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  1. flyboy2610

    JLCX #101 GP7

    We join this project already in progress (but not by much). I grew up in a little town called Fairbury, Nebraska. I left for the big city of Lincoln in January of 1981, so next month will be 40 years here. The population was around 5,000 at the time. It's around 3,500 now. 6 miles east of...
  2. flyboy2610

    Track cleaning car

    I have heard that the idea for this type of track cleaning car originated with the late John Allen, who employed it on his legendary Gorre and Daphetid HO scale layout. The idea is quite simple: A car (generally a boxcar) is fitted with a small piece of tempered hardboard or Masonite, to which...
  3. flyboy2610

    I got an email from Northwest Shortline

    They are now open! :D
  4. flyboy2610

    Computer power supply for layout power

    First, let me say right off the bat: Don't use this to power your DCC system. For that application, use the power source recommended by the manufacturer of the system you use. Second, these power supplies can kill you! Did that get your attention? Good! They have some heavy duty capacitors in...
  5. flyboy2610

    40' CB&Q wood boxcar

    And when I say wood boxcar, I mean WOOD boxcar! This is another of my treasures from the box of castaways I bought at the Beatrice, Ne. train sow last year (this year's show is the 19th of this month). And it is made of wood. The steps and grab irons are made of metal and separately applied...
  6. flyboy2610

    UP 50' External braced boxcar

    At the Beatrice, Ne. train show last year (next one comes up next month, I'm so excited!) I acquired a bunch of broken and/or unserviceable rolling stock for $5. One of the items in the box was this car. I wanted a subject to use to test out the new airbrush compressor I recently got, so I...
  7. flyboy2610

    My compressor died, but lives again!

    Long, long ago, in the early years of the Second Age, I bought a small 2 gallon compressor from Menards. I have used it for a number of tasks around here. When I got into airbrushing it became my airbrush compressor. A new unit is $50, and I know I didn't pay that much for this one! I added the...
  8. flyboy2610

    Adding sound to my Athearn Genesis Big Boy

    When I pre-ordered my Athearn Genesis Big Boy all those many, many long years ago, I made a boo-boo and ordered the DC version instead of the DCC/sound version. :oops: Now, I know none of the rest of you has ever done anything like that, but I do it on a disturbingly regular basis! I had hoped...
  9. flyboy2610

    Converting a Bachmann DC 4-8-4 to DCC & Sound

    Over at MTF, a member asked a few questions about converting a Bachmann DC Overland Limited trainset 4-8-4 to DCC and sound. I have actually done this, and posted a write-up over there. Unfortunately, when P-bucket launched their extortion scheme all the photos in that write-up lost their links...
  10. flyboy2610

    Big Boy 4014

    It... is... alive!
  11. flyboy2610

    Kalmbach Publishing book sale

    Hey, all, I was looking for a book and went to Kalmbach's site. They are having a book sale at the moment and a lot of books are 50% off, no code needed. If there's a book you've been wanting to buy, this may be a good time...
  12. flyboy2610

    Building an airbrush paint booth

    I originally created this build thread over at Model Train Forums. I used links to my Photobucket account, but when they launched their extortion scheme and broke all the links, the photos disappeared. I tried to rebuild the thread by using MTF's photo uploader, but something just isn't working...
  13. flyboy2610

    Train Show Treasures (Part 2)

    In addition to the box of structures, I also bought from the same gentleman a box of cars for $5 (yes, five dollars). He told me "Most of these are junk." I replied "Oh, good! That's how I like them!" Let's see what in here, shall we? The F unit a dummy, and there's no way it can be powered...
  14. flyboy2610

    Train Show Treasures (Part 1)

    I went to the train show in Beatrice, Nebraska this morning. It was an OK show, maybe 5 on a scale of 1-10. They need more parking. I was looking for a small Vanderbilt tender, plus a tender suitable to use behind my UP rotary plow (the tender supplied fuel for the plow's diesel engine, which...
  15. flyboy2610

    Bachmann 0-6-0 switcher #4439

    I have 4 Bachmann 0-6-0 switchers, 2 are DCC On-Board models, and 2 are straight DC models. I have two each of black paint scheme and passenger service greyhound scheme. Someday I may convert the two DC loco's to DCC, but not for now. The greyhound DCC decoder went belly-up so I'll have to...
  16. flyboy2610

    It's snowing.

    :( Oh, well. Good excuse for staying in the man-cave all day. Without feeling guilty! :p
  17. flyboy2610

    Con-Cor UP trailer-on-flatbed

    I've had this train show treasure boxed up in the storage tote for a few years, and I think it's time to do something with it. I have already done the mundane tasks, such as adding Kadee #148 whisker couplers, and Intermountain metal wheels. It's very smooth rolling now and couples and uncouples...
  18. flyboy2610

    Foam lined engine cradle

    I decided to build a foam lined engine cradle. I used the dimensions from my Athearn Genesis Big Boy to design it. I highly doubt I will ever have a piece of rolling stock longer than that! I have some egg crate foam from an RC transmitter case I no longer use, and thought that would be ideal...
  19. flyboy2610

    I got some pastels

    So now I can make an even bigger mess! :p They were $5.99 at Hobby Lobby, but I used one of their 40% off coupons and got them for $3.49, so even if I don't like them, I'm not out much. They are not oil based, as the consensus seems to be that oil based pastels don't work very well for model...
  20. flyboy2610

    Playin' with my caboose

    Of course, I'm talking about the non-revenue car on the back of a train! :rolleyes: I've been doing a lot of research on fading rolling stock paint, and a popular method seems to be using a very light gray properly thinned for spraying. I recently acquired a new toy...

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