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    Hantek 6022BE Oscilloscope Software Overview

    An oscilloscope is an invaluable tool to any electronics hobbyist. They can be had from a bit over $200 up to multiple thousands, dependent on specifications whereby max measurable frequency is an importand price factor. If you don't need to measure frequencies over 20 MHz a portable USB scope...
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    USB Configurable 16 Channel Arduino DCC Servo & Accessory Decoder

    Part 1 - Download & Install Windows Software Model railroad hobbyist friend Nico Teering took the Arduino DCC decoder software to a whole new level. A wealth of functions are combined all into one Arduino sketch for multi-purpose DCC control of 16 pins. In a joint effort with Sergey...
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    Fun with Arduino - a Series of Introductory Videos

    I bet almost everyone here at the forum has heard about the Arduino and how much fun and how useful it can be to model railroaders and other hobbyists. Price is no issue, an Arduino can be had at about $3,-. But not every hobbyist has affinity with electronics or with software. To some the...
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    Traincontroller - a Series of 55 'How To' Videos

    Over the past couple of years I did a series of videos on Traincontroller. They have been posted on several European Model Railway forums, but not here. I don't remember how come. Anyhow ... here they are now. Traincontroller is model railway control software for Windows PC / laptop. There are...
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    Detection with a reed switch and a magnet. Experiences?

    Today I tried occupancy detection with a reed switch and a small magnet under the loc. Results seemed OK. Link to the video. Although current sensing probably is the most used detection method, I like to try some other methods too before I make up my mind what to use with my near-future...
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    An Arduino as 16x function- and 6x servo-decoder

    An Arduino can be used as a combined function- plus servo decoder. This has a price tag under €5,- (including a fast opto-coupler). Thanks to the people behind mynabay who made available the code for decoding the DCC commands. I added the software to control the outputs and the servos...
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    Arduino as an S88 occupancy detector interface

    It seemed like fun to me to try if an Arduino could be used as an S88 interface to transmit block occupancy sensor signals to the Command Station (in my case an ECoS2). A video and a software download is available here.
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    Video's on ECoS with PC software like JMRI, Rocrail a.o.

    Recently I joined a model railroad club and I'm also in the process of creating my own layout at home. It's meant to become a fully automated PC, ECoS, DCC controlled layout. In sync with this 'project', I did a few video's on how to connect the ECoS to several different PC railroad control...

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