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  1. Michael J

    HO layout in a small space

    Hello. I am planning my first layout, and I have very limited space. At first I thought of just a 4′×8′ layout, and it is still in my mind as it is simplest to construct. However, I have also considered going around the three walls. Could I get some input on these ideas, or maybe some other...
  2. Michael J

    Tiny decal technique

    Is there any technique to putting on decals of individual letters? I got some Microscale decals of letters so I could spell out words that do not come standard. But positioning a string of 1/8-inch letters is tricky. I put them on the surface with a tweezer, and attempt to slide them into place...
  3. Michael J

    custom rolling stock

    Hello. Our club is planning a fund-raising project to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct, which we are fortunate to have in our neighborhood. Just about every local group will be offering souvenirs, so why shouldn't we jump on the bandwagon? Anyway, one item...
  4. Michael J

    Operating Engine House

    Has anyone else used the two-bay Operating Engine House (originally by Revell, but later by other manufacturers; mine is AHM)? I am in the process of building it. How well does the spring-loaded mechanism for opening/closing the doors work? Is it something you use frequently in your operation...
  5. Michael J


    I have seen some comments that the old-type cement in a tube is not the best way to go. Are there any recommendations as to what might be better, and how it should be applied? Thank you.
  6. Michael J

    Instructions missing — windmill

    I recently purchased this windmill kit with water pumping station on eBay. It came without instructions. (No big deal, I got it cheap!) I am going to attempt to put it together just by eyeballing it, but if anyone else has this kit and could send me a copy of the instructions, it would be...
  7. Michael J

    Train shed

    Hello. I have seen this two-bay locomotive shed on a number of layouts, yet I cannot find it in any catalogs. Does anyone know the manufacturer so that I can properly search for it? Thank you.
  8. Michael J

    Tool kit contents

    As a new model railroader, what sort of items should I assemble for a tool kit? Needle-nose pliers? Wire cutter/stripper? Other suggestions? ... Obviously, I will not be buying every tool I will need at once, maybe you could list by priority what I should get, and then what I should add later...
  9. Michael J


    Could someone identify what this type of plug is called? We are looking for something like this for our cllub's modular layout. Thank you.
  10. Michael J

    Windmill instructions

    I recently purchased on eBay a model IHC HO Windmill Pumping Station Kit #706. It came packaged unassembled, but with no box, label or assembly instructions. If anyone else has purchased this model and has the instructions, could you scan them in and send me a copy? Thanks.
  11. Michael J


    I am a new modeler, so my collection is relatively small. But it is growing, so I need some way to keep inventory of everything. What do you folks use? I have seen inventory software advertised, but to me that seems unnecessarily complicated. It seems a reasonable inventory could be done on a...
  12. Michael J

    Bank clock

    I have an idea, but unfortunately I do not have the electronics experience to do it. Maybe it has already been done, or maybe someone would like to run with the idea. How about an actual working digital clock on a bank, using electronics like those in a watch or a tiny alarm clock? It could...
  13. Michael J

    Height for bi-level with helix

    I am just getting some background information for future planning. In a typical two-level layout connected by a helix, how high are the levels above the floor? Are they something like 3 feet for the lower and 5 feet for the upper? Or maybe there is no standard? (I am accustomed to...
  14. Michael J

    Location, location, location.

    It is too bad this board does not have a way to sort members by location. Not that I don't value input and discussion with people from all over. But it would be nice to find people in a similar geographic area so that in-person meetings and sharing ideas can happen.
  15. Michael J

    Coupler types

    Hello. I am a new HO modeler, and I have a newbie question. I've noticed two different types of couplers on HO equipment. Could someone explain the difference between them, and the advantages of one over the other (if any). Also, are they compatible with one another? Can I change one type out...
  16. Michael J

    New club in Pennsylvania

    The Endless Mountains Model Railroad Club is a relatively new club in northeast Pennsylvania. Our website is We would be happy to exchange links with other clubs on our site, and share information as well. You can contact club officers by e-mail at...
  17. Michael J

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hello! I am from northeast Pennsylvania USA. Even though I am 53 years old, I am a beginner in model railroading. My cousin and her husband had been members of a club in another county, and recently started a club here, so I decided to join and have found it to be so much fun. Mostly I work...

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