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  1. kenw

    Old car, New load

    Almost 30 years ago I built my 1st (and only so far) Ambroid kit, a pair of bulkhead flats modified from the original plans for pulpwood flats. While one of them has carried a load most of that time, the other has been unloaded and feeling a bit unloved. So recently I build a pipeline load after...
  2. kenw

    Curious prop on TV

    Had to rewind a few times to verify but does anyone recognize that gold colored thing? The show is shown at the bottom of the screen.... About the failed spacewalk on a Gemini flight.
  3. kenw

    got hoppers?? Lots of extra hoppers?

    Saw this facility today and while I could not get close enough to photograph, Google Earth came to the rescue. It's fixed in place railroad covered hoppers, most ACFCenterFlo, some Pullman Standard. They have been situated to provide interim storage for something (likely plastics). Across the...
  4. kenw

    Me and my guys, the 2nd generation

    Me and my grandsons spent some quality time in the train room tonight.
  5. kenw

    close coupling Proto 1000 f3

    Which KDs would i get to close couple an ABBA set of Proto 1000 ? Any other mods needed? The coupler box seems a bit extended already. My typical min radius is approx 22", fwiw
  6. kenw

    Run by....

    My grandson gets a close look at my Katy unit. He has learned to stop and start them with proper control.
  7. kenw

    Pipe loads and 86' boxcars in 2013

    a few from trackside over the last few days. Nothing exciting but thought modellers would like some idea shots. 1st up, some variouos pipe loads of various size drill pipe on bulkheads, gondolas. Note the thread protectors on the ends.
  8. kenw

    Some John Deere green

    Had the grandson up in the trainroom last night, and after snagging a few pics of him decided to try the cell phone on some 'just trains'. Amazing what they can do (and the details they highlight!) serious need to spend more time up here....:o
  9. kenw

    For the grandson...but sharing here, too

    Made this short video for the grandson Coby (almost 2) so he could remember the train room and look forward to seeing it again on his next trip. So I thought I would share the link here. Took the video with my Samsung Galaxy Note, no edits just raw footage. I'm normally a still shooter but Colby...
  10. kenw

    A new generation

    Introduced my grandson Colby to 'The Train Room" tonight. I think he liked it.....;)
  11. kenw

    Houston Area Live Steamers

    I've lived in Houston for over 25 years with these folks only a few miles away...and today was my 1st trip out to see them run. 3rd Saturday of the month is free ride day, and the place was packed with folks taking advantage of the last run saturday for the season. You can bet I will be back...
  12. kenw

    Your pipe loads are too neat! shown in today's photo of a westbound UP out of Houston. I have been seeing a lot of these lately (this was about 10-12 loads) and what struck me was the uneven length of the pipes. These are for pipeline construction, and very few are actually the same length. And before you ask, no...
  13. kenw

    Prooffreeder needed...

    no edits, just as I shot it yesterday. More sad than anything else.....put it on the layout and see if anyone notices.;)
  14. kenw

    Simple wheel stop (proto photo)

    Posted for your modeling accuracy....compliments of a late-arriving UP 2010 at Houston's Amtrak station today....
  15. kenw

    Boys Scouts: Your Train has arrived

    pics at the unveiling this moring in Houston are over on railroadforums: who'll be the 1st to model?
  16. kenw

    Pipe loads

    Drill pipe is a staple around Houston, it's a common load coming in and out. Often hauled by train, I've seen it on regular flats, bulkhead flats, gondolas and even centerbeam flats. In the interest of accurate modeling, here's a pic from earlier this week. Farther back in the train, there...
  17. kenw

    Easy tarpaper roofing

    Talking with a friend last night and he was struggling with paper shingles, he just didn't like "the look" once he was finished. Altho I've never done shingled roofing on the layout, I do have a building that uses rolled tarpaper. Most of us would use something more substantial in real life...
  18. kenw

    Friday evening with my macro lens

    Spent a few hours this evening exploring the details of the layout thru the camera lens (canon 100/2.8 macro). This is dangerous as it shows all the warts.... :( Warts and all.... here's a couple of them.
  19. kenw

    Favorite modern HO freight trucks and why

    E&B Products, National Timken RB, black metal wheels, sprung plastic sideframes. see them here (scroll down): Just ordered some more of these, 10+ years ago I determined these to be my favorites for several reasons and coverted the...
  20. kenw

    Tootin' my own horn.....

    (link to proto forum thread):

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