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  1. Bread&steel

    Central pipe and foundry

    Well it's been a long long time since I've posted but I've been busy building. So here now is the old Central Pipe & Foundry now owned by Bethlehem Steel
  2. Bread&steel

    Bettendorf blues

    I recently perchased Bettendorf trucks from Kadee. Kadee #500. I installed them on two athearns 40foot XM boxcars. I was pushing a string of cars through a curved switch when sparks crackled and my dcc shut down. I discovered that my new Kadee trucks rode up and shorted the switch. By...
  3. Bread&steel

    General Electric

    GE small transformer division
  4. Bread&steel

    RS1 question

    I know that the RS1 was designed to run long hood forward but looking at pictures of RS1s still in use seem to show trains with RS1 power runing short hood forward. I have two RS1s that I want to run coupled together in a permanent my question is does it matter if I do it long hood...
  5. Bread&steel

    SW-1 tight fit

    I have a Walthers, HO scale, EMD SW-1 which I would love to convert to sound ...but there is just no room. Question.....Will an N scale board work or will the motor burn it out. Thanks
  6. Bread&steel

    big X

    Does anyone know what those big black "X" patterns are on the roof of this mill building? This is not the entire url...
  7. Bread&steel

    Getting the blues

    Just a cool picture for you all
  8. Bread&steel

    foundry coke

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to simulate a load of foundry coke? Larry
  9. Bread&steel

    My preternatural mind

    Well prehapes, perternatural is overstating it just a bit...but my mind is a bit atypical. I'm not in the mood for a big project right now, but I want to do something for the layout. I've found a slab of plastic. It's 5 X 5 inches. I've pulled out all my junk boxes...all 14 of them.... and...
  10. Bread&steel

    What is it and why?

    Saw this on the side of a bathtub Gon. What do you guys make of it ? :confused:
  11. Bread&steel

    A business we can model

    We have an industry of sorts in our little town of Portland Connecticut and it's a business that uses 6 to 8 railcars every few days. Empties are brought in and loaded cars are picked up. The railroad is the P&W. The great part of this business is that it's easy to model and generates a lot of...
  12. Bread&steel

    Just an interesting picture.

    New York City..... second avenue and 44th street
  13. Bread&steel

    Bathtub gons

    Does anyone know if bathtub gondolas are ever used to carry scrap metal. Larry
  14. Bread&steel

    pipe train

    We never see cool stuff like this were I live. This is a snap shot I took from one of the Wellborn Corridor's streaming webcams. A unit train of all pipes ! Love it!
  15. Bread&steel


    Does anyone know anything about this incident ?
  16. Bread&steel

    Petticoat Cafe

    Some truckers know where to eat. :D
  17. Bread&steel

    Real or model

    A friend sent me this picture. He asked me if it was real or model. Looking at it, I must say, if it's a model it's damn good !!!!! What weathering ! Well I'm still not sure. It looks real to me but what do you all think? Larry
  18. Bread&steel

    The Dolly Sisters revisited

    No.. not the famous SOO Line Dolly sisters but my own version. Like the Dolly Sisters, I'm lashing two Alco RS27 in an almost permanent lashup. I've changed history here. The Pennsylvania 2411 and the 2412 were conveyed to the Penn Central then to the Calumet Pipe & Foundry....not the CR...
  19. Bread&steel

    GE small transformer division

    Just finished a new industry. Three buildings.........General Electric small transformer division. Just some details left to do.
  20. Bread&steel

    Help ! Rs 27

    I can't get this *%$&#@#* case off my P2K RS 27 I need to open it up but I can't figure out how ? I found two tiny screws underneath and I took them out but still it won't come off :mad: Can some one help me ?

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