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  1. macjet

    Help!: Detail West Switch Motor

    I'm am trying to install the Details West Switch Motor and Tie Mount. Problem is, I'm not really sure what the finished product should look like. I know how to assemble the parts but I'm not too sure where they go in relation to the turnout. Any pics of this or similar installed? Thanks...
  2. macjet

    Plum Thickets and Mesquite Trees

    Any ideas for HO?
  3. macjet

    North Hobby Depot on Ebay

    I am editing this post since North Hobby Depot rectified the problem to my satisfaction.
  4. macjet

    Mac OS 10.6 and Decoder Pro Problems

    All: I have been using JMRI's Decoder Pro on my Mac for over a year. My Mac connects to the Digitrax PR3 then to my DCS50 Zephyr. I recently installed Snow Leopard 10.6 and now my Mac won't talk to the PR3. Anyone have a fix for this yet? ERROR LOCONET PR3 USING (NONE SELECTED) is the...
  5. macjet

    Tortoise and the Frog

    All: First, I'm an electrical moron. If it isn't in a big color diagram I'm not going to understand it. I've managed to install and wire my NCE Swith-It's and the associated SPST push buttons. What I need help on is which Tortoise connector (2,3,4,5,6, or 7) do I use to power the frog? The...
  6. macjet

    Fascia Track Diagram Tape?

    I'm not even sure if the title is an accurate description of what I want. On my Free-mo module I am installing the local control for the switch points embedded in the facia. I want to have the typical track diagram in white stripe along with white names (main, siding, etc) and white numbers for...
  7. macjet

    HO Diesel 10?

    My four year old has his heart set on an Diesel 10 (Thomas series) locomotive. I checked the Bachmann website and didn't see a Diesel 10. Does anyone make such a critter in HO or are we out of luck? The only thing google turned up was something out of Japan for 1,400 yen and I'm not sure it...
  8. macjet

    Box Car Roof Walk Question

    I am modeling the Rock Island at shutdown. I have one 1951 build box car with the roof walk. When did the FRA begin requiring that RR's remove the walk and what was the last date one would have seen walks on box cars? Thanks. Jacob
  9. macjet

    Atlas Gold U30C

    I have acquired two Atlas Silver U30C's. I am looking for an exploded diagram or photos of a Gold series showing where Atlas installed the speaker. I plan on adding sound but with no open grills and what looks like almost no room I'm curious to see how Atlas solved the problem. Thanks. Jacob
  10. macjet

    Stupid Question

    What is a DF loader? Thanks.
  11. macjet

    Barcode Decals

    I am in need of several 1970's era barcode decals for the side of some freight cars. Anyone know where to find a sheet of these? Jacob
  12. macjet

    Renumber Help

    All: I have another Intermountain covered hopper with a beautiful paint job. Only problem is that is has a fantasy road number.:mad: I have emailed the company looking for supporting documentation showing why they chose such numbers. If they can't supply such proof I will have to renumber it...
  13. macjet

    Sergent Couplers

    I'm planning on installing Sergent couplers in my fleet as they make their way through weathering. I'm curious as to what issues people are having with them. Are they drop in replacements for the KD 5/58? Are the boxes requiring modification? Do the couplers work as advertised? Any and all...
  14. macjet

    Kadee PS2 Covered Hopper

    All: I'm trying to slowly build up my Rock Island sand/cement covered hopper fleet. I have Bowser, Intermountain, and Athearn equipment. I am currently looking at the Kadee cars. Does the quality justify the $30-35 price tag? Are the walks see through? I don't own any Kadee equipment so...
  15. macjet

    Guide To Freight Cars

    What is the hands down best book for freight car reference? Thanks.
  16. macjet

    Kadee 5 vs. 58

    I have been buying #5's in bulk for the past two years but am considering switching to 58's. I put reliability way above looks. Any difference between the two as far as operational reliability is concerned? Thanks. Jacob
  17. macjet

    Siding Roadbed Q

    On my HO siding I am going to use N scale cork roadbed. The question is whether or not I should lay it down as is 2 wide or cut in another strip and make it 3 wide. The 2 wide version is just short of the ties and 3 wide make it equal in width to HO cork. Thanks. Jacob
  18. macjet

    Micro Engineering Rail Joiners

    Does ME track require a ME rail joiner? I'm trying to put Atlas Code 83 joiners on ME track and they are too loose. Thanks. Jacob
  19. macjet

    Painting Plano Brass?

    I have some Plano etched metal walkways that I will be adding to some older Intermountain kits. I am assuming that these are brass parts. What is the best way to paint these? Do I have to use a primer? How do I prep the surface? What is the best sealant? Thanks!
  20. macjet

    Railflyer Hood Components Pre-Order

    All: Railflyer has the hood components available for pre-order. There is a very detailed pdf file for download that explains their design philosophy. Very good stuff.

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