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  1. SpaceMouse

    Why the huge fluctuation in participation here at the Model Railroad Forums?

    I think I'm safe for now. She needs the storage under the layout. She's moving her art on-line. She needs the storage space under the layout (which I custom built for her) for shipping supplies and storing paintings. And being a woman, she'll never change her mind.
  2. SpaceMouse

    Long Time Away from Here

    I've become a defensive builder. If you hold the metal end, it doesn't hurt your thumbs so much.
  3. SpaceMouse

    Long Time Away from Here

    Yeah. It's been 6 years since I've had layout space. I've just finished the bench work and am starting the wiring. So I'm moving slowly forward. I might even run some trains one of these days.
  4. SpaceMouse

    Sneak peek at some new Downtown Deco kits coming soon.

    Brains for 25 cents? I better take two, just to be sure.
  5. SpaceMouse

    Why the huge fluctuation in participation here at the Model Railroad Forums?

    I am guilty of doing things in cycles, but not this time. This time I was just shut out of the hobby. I had just finished the benchwork for my new layout to end all layouts, when my wife, an artist, said she needed my layout space in the basement to do a new creative project. She said something...
  6. SpaceMouse

    Long Time Away from Here

    Yeah, I moved to Arizona. No basement. I thought I was out of the hobby for good, then out of the blue my wife comes up with a space for a layout. I guess she was tired of me pouting.
  7. SpaceMouse

    Long Time Away from Here

    I can't say I do...and I can't say I remember coming to your house and seeing that great steel mill complex either. You ought to be just about done with that layout by now, right?
  8. SpaceMouse

    Long Time Away from Here

    Hey everyone, If you remember me, say Howdy. If not, pleased to meet you. Mouse
  9. SpaceMouse

    N Gauge Layout Estate Sale (Tour de Chooch)

    Wow! What a layout. If it was me and I wanted to get the most return from this. I would take everything that wan't nailed down and sell it on eBay. If you try to get a single buyer, you may get someone to give you a thousand or two, but you could get a lot more if you piece out the engines...
  10. SpaceMouse

    serious steam

    It took a lot of coal to make that parade.
  11. SpaceMouse

    Please help: How much could this train collection be worth?

    When I look at a layout, I only look at what can be salvaged from the layout and used today. While I have no doubt what he built was really good in his day, there is very little that can be salvaged that meets today's standards. What would probably be the best thing you could do for your mom...
  12. SpaceMouse

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    I'll have to tinker with them. Patient person would be right what that would take. Now that you mention it, ironing pipe cleaners flat might work as well.
  13. SpaceMouse

    Come visit us in Phx. Az.

    Nice looking club you have there. Just a shot. I'm probably moving to the Cottonwood, Sedona area in Sept. or Oct. Any clubs or operating groups up there that you know of?
  14. SpaceMouse

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Thanks Jim, that link has given me a few ideas. Speaking of ideas, I really like your idea of lowering the facia. I think it looks a lot better. Now if I can just keep my locos from doing a 3 1/2 inward pike.
  15. SpaceMouse

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Okay Jim, I have a question. I plan on modeling the redwoods. I don't know if you've been to the redwoods, but if you have you'll know that most of what is on the forest floor is downed trees and redwood bark. And if any dirt is exposed it's as red as anything else. Now I figured out most of...
  16. SpaceMouse

    MR Video Plus Waddaya Think?

    I'm thinking of getting it, but I dunno...
  17. SpaceMouse

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Yes it is. I had it sent to a guy that specialized in them to have the engine smoothed out. Still growls a little. I got a decoder in it. Now I'll have to see where I can put a speaker. Maybe hollow out the wood pile from the bottom. Not a lot of space in this one.
  18. SpaceMouse

    Hogwarts Express!!!

    Awesome castle. I made a Hogwart's Express mixed train for our club open house days. Of course, it was the big hit. The original engine broke when my son sent it to the floor, but I painted two other engines to match the Hogwart's colors. I combined the two trains for the club--so it was...
  19. SpaceMouse

    Bachmann EZ Track System , Anyone use it ?

    I've only used EZ Track in HO, but I'll tell you why I switched. First, I'll say that it is intended to be ballasted. What you see in the gray plastic is the roadbed--like the cork used with flex track. The made it bumpy to look better until you did ballast it. Now the problems. The track is...
  20. SpaceMouse

    Rail pro...Any good ?

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding how it works, but if you OZies are already running trains with power supplies that deliver 12-14 volts then the Rail Pro should ride right on top of it.

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