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  1. L&N Castle

    Old NS Paint scheme

    Hey fellows, what shade of gray paint matches or closely matches the Original Norfolk Southern Paint? I am thinking I might want to try painting up one of their locos,but I'm not sure what shade of gray is a close match. Any ideas? William.
  2. L&N Castle

    Couplers for a Atlas GP 30 N Scale Locomotive

    Hey N Scalers, I have a 1993 era Atlas GP 30 in Seaboard System paint,and it has the old style Rapido couplers,and I need a drop in replacement for the front and rear couplers. The locomotive has the type of coupler where you have a U shaped clip that holds the coupler in place. Also there is a...
  3. L&N Castle

    Wpf 5/24-2/28

    Seeing as no one had started a Week-end photo series for this week-end ,I thought might take up the challenge. Today I went out to Norris yard in Irondale and took quite a few photos of various NS trains coming in and out of the yard. But I was there for one reason only. Here it is. Enjoy. William.
  4. L&N Castle

    SRR #630 in Birmingham

    Morning Guys. Well this week-end has been AWESOME. This week-end Norfolk Southern and TVRM brought former Southern Railway 2-8-0 #630 to town for employee trips,and next week -end is for the public. On Saturday,I spent a good part of the day following #630 from downtown B'ham to Irondale and...
  5. L&N Castle

    Athearn Gp-15-1s HO Scale

    Evening all,and Happy Fourth of July to everyone. My question is this, I picked up on Saturday two brand new Athearn Genesis Frisco GP -15-1's. what I need help with is how to power up the gyra light in the nose of the loco and the rotary beacon on top of the cab using the Digitrax DH 163...
  6. L&N Castle

    New Tsunami user

    Evening. Fellows,today I received my first Tsunami equipped diesel loco. The locomotive is an Athearn MP-15AC Switcher,lettered Seaboard Systems. What I would like to know is,how hard are Tsunami's to program,and operate? Any help or advice,would be most welcome. William.:cool:.
  7. L&N Castle

    Keystone Southern

    Evening Fellows. I have some photos from a layout I went to see a couple of weeks ago. CJ Cresent told me about the open house event,and asked me if I would go, take some pictures,and post them here on the forums. He wasn't able to go, due to bad GI Infection,and is still not over it...
  8. L&N Castle

    Need HELP with DN163PS decoder

    Evening Guys. I am in need of some advice on using a DN163PS decoder to run both foward and reverse headlights,but also the gyralight. The engine I'm putting the decoder in is a Proto 2000 U-30B,in L&N paint. I have contacted Digitrax,basically what they told me was,to make my connections...
  9. L&N Castle

    Random B'ham Photos

    Evening. The past couple of days,after work, I would ride around Downtown Birmingham,and just take photos of whatever I could find. I did this mostly to relax,after a hetic day at work. So,here is some of what I found from different places around downtown. Let me know what y'all think. Enjoy.
  10. L&N Castle

    Cof G Caboose/ Finally Finished !!

    Evening all. Well it took me roughly 3 to 4 Years,that's right,I said years:eek: ,to finish a Central of Georgia caboose. Here's a brief story about it. I purchased the kit from Gary Wright of Wrighttrak Railroad models,and got started. Well,to make a long story short,I made some mistakes along...
  11. L&N Castle

    Sept/Oct ARG

    Evening all. Hey guys,I was talking to Grandeman this afternoon,and he and I,kicked around some ideas for possible ARG,meets or just for some of us to get together. One idea was discussed between CJ,Myself,Jimmy,and Rex. The basicidea is/was that maybe we could get together out at the platform...
  12. L&N Castle

    Day outing on The Heart of Dixie RAilroad Museum

    Evening all. On Saturday,I rode down to Calera Ala.,to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum. While there,I took a cab ride up the old Alabama mineral line that the museum operates over. The locomotive in the following photos,is a restored US ARMY SW-8,numbered 2022.It's lettered Calera&Shelby. If...
  13. L&N Castle

    Sylacauga Cof Ga Photos

    Evening. While coming home yesterday from a Mother's day visit,I stopped in downtown Sylacauga Ala.,and got some rather nice photos of the Southern yard,and of a local shortline railroad,that works the local industries in town. So without further ado,here they are. William.
  14. L&N Castle

    Moving Day/Days update

    Hello from Cedarwood Road. Well gang,the move is basically done.In all,it took me roughly two days to move,but it is OVER. :D . Of course there is the small matter of unpacking and putting things away.But that shouldn't take long. Anyway,Iam back,but I do not currently have DSL Service:( ,but I...
  15. L&N Castle

    Moving Day/or Days

    Morning all. I would like to bring everyone up to date on my moving from my Garden Home,over to my Dad's new place. Back during the summer,and most of the fall,my father and my step mom,moved into their new place here in Birmingham. Well,now it's my turn. The house has finally been bought by...
  16. L&N Castle

    Third Southern Transfer Caboose Finished

    Evening All. Well,as of this past Sunday, I have finally finished my last Southern Transfer Caboose. While I don't have any photos as yet, Transfer Caboose XC-17,looks pretty good.It joins my other two,XC7873,and XC10. I still have some minor touch up to do,but nothing major.IT'S DONE:)...
  17. L&N Castle

    Trains I've Seen,but couldn't photograph

    Evening everyone. I thought I would share with you some trains I have seen,but because of where and who I work for, I wasn't able to photograph. Take for instance this past Wed.or Thursday,I happened to see the CSX Executive Train. Then this morning,I spotted a freshly painted NS SD-80,or SD-90...

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