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  1. Fergmiester

    Inconsistant Tsunami Whistle Volume Levels

    I've been installing both Tsunami Medium and Heavy Steam Engine Sound decoders and am wondering if I'm missing something. Some of the Whistles are deafening while others are very faint. I've checked CV 128 and it is set at 229. Is this volume inconsistancy typical or am I messing up the...
  2. Fergmiester

    Lego was never this fun. New building block material

    This is a new building block material that I recently received from Dave Batemen of Model Rail Structures. I've started to experiment with them and there's lots of potenetial! I plan on making more abutments and building foundations using this stuff. I use Zap a gap to piece them together...
  3. Fergmiester

    Water Wheel Mills: Grist or Lumber

    I'm in the process of trying out a new line of building bricks and in the process came to the realization these would make an excellent foundation for a Water Wheel Grist or Lumber Mill. I did a search on the net for pics and didn't see anything with any great detail. Does anyone know of a...
  4. Fergmiester

    DT400 not responding properly

    My Digitrax DT 400 controller started to get "quirky" on me about a week ago as double clicking the knobs would not change the direction of the Loco. This problem cleared up and now I can only control speed using the "+" and "-" signs. Turning the throttles will not do anything, No speed, no...
  5. Fergmiester

    New Arrival on the MESS

    She finally made it after a long hard driven trip! Introducing new Passenger links to the Eastern Shores of Nova Scotia A special thank you goes to Bob Boudreau wh was able to point me in several directions during the painting and marking of 5701. Thanks Bob! Fergie
  6. Fergmiester

    Standard Barn Dimensions/ratios

    Realizing barns come in different sizes, is there a standard ratio of width x length x height? Is their a standard for roof pitch? I'm thinking about doing a Barn raising for my next project and plans if available would be greatly appreciated. Fergie
  7. Fergmiester

    Sound System Installations

    As I am now doing sound system installs I'm starting to find the quality of sound differs from tender to tender. I suspect this is due to several factors such as cavity size, speaker size, speaker orientation as well as system quality. As there seems to be a new revolution or in some cases a...
  8. Fergmiester

    My 1st attempt weathering with chalks. The MESS Coaling Tower

    Well it made it home in one piece! after a 500mile airplane trip in my duffle bag, in a box surrounded by bubble rap and other kits. As this is my first attempt weathering with chalk be gentle. Realizing I might have been a bit too heavy with the chalk. I'm still debating whether to put decals...
  9. Fergmiester

    The Sound of a CN K5-a Hudson

    I'm about to order a sound decoder for my Canadian National K5-a Hudson and was wondering if there was a Decoder that resembled that of a K5-a? Thanks in advance. PS. Bob (Railphotog) the decals came in this week and they are excellent. Thanks for the info! Fergie
  10. Fergmiester

    Paper, Rock, Scissors. Making rock faces on the cheap

    Paper, Rock, Scissors & Paint. Making rock faces on the cheap I posted this article on the MR Forum and thought I'd share it with you. Please note a lot of the detail is lost becaus the paper hasn't been painted yet but the details do come out and if done properly looks like excavated bedrock...
  11. Fergmiester

    M.E.S.S. Turtable update

    Well it's almost complete. Tweek the track allignment, a bit more weathering and The TT will be fully operational and DCC Fergie
  12. Fergmiester

    THe latest addition to the M.E.S.S.

    I finished installing the LED's and it looks better in the dark, honest! Fergie
  13. Fergmiester

    Speaker Box Size?

    I just recieved two Soundtraxx DSX 150 Sound Decoders (with no manual:confused: ) and after looking at the Soundtraxx Website I'm a bit confused. My original understanding on speaker boxes was to make them as air tight and as small as possible but according to Soundtraxx as long as you seal up...
  14. Fergmiester

    Upper Loop Now Operational

    Well it ain't pretty yet but it's but the upper pass is operational. Scenery will come after I finish the yard, which I hope will be in February. The only problem this is creating is run-away trains. Fergie
  15. Fergmiester

    Two very interesting WebSites worth Sharing, One is a large source of Decals

    Hi Everyone Thought I'd share the following with you as they are two very good websites worth looking at. Fergie
  16. Fergmiester

    Does CDS Decals still exist?

    I'm trying to find the website for CDS decals, a Canadian company if I'm not mistaken, as my attempt to put decals on my CNR Hudson ended in dismal failure despite clearcoating them. So now I will try to source replacements. At the very least I need to source gold leaf 1/64 pinstripes...

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