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  1. flyboy2610

    Walthers GOO Out of stock!

    Say it isn't SO, Ethel!
  2. flyboy2610

    Making mountains

    To get rid of the gauze texture on the plaster cloth I used spackling paste. I wore disposable rubber gloves and just globbed it on, then dipped my fingers in water and smoothed it out. You only need a thin layer. It works well and isn't as heavy as drywall compound or plaster. The brand I used...
  3. flyboy2610

    Bulb and Wiring Help and Advice Wanted PLEASE!!!

    You will have to solder the wires to the leads and use heat shrink tubing to insulate them. Don't stress out! It's not a big deal. If you're going to be involved in this hobby, sooner or later you need to learn how to solder.
  4. flyboy2610

    my dcc loco wont respond????

    He may not reply. He hasn't been on here in almost 7 years.
  5. flyboy2610

    Foam, glueing foam, painting foam

    Coming along nicely! 👍👍
  6. flyboy2610

    The Union Pacific Soggy Bottoms Subdivision (HO scale)

    I wish life would stop being so crazy! It seems like forever since I've really had an opportunity to get anything done on the layout, plus I have a locomotive project I need to find the time to get back to! I'm going to try and get something done tomorrow, I promise! I did get something done in...
  7. flyboy2610


    Yes, on more than one occasion. They have good service and pretty good shipping times. I have no qualms about ordering from them.
  8. flyboy2610

    NCE Powercab famine

    I work for a company that manufactures seat components for a major auto maker. Things are a bit slow right now due to the auto maker not being able to buy enough computer chips. There is a computer chip shortage/backlog right now, and that may well have something to do with the shortage of NCE...
  9. flyboy2610

    The FINAL Expansion

    When my daughter was a toddler my wife took her to see Santa Claus. Santa asked her "What do you want for Christmas?" My daughter replied "A pack of gum." "Anything else?" "No. Just a pack of gum." Santa looked at my wife as if to say "Enjoy this while it lasts!" It didn't last long.
  10. flyboy2610


    I have read that if you apply a couple of light coats of clear paint they can sometimes be salvaged.
  11. flyboy2610

    Have You Ever Wondered?

    They probably never sued geared locomotives because they knew they'd never collect a payout.
  12. flyboy2610

    The FINAL Expansion

    The "final" expansion? We've all heard THAT story before! Looks like you've got a good start there, along with a dedicated helper! A few trips to McD's should pay him nicely!
  13. flyboy2610

    Northeastern HO scale switching layout

    Modern 6 axle locomotives are not going to play nicely with #4 turnouts.
  14. flyboy2610

    Getting Ready to Wire Main and Accessory Bus'

    I used a computer power supply for my layout. Computer power supply for layout power | Depending on what you need to power, it could be just right or it could be overkill. I'm going to have quite a few Tortoise switch machines, so the 12 volt output is perfect for those...
  15. flyboy2610

    Getting Ready to Wire Main and Accessory Bus'

    I do the same for each power bus. Run two wires from the command station to the DCC bus. Run two wires from the DC power supply to the accessory bus. So each bus is powered by it's own power supply, they do not and must not mix! At various points around the layout, I install the terminal blocks...
  16. flyboy2610

    A beginner's layout

    You've got the ends of the bridge sitting on the top of the abutments. That's good enough. I have seen some pics where people have the ends butted up against the sides of the abutments. Not a lot of support that way!
  17. flyboy2610

    Getting Ready to Wire Main and Accessory Bus'

    For a 5 x 16 foot table, you can run your bus as a pair of wires running the length of the table. For the DCC power bus, run it about the middle of the table. This will keep the feeder wires equal length on each side of the table. For the accessory bus, run a pair of wires down the length of the...
  18. flyboy2610

    Getting Ready to Wire Main and Accessory Bus'

    It all sounds workable, but do not connect the two ends of the bus together, as though forming a continuous loop. Just let each end of the bus wire's terminate. You can put a wire nut on the end of each wire if you wish, but that's not really necessary. 22 gauge sounds a bit light for the...

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