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    This month's tool haul

    I've done a ton of locomotive and passenger car projects this year. I don't know about you but after a while I start to get burnt out on things, so one of two things usually happens. Either a sabbatical, where I just take a break from the hobby for what can be several months while I do other...
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    Back to paying projects for a while

    Remember that SD-40T-2 I found at Trainfest? Well I found another one at my LHS, and as everyone knows the only thing better than a tunnel motor is two tunnel motors. Then there was that pair of craftsman kits I bought, and Christmas is right around the corner, well, you get the idea. I take...
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    Everything's Better with Bluebonnet on it

    If you remember that commercial... you're old! After Amtrak made it's appearance in 1971 Santa Fe had all kinds of passenger F's to be repurposed. Several variations on the Warbonnet theme appeared. Those variations always caught my eye. Some years back Athearn did blue and yellow bonnets...
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    The one hour project that wasn't really

    Hi all! Been on the road a bunch lately but have had time to do some light projects. I bought this GS-5 model from a fellow on one of the FB brass lists. Nice guy, didn't feel comfortable removing the boiler weight for shipping (which isn't wise but he promised a good packing job and came...
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    When things don't go so well

    Got an e-mail from a friend from church who told me a fellow he knew want to meet me, something about seeing my work on line. Turns out the guy is the president of a local museum model RR group that has a small layout at a local restaurant. Nice fellow. Looking for volunteers to man the...
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    Look what followed me home!

    I done did it again. Found this on Brass Trains website. Couldn't resist. Pulled the trigger. There were only 100 made and this one is pristine. Never run. It arrived today, and I just about couldn't stand waiting until after work to get it to the work bench. So I opened her up and had...
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    What to do between brass projects

    I bought this little flat car kit at the Lisle RPM meet a couple of years ago. I've been itching to build it. The company is Owl Mountain Models. It took a weekend, not bad. The build was fun, and a nice change of pace. Now I have to get busy on the TOFC flats that have been in the "to do"...
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    Ten Wheeler Time!

    Time to paint that ten wheeler guys! Well...sort of. I'm going to do a little bait & switch on you. It's still going to be a Ten Wheeler, just not that little one. I found another bargain over at Brass Trains. There are a few left in case you're curious! There was a SP T-31 4-6-0 for sale...
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    Upcoming projects: Yet more bargain brass!

    I ran across a couple of very good buys this week, just couldn't pass them up! First is this little SP 0-6-0. I like the "watter bottle" tender, or Sausage tender as it was called. Designed to give the crew maximum visibility when switching. This model is an old Katsumi. It has the Tyco...
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    Painting a Great Northern 2-8-8-0

    Hi everyone. So the current project is one of the big GN articulateds. This particular type hauled ore trains. For reference only courtesy of, here is a pic of the model. There are several things wrong with the paint job, specifically: Wheels not painted. Crosshead hangers...
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    Show your layout sized passenger trains

    I've often seen posts here and in other groups about "I can't seem to get my 85 ft. passenger cars/my six axle diesels/my 4-8-4 to go around my 18" radius curves." followed by a plea for help, and maybe a stream of invective directed against the manufacturer of the equipment. I think when it...
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    Re-motoring with small motors from e-Bay

    Ever have a project that just didn't go how you wanted it? If not, you probably aren't doing much modeling!. Some years back I bought this little Westside T-28 ten wheeler. I really wanted small steam, and I already had all the Northerns, 2-10-2's and articulateds I needed. I wanted small...
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    More Painting! An SP 2-8-0

    While goofing around in the basement this past weekend I was re-arranging storage racks and dug out a neat little 2-8-0 I bought several years ago. After doing those two Mikes the juices are still flowing. I took a look at it and thought WTH, this one looks pretty easy! Now some folks cringe...
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    Another SP 2-8-2

    Just finished this one. It's an old Balboa Mk-5 that I added some details to, and swapped the tender out for a larger one. Needs debugged a little but the heavy work is all done
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    Walthers' new name train

    Drum roll please!!...and it's...another Hiawatha. (cue extended fart sound of air leaving the balloon). I'm sort of underwhelmed. Not to disrespect the Milwaukee Road guys out there but really? All of those cars have been done before. This is a re-release of existing stuff with a price...
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    Walthers Heavyweight RPO Baggage

    Anyone picked one of these up yet? Thoughts if you did?
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    Club Open House, Trainfest 2018

    Here's a nice video of our club's open house:
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    Brass 2-8-2 Project

    I've had a pair of Mikes on the bench for a while now, brass models, one a paid project for a friend, and one for me. Here's a short photo essay of what happens: Still have some fine detail work decals, and a little light weathering to do. More photos when they're finished!
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    More painted brass

    Did this one for a friend two weeks ago: And this one for me last weekend. It started as a factory paint which I upgraded. Before & after:
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    NJ Custom Brass SP P-13

    Just finished this one up. The Kadee has to be swapped out for something a little more scale sized but it's painted detailed and ready to run. I swapped the Pittman out for a can motor and it runs like a watch.

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