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  1. Alcomotive

    Car Interchange...Revival?

    Many, many, many moons ago.......on a far, far and away past of trials and tribulations. This modelrailroadforums group members...... a select few mind you embarked on a 1st beta run program of doing a car interchange between active members. I have been wondering if a select few members would...
  2. Alcomotive


    Does any one have any of these BACHMANN HO SCALE SD70ACe Diesel DCC/SOUND locomotives? I am looking for input on these. I have not had a chance to see one in person. I want to hear from ya'll what your thoughts/opinions are on these. Thanks in advance.....
  3. Alcomotive

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    So a few weeks ago I mentioned in the coffee shop about starting a thread for "Mail Call" a few of you thought it would be a good idea so here we go! This thread would pertain to any Model Railroad related items you ordered and received for your MRR or other. So include your picture and tell...
  4. Alcomotive

    N scale CAT equipment by Norscot

    4 pieces available for sale. PM me for a reasonable offer. I take PayPal only. Buyer pays shipping as an extra cost. These as far as I know have been out of production for quite some time. I bought these around 2001/02. Never been opened. Look at pictures carefully and closely.
  5. Alcomotive

    Old Varney Brass Tender For Sale for one of you steam guys!

    What I have here is an old Varney brass tender. I have had this a long time. I bought in Arkansas 25 plus years ago. I planned to use it but I have now decided to part ways with it. Everything seems complete minus couplers and draw-bar. Built solid. These things go for a hefty prices. I...
  6. Alcomotive

    Timken Tank Car

    If anyone has one of these or know where I can get my hands one let me know please......
  7. Alcomotive

    A new beginning...JRs UPRR.

    Starting to go through my inventory as I prepare my build on the bench work. I have had all my MRR stuff stored for a few years. So it's like Christmas morning opening all these boxes lol. So so many totes and boxes. All will be out before long.
  8. Alcomotive

    Steam car

  9. Alcomotive

    WTB: SD40-2 Chassis from RTR Athearn

    Hey guys I am not having luck with evil bay as of yet but I am looking for a chassis from the RTR series of Athearn (NOT BB Ath) It needs to be for a SD40-2. I have a shell I want to put on it. Thanks for your help in advance!
  10. Alcomotive

    Athearn part

    Hey guys I am looking for some athearn truck frames. I wanted to check with you guys before I contact Athearn. I need 6 sets of Bettendorff truck frames. I do not need the wheels. the part number is ATH90400...but like I said I wanted to see if any one had any they wanted to part with...
  11. Alcomotive

    Hump Yard Operation

    Does any one here have an operating hump yard on their layout or at their clubs layout or friends house? I would like to see some pics if so... I was wondering about this...I think a while back I saw Macjet on a layout that had one? Not sure. Interesting modeling I would think...:rolleyes:
  12. Alcomotive

    Wheel set sizes per rolling stock/freightcars

    Hey guys I have a quick question: Is there a quick reference guide that I can go to for a list of the car classifications (like HM for hoppers, FM for flat cars, GB for gondolas etc) and will it also tell you what wheel sizes are used for the style of car? Another words like ore cars use...
  13. Alcomotive

    Speed Demons, slooow do ya enforce your track speed?

    I was wondering how some of y'all operate your layouts or at the club speeds. You know that guy that runs like a bat outta hell and then there's that guy that runs so slow you're so backed up it's a parking lot? ;) Ya... you know what I mean...:D So does any one have one of these? or...
  14. Alcomotive

    DCC uncoupler!
  15. Alcomotive

    "NEW" Digitrax PR3

    Anyone have one of these little gems yet? I just ordered one today from one of our very own here on our forum...Ryan from Great price by the way!:p I can not wait to get it (the PR3) and get hooked up to my shelf...
  16. Alcomotive

    Lionel-construction site
  17. Alcomotive

    Champ Decal or other: Need Help Looking for...

    Hey guys! I am looking for decals for Union Pacific... do you remember the MOPAC The 'Canaries' As the merger between the MoPac and Union Pacific was finalized, the "Jenks Blue" paint scheme was replaced by UP's "canary yellow" with the name "Missouri Pacific" in block-lettering on the...
  18. Alcomotive

    RTR Athearn Units & Decoders

    Guys I need a little pointing into the right direction....:o I have the following units and want to bring them into service (still new in the box as of now): ATH8000 - EMD SD40-2 Union Pacific "United Way" #3300 ATH8002 - EMD SD40-2 Union Pacific "Desert Victory" #3593 Will I be...
  19. Alcomotive

    Emdx Gp60 #5 & #7

    I have decided to take the detailing of my 2 GP60s to the next level and do a special thread on these units showing my progress on the units. They are the special release edition Athearn units with a good start of details but not up to prototype standards. I have posted pics on the weekend...
  20. Alcomotive

    North American Railyards

    I obtained a book a while ago I thought to share with you guys and gals. It is called "North American Railyards" by Michael Rhodes. I must say I usually dont buy to many books from the publishers of MBI but this one is by far the best that they have ever printed that was worth its weight in...

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