indoors built into the garage, fully lined and has underfloor heating!!! It's 93" X 172" (2.36m X 4.37m ) You guys had a stab at a layout for Bob so how about one for me HO scale...
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    Steam loco reversing mechanism

    Anybody have a video or info on a steam loco going from forward to reverse? I'm interested to see how the reverser works. Ken.
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    Midweek foto phun NOT!!!

    Well guys I've started the disassembly of the layout it was actually easier than I thought. Not much track down, no ballast, no scenery. ;) So everybody say ohhhhhhhh!! Ken.:( :(
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    Mid week WPF??

    Had to take some more photos!! Thanks Jos for the drawing it all made sense. I hung a plumb bob down and transfered the measuresments onto the tape on floor then worked out the length of the outriggers(?) required and screwed em on. Ken.
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    Forum question

    In some guys signatures they have a link to their websites, it just has words like "kens pics"or something. Those words have a link in them that sends us to that page. How do you hide that link in those words??:confused: Ken.
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    PK2 SW8 Performance

    Good news from Walthers, I asked if they had non-rubber wheels avaliable and after a little emailing back and forth they are sending some as well as a couple of mods they should run flawlessly. Email from the parts guys. Hi Ken, Larry gave me your e-mail in regards to stalling problems...
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    Ok I'll do it, Weekend photo fun!!

    Really crap photo's to start off the fun. Local steam society turning the 2-8-8-2 ready for an excursion trip. SP loco in for service. Cat dealer fueling the loco for another delivery. Overview so far, partly Carey's plan and partly kind of like my prototype. Obviously...
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    Digitrax signal/ computer system

    This site was from over the tracks. Amazing layout. Ken.
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    A huge day planned

    Well after a month or so of waiting I'm off on my rail journey today, IN the cab!! Sitting here having and coffee and breakfast with nervous excitement. This where I'm heading, freight train up to Kaikoura, wait for the passenger train from Picton which we're bringing back to Christchurch...
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    The top level on my layout will have a slight grade, do I build the bench the same as I have done (except 12 inches wide) and then screw it to the wall to achieve the grade. Or screw it on horizontal then add risers to the sub roadbed to raise it. I think the screwed on an angle would...
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    A Train Laugh ( some bad language )

    Sorry if it offends, I will delete it if you want. I think it's funny. Ken.
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    BLI SD40-2 performance

    As soon as I'd fitted a decoder to my Atlas Master silver series U30C I realized that my BLI SD40-2's were very poor performers so I've done something about it. I've fitted a Lenz silver series decoder along side the QSI (actually on top) to run the motor and extra lights (ditch especially)...
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    It has begun!! The Midland Line.

    here's the start of my new layout A new sliding compound mitre saw. Not the most expensive but it has a laser guide And I picked up my supply of wood for the benchwork. There's a hundred metres sitting there.

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