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    Drawbar question

    OK this question is for anyone familiar with the 4-6-2 bachmann spectrum steam loco. I found out part of the issue with this loco on turns. It needs a longer drawbar?? Since I don't have the orginal packaging I don't know if there was a choice but I'm assuming there was for this reason. The...
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    Train Photos from my trip

    OK here are the pictures that I took of the layout at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. This will be a place holder till this evening, I didn't realize all the photos I took were too large a file size and I have to resize them tonight.
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    Bout fed up

    I guess it's just got to be one of those days where everything is getting under my skin. To top it off I haven't made any head way on laying scenery on my layout. I'm almost to the point of scrapping my current design and starting over with something more simplified. I'm having so many issues...
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    Rail Painting

    I was wondering what everyone uses to paint their rails for that weathered look and how is it done? I've seen a special roller, then I've seen some just mask areas and spraint it with krylon. Just curious as to I'm thinking about giving my rails that weathered look. Thanks Nick
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    Decoder Address Question

    Hey everyone I have a question on a problem I'm having. I have a Bachmann ge70ton switcher that has a decoder from the factory in it. I can't get it to change address though. I have a digitrax zephyr system, I set up a separate programming track and tried everything suggested in the book but...
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    Bus wire size

    Ok everyone quick question. I'm running HO, and I know Allan Gartner recommends 12 for his bus but says 16 is ok. What is everyone's opinion?? I see no problem in 16, I was planning to do some quick connects from my bus up to some feeders and I found quick connects that accommodate wire size...
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    soldering good or bad??

    Hey everyone I want to know what everyone thinks?? I've been told it's not a good idea to solder all of my joints together on a layout but to use the railjoiners alone and then solder some feeder wires to the track. Now I plan on the feeder wires but I didn't know if whether I really should go...
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    Atlas turnouts

    Hey guys I have some older atlas #6 turnouts and I was wondering if I need to do anything to these for a DCC setup?? Or will they work as is?? Thanks Nick.
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    Cork or rubber

    Just curious who uses what and which is best for the roadbed cork or the black rubber stuff. I've got some cork but was looking at the black rubber roadbed and was contemplating it. Also how thick should the cork be or is there a certain recommended thickness? I've seen a few different...
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    New to weathering

    Hey everyone, I've been reading and watching everyone weather and want to try it. First thing I want to do is I have a Walthers turntable when should I weather it before constructing or after constructing it?? Thanks Nick
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    Bachmann 3 truck shay

    I recently picked up a used 3 truck shay, in really great shape. I was told that it is DCC ready, Does anyone know how to get into the tendor where the DCC plug is so I can install a decoder? Thanks Nick
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    Dallas Train Stores

    So I'm going to be in Dallas Friday and Saturday and I was curious what would be some good stores to possibly check out for some model train stuff. Thanks for any information. Nick
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    Switching layout

    Hey everyone after thinking it over and talking to some of you. I think a switching layout would be more appropriate for my space, as I'm not a 100% on what would look best being new. I was wondering if anyone had some old layout pictures and designs they had of some switch yards to give me...
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    Turn Radius

    Hey everyone how can I find out what turn radius my different engines can take??
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    Design Question

    I'm still in the early stages of my layout, so early there is not formal layout plan :D . I'm still having trouble deciding and was wanting opinions, I would like to have a double main line where I can run some continous trains and have a industry switching yard of some sort. Would like to...
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    Good Book

    I'm looking for a good book or website that shows the basics of doing the decorations and building of layouts and decorations. Such as the track going up hill into the mountains. Thanks Nick
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    Layout Design

    What is the best way of designing a layout for something that will be done up as modules?? I plan to make my layout into modules and want to do a fairly nice layout where I can have a train running continuously while I do some yard switching with another. I plan on having a turntable as well...
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    New to the forum

    Hey everyone new to the forum here. Just got back into trains and thought I would do some online researching. Looks like a great website to learn stuff. Nick

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