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    May Car Exchange

    The CSX local bought an Aurora & Portland heavy-duty flat to Hillside today. According to the bill of lading, it's supposed to pick up a transformer. P&N president Roscoe is trying to explain to the CSX conductor that "We ain't got no transformers here except the little bitty one over at the...
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    You guys think you're modelers?....

    If so, check out this fellow's work: I think it's in 1:25 scale. Go through the whole slide show and check out how he sets up his small dioramas. Truly amazing work.
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    Hallmark Ornament Fire Truck

    Hallmark has neat fire truck ornament on sale this year. It's about O scale and would be a nice addition for an O scale layout or just for a fire truck collector. It's a 1965 Chevy brush truck with very nice detailing for a Christmas ornament. If you remove the ornament hanger and replace it...
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    DCS 50 Problem

    I've got a Digitrax DCS 50 controller and it just started giving me problems runnning DC. It will run an engine for about five minutes and it starts to short circuit every few feet until it finally shorts. I've eliminated every other cause but the controller. I talks to George at Digitrax and he...
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    Gravel road - Good or Awful?

    Hey guys, I've been putting in my country church, which fits in one odd shaped corner of the layout. Most of our country churchs are on gravel or just graded dirt roads. I've tried to duplicate the look of a gravel road and parking area adter a shower, with some puddles and a fair bit of mud...
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    New weathering technique

    Hey, guys I tried something new to weather this NP box car. Dang, should have taken a "before" picture but it was a standard boxcard red NP 50 footer. What do you think, thumbs up or thumbs down? The whole process took about five minutes so I'd like to get opinions if it looks "good enough". :)
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    Flashing traffic lights

    Just recounting my experience getting MP traffic lights to flash. I wanted all three (it's a three way intersection) to flash red when a train was on the downtown spur. No problem, just get a regular Napa #552 flasher. Doesn't work no matter what kind of resistors you use because the restiance...
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    Independence (and Canada) Day Photo Fun

    OK, I'll start if off this time. :) The 1180 is getting a fillup from the local Texaco dealer, the P&N being too poor for anything like a fuel tank. President and CEO Bubba is contemplating the fact that the 1180's cab is to big to fit in the engine house. What a better way to spend...
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    In to the computer age...

    OK, so now I have my old XP laptop available for MR use after my two week battle with my new Vista 64. I have a Digitrax Zephyr and want to be able to program decoders using Decoder Pro. From what I can tell, I need JMRI and Decoder Pro. In addition, I need some sort of buffer to communicate...
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    "Operator A is Down..."

    Anyone else been hearing this on the CSX or other railroad channels? The message is obviously sent by computer and says something like "CSX 4184, Operator A is down...", repeated three times. I heard Operator A, Operator B, and Operator C. I've never heard a response to these messages. It sounds...
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    Scanners for Railfanning

    I haven't seen this talked about too much here so I was wondering how many of you modelers who were also railfans use a radio scanner when you're out chasing trains? I've used one since back in the days of crystal scanners and I've had some catches I wouldn't have had if I didn't have the radio...
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    Three Notch Railroad

    While on our trip back from Florida, we stopped in the small Alabama town of Georgiana, whose claim to fame is being the boyhood home of Hank Williams. While taking a look at his house, I noticed some tracks on the edge of town with some locomotives I'd never seen before. Turns out this is the...
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    What happened to our photos?

    Eric, seems like we're missing April and May here. I think you're spending too much time in old mines. :)
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    Misleading E-Bay Ad

    I was browsing though e-bay yesterday and came across this ad: Those of you who are UP modelers know that this is the standard Athearn...
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    P2K E-7 Decoder Install Problems

    Well, shoot, I've been trying to install an NCE D13SRP decoder in my P2K E-7 but no luck so far. When I plug it in so the black wire is on the left top pin (looking down on the decoder), I get an immediate short. When I reverse the plug, I get the engine running way with no control. It works...
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    UP P2K GP-7-Long Hood Forward?

    I just had to send the chassis from my new GP-7 with the QSI sound card back to Walthers because the sound card wasn't making the right sounds and would not reset. Keith from Walthers called me today and told me the sound card was bad so they were sending me a new chassis - thanks, Keith and...
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    Cheap Pine Trees

    While wandering through the Walmart artificial flowers section, something I do regularly looking for things might look good on the layout, I ran across one called a "Pine Bough". I thought this might have the makings of cheap pine trees when all the branches were removed so I blew $3 to give it...
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    Mini-Review: P2K Phase II GP-7

    Got one of these babies today. I paid $157 from an e-bay seller with DCC and sound - MSRP is $225 so I'm feeling like I got a pretty good deal. First impressions was that the packaging was much better than earlier P2K's. Easier to open and you didn't feel like you were going tear off parts...
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    Crape Myrtle Tree

    This is a picture I promised of a spent Crape Myrtle bloom made into a tree. It's taken in my garage on a small range of hills I'm making on the work bench so it doesn't look as good as I'd like but it will give you an idea of what can be done: All it takes is finding spent blooms that have...
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    Help Me With E-mail Notification

    Not that I don't like hearing from everyone but why is the option not get an e-mail for every new posting to a subscribed thread not working? I've check that option in the User CP Otions but I'm still getting e-mails? What am I doing wrong?

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