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    Another C&O of Indiana update

    Well, just downloaded 3 weeks worth of pictures off the camera, and made an update to the website. Figured I would post it up here as well. Work is progressing at a nice pace, not super fast, but things are getting done. The last bit of "MAJOR" work was to get the wye at South Muncie wired in...
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    Fun with DCC and CMRI

    The old layout gone, it served as a nice test bed and learning experience for me and a place for FAILURE and just all out "what not to do if you did it again". So I took all this and started right this time. I've decided to use the "NODE" approach, there will be 3 nodes each containing all...
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    Finally website updated! C&O of Indiana

    Well, took me long enough, but summer ending and more time to mess has gotten me back into the basement again and progress! I needed the break, and it did me good to get away, a fresh start and I'm off to the basement again.
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    C&O of Indiana video

    Well, finally got around to doing a couple videos of the new layout. While its not even close to being finished, I've gotten enough emails asking about it. So here it is. Later on tonight I'm sure the HD version of the "First Train" video will be ready to view also...
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    Photo Diorama you can make

    This has been a long in the tooth project, but I finally have it finished and thus can bring to you the first in the series of pictures for it. It was made for a friend that does custom weather, sorta a thanks for all he has done on my layout. I know most people like to show off their work...
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    Latest railfanning video of the CIOR

    The latest video is out on store shelves.....pick up your copy today!
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    Chasing Trains on the CIOR

    The morning sun was bright and we decided to catch some Monday morning traffic on the CIOR's Dunreith District. We felt the best option was to stop by Hawthorn yard or Pine Holding yard. Pine is on the mainline, while Hawthorn is on the old Freight mains. We arrived at Pine just in time...
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    restaging video

    Who said restaging couldn't be fun? One of my ops guys brought over the newest power to his stable to get ready for the next session. So to test it all out, he powered up a grain train and took it over the railroad. CIOR Grain Train powered by CSX
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    PRR steam on the CIOR! video

    PRR steam special on the CIOR........
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    CIOR's 5-19-07 Ops video

    Well, we took some video last night during the final trick of the ops session. Here ya go.
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    NMRA Midwest Reg Open house for CIOR

    Well, the CIOR was on the NMRA's Midwest Region Convention open house tour. We had somewhere in the ballpark of 80-100 people in the 5 hours, a nice steady stream of people. We ran 89 trains in that time period and were able to break in the new dispatcher panel. The panel worked great and...
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    Finally, my trackplan for the CIOR

    Here is the real track plan. for 3-4 years I had the paintshop version, always reworking the CAD version I never got it up. Here ya go, this is the CIOR's Dunreith District. 3 levels 646 feet of mainline 1 helix large staging yard large mainline yard several industries (15 total I...
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    Latest CIOR videos 4-2-07

    Big thanks go to Dan Zollner for the great shots of the CIOR's Dunreith District. He caught a few trains during his visit and I am sure he will have more video of the CIOR later on. Dunreith Indiana Video (Long grain train with hot autos on the rear. Yes, it does happen!)...
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    Railfanning the CIOR

    Have you ever thought about railfanning your pike? I finally did mine on video
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    CIOR layout video tour

    Here is a small video tour of the CIOR I did.
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    Making a good signal good

    OK, here ya go. A brand new Atlas signal, arrives broken. Only the base actually, but there isn't enough mast to stick in the ground, so what to do. There isn't alot of wires out the bottom once you cut the plug off and you have to do it in order to do anything to the bottom of the signal...
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    Railfanning the CIOR

    A nice railfan tour of the CIOR. Set back and we will follow a CIOR autoparts freight (CIOR 281) from Indianapolis to Richmond Indiana on its journey to Columbus Ohio. The 281 is lead by a rare pair of GP38-2's in Rock Island paint. #281 is out of Indianapolis and we catch it coming...

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