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  1. NYC_George

    NH C425's coming out of the yard & on to it's train.

    These are the NH C425 engines I changed over to Lok Sound decoders. Their coming out of the engine house yard and on to their awaiting train. If you notice the split in the round house benchwork section it comes apart in case I move some day. George
  2. NYC_George

    Repairing my crossing gates

    So a while back I was working on some wiring under my layout and my screw driver hit my Logic Rail grade crossing pro module shorting it out ruining both boards. I learned my lesson don't have the power on when working on live wiring. With all my other projects finished I decided to call Logic...
  3. NYC_George

    Warning Lok Sound download to TCS board

    The other day I installed a 21 pin Lok Sound decoder on a 21 pin TCS WOW mother board. A friend of mine decided to do the same but had some problems with the installation. He called Lok Sound and they told him the mating will work but do not try to download a new sound into the decoder while...
  4. NYC_George

    Finished up my NH C425 decoder installation.

    I finally finished up my 21 pin Lok Sound decoder installation mated up with a TCS WOW AK_MB1 mother board. Nothing is in the shell. I tried to be as neat as possible. The loco is one of 3 in a consist so I didn't bother with a rear headlight. It never get used. It sounds great. I swapped out...
  5. NYC_George

    ESU 21 Pin MTC adapter board

    I was wandering has anyone bought one of these boards? They seem to adopt a 8 pin decoder to a 21 pin mother board. I have some TCS 21 pin mother boards and would like to plug in a Lok Sound 8 pin decoder into it. George
  6. NYC_George

    Getting my backdrop done

    Now that my bridge & control panel projects are finished I turned to finishing my back drop. Most of it is all ready done but there's still lots to do. I start with a posted board I bought at the dollar store. There only 0.50 cent per board there. Then I buy the paint at Michaels 0.88 cent per...
  7. NYC_George

    Creating a layout plan drawing in Paint

    If you don't have software to create a layout plan and wish to show others your work. You can use the paint program that comes with Windows to do this. I used it to create the plan for my control panel. It takes a little thinking but it's easy once you get the hang of it. George
  8. NYC_George

    New Control Panel Started

    So after my bridge projects got done and new switches and switch control motors were added it was time to add toggle switches. That meant getting under the layout sitting on the floor and added them to my control panel. Then I thought there's more switches coming in the future so maybe I should...
  9. NYC_George

    Bridge after bridge after bridge

    I was looking at some prototype bridge walkways when I found this video of bridge after bridge after bridge across the Mississippi river. Your on the back of the train great view. If you like bridges click on the link below. George
  10. NYC_George

    100 car reverse loop project done

    I've been stalling on adding a reverse loop to my lower deck for some time. I needed one that reverses at least a 80 car train. These are the trains that come down from the helix and need to be reverse so they can head back to the upper deck if needed. Since the spot I picked was one of my old...
  11. NYC_George

    Setting the Keep Alive timer for LOK-Sound decoders

    I just found this out tonight. I was testing out my reverse loop with a few engines. That is running them through the neutral area then removing them form the track when I noticed the locos with a Lok Sound decoders didn't run as long TCS locos when removed. I thought maybe the installed TCS...
  12. NYC_George

    More to AR units then I thought

    I'm finally getting around to installing a AR unit so I can reverse my trains after coming off my signal track helix. My old helix had double tracks so there was no need for a AR unit, but because of the NY hurricane that flooded my basement about 7 years I needed to move my helix and when I did...
  13. NYC_George

    Making a transition track

    I started my layout 22 years ago when code 100 was in big use. Now that I use nothing but code 83 I found the need for some code 100 to code 83 transitions tracks. They run about $12.00 so I decided to make my own. It only takes about 10 minutes to create one so below are some photos to show...
  14. NYC_George

    Getting Bridge Alley going again

    Now that the bascule bridge project is done I'm working on the connecting bridges. I didn't realize the difference in the abutment height required by the deck girder and truss bridge. I had to make an abutment and ran out of my concrete paint so I'll have to lighten it up later. Otherwise...
  15. NYC_George

    Ups delay

    I guess the track I ordered is in the photo somewhere. So all my projects are on hold until UPS hires more help. Not only that Canada closed all their horse race tracks a few days ago, the other thing that I like doing. Just when I'm up $3,243.00. A few weeks ago I won $2.700.00 on a 0.60 bet...
  16. NYC_George

    Woodland's chain link fence

    If anyone is looking for some highly detailed chain link fence I recently bought the product pictured below. Highly detailed fence. already glued to the fence post. George
  17. NYC_George

    Hazardous Screw Driver

    I ordered a spring loaded screw driver to hold screws in place while attaching car couplers. On the screw driver's package there was a warning label. This product may be hazardous to your health and cause reproductive problems. It's all metal but did have a very light coat of oil. I guess it's...
  18. NYC_George

    Bridge Ally Project started

    I started my bridge ally project a few days ago. It will be made up of 4 bridges. An Arched Pratt Truss, 2 Through Plate Girders and a Bascule Bridge. I thought some parts of my upper deck needed some sprucing up. I figure 4 new bridges might work to solve the problem. The Bascule Bridge and...
  19. NYC_George

    Bascule Bridge Project

    I've been thinking about a project that will keep me busy a few months this winter and a bascule bridge project just may do the trick. I plan on adding it to my upper deck. I did a little research and found this interesting video on how the real one in Port Huron, Michigan works. This video has...
  20. NYC_George

    Scale Sound System Speakers

    My friend tells me these speakers are by far the best. I'm going to order a few and see.

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