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  1. elythomaslumber

    GP38-2 Life-Like detail parts

    Just got a GP38-2 Life-Like (Missouri Pacific Line #2026). The locomotive includes a lot of detail parts but unfortunately with the new box LL use there's no more picture or information how to apply the detail parts to match the prototype. Does anybody know if the detail parts LL delivers with...
  2. elythomaslumber


    I found a lot of new model railroad backdrops for H0 and G on the web page of my model railroad dealer. These are imports from the US. Does anyone know the name or web-page of the vendor in the US? The only information I found was the name "JoWi". If you want to see all, follow this link...
  3. elythomaslumber


    Not finished yet but couln'd wait to show my latest progress on my layout. It always was one of my dreams to implement parts of an "Elevated" like can be seen in Chicago or NY. So I took the Bachmann Spectrum Bus Station kit and did some heavy kit bashing. Finally I made 2 buildings from one...
  4. elythomaslumber

    Bachmann Spectrum goes DCC

    Bachmann is following other manufacturers way to offer DCC decoder equiped locos: Have a look at the price (GE70Ton, GP40)! :D Hartmut
  5. elythomaslumber

    ATHERN Challenger

    Price for Athern's Challenger has been dramatically reduced before delivery. I've heard that Lionel who is in big trouble will deliver remnants of their Challengers for low price. Here in Germany price for Athern's Challenger is fallen from 570,- Euro to 350,- Euro ($685 to $420,-). I've...
  6. elythomaslumber

    ATLAS FM H24-66 Problem

    Got my CP ATLAS FM H24-66 yesterday! Great packaging (!), nicely detailled locomotive and finally a great sound from the Quantum decoder !!! Best locomotive I ever got from ATLAS. :) But with a little problem. Does anyone also receive his H26-66 (Sound-version)? I had twice the problem when...
  7. elythomaslumber


    ...need some refreshments? Hartmut
  8. elythomaslumber

    ...some more pics from my city

    In the past days I add some details to my little dirty city... Hartmut
  9. elythomaslumber

    Parkview Terrace

    When I nearly finished my 3rd "Parkview Terrace" building from Cornerstone (actually $23,89) I got the idea to change the front to get more variations. So I fit in a additional wall in the mid section. Parts are from early kitbashing projects (DPM and City Classics buildings). The wall on the...
  10. elythomaslumber

    Museum PA is leaving the shop...

    Part of my layout under construction is this shop. The ALCO PA (Maerklin = TRIX) is part of my museum route from here to downtown. This shop is also home for my Maerklin BigBoy. Only this short track is build as a 3-rail track. All other is 2-rail DCC. All tracks are the same material (Pilz...
  11. elythomaslumber

    Wooden tavern

    This is my first H0 building made of wood. It's the McSorley's Old Ale House (Tavern). Got a lot of fun with it. Hartmut
  12. elythomaslumber

    For rent

    Also becomming part of my little city... best times are gone. These stores needs new owners... :eek: Hartmut
  13. elythomaslumber

    Signal Bridge

    Got this signal bridge from IHC but looks ugly due to it's plastic glance (light-green!!!). Now with a little bit of airbrush and painting I think it looks well. I use 3mm LED's for real operation. As you see the bridge now is non more in best condition. Some steps are rust out so I prevent the...
  14. elythomaslumber


    This nice shed I found in the last special issue of the Walthers catalog. This plastic kit comes in grey color. I painted it with silver acrylic paint. weathering is done by airbrush-color "black" using a nearly dry brush. The kit comes with a complete history and a copy of the blueprint. The...
  15. elythomaslumber

    RSD-15 "Alligator" from BLI

    have a look here :D (Spring 2005) Hartmut
  16. elythomaslumber

    Building my City...

    Here you'll see some of my first buildings for my layout. I will show the ugly side of a city close to the railroad. Later an "elevated" will run in front of the buildings like you can see in the old "Blues Brothers" film. :eek: Hartmut
  17. elythomaslumber

    Athern F3

    In addition to my 0-8-0 you'll see here my Athern Genesis F3 during installation of DCC and DCC-sound decoders. Finally also I installed a working Mars-Light, 2 marker lights, main(?)-light and a red light using SMD LED's. Hartmut
  18. elythomaslumber


    Below have a look on my 0-8-0 from LL-Heritage series. It got a DCC-sound-decoder and a normal DCC decoder. Both have the same address. Later I removed the connectors since I needed them only during configuration. The sound decoder is made in Austria (CT-elektronik) and the the normal decoder...
  19. elythomaslumber


    Ahhhhh... back alive in the forum. Thanks to Bob and his team solving my trouble. :) So below a pic of one of my weathered buildings. It's the Walthers Cornerstone "United Trucking Terminal". I used airbrush colors on water basis, a little bit of washing powder for the mortar and some...

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