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  1. BNSF dude

    The great Tsunami Mystery.

    Ok. I've tried everything. EVERYTHING!! I just cant get my headlights to work with my ditchlights..:mad: The decoder is a TSU-1000 EMD 710. I set CV 51 to 47 and CV 52 to 59 I believe, and they will flash if I have F5 and F6 on and I blow the horn. But If I even turn on F0, they turn off. I just...
  2. BNSF dude

    Soundtraxx DSD-101LC Owners

    Anybody who owns a DSD-101LC Diesel sound decoder could you please help me? I havent recieved it yet but I amd planning on putting it in my Kato F40PH, I want strobes and Flashing ditchlights on it. Will the 4 "Hyperlight" functions allow 4 effects? Plus headlight's and rear headlights? Thanks
  3. BNSF dude

    MNT SW700R-A/B Set, SW1500

    This post is to show the progress on superdetailing/repainting Athearn BB SW7's A/B set and a SP style SW1500 into my fictional railroad. I havent finished painting the drawings but it's good enough to show what they shall look like. The SW700R-B unit will look like the A unit but essentially...
  4. BNSF dude

    Luce Line Railroad clup to tour Gerry Leones HO Bona Vista layout

    On the 29th the LLRC has been invited to visit MMR Gerry Leone's Bona Vista layout, as many fellow NMRA members know, his layout has been featured in Scale Rails and the NMRA Calendar numerous times. I will try to get some pictures when I go next Saturday
  5. BNSF dude

    WPF: 03-07/08/09-08, Windy?

    Hey hey, its that time again, lets see those pictures now, I don't have any so far but my tapes for my MiniDV cam are getting full and the fact that I don't have FireWire doesnt help with uploading them.
  6. BNSF dude

    What'd ya get for Christmas?

    Dunno about you but I got exactly what I wanted, a Kato Metra cabcar and an Amtrak F40PH. I should have some pics by tomorrow. Show off your stuff!
  7. BNSF dude

    Weekend foto fun 16-17-18... Almost time for turkey!

    It's that time of week again, the glory of the days we all show off our projects, rosters and more. Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Anyways, just a few pics here of my BLI SD40-2 and some other stuff of mine.
  8. BNSF dude

    Merry Christmas! I mean... Its WPF time! 2-3-4 Nov. 2007

    Sadly At the moment no pictures to post but I have done some extra Detailing to my Atheran Kodachrome SF GP40X so it doesn't look so dry compared to my BLI SD40-2, all I did was add some hoses to the pilots of the '40X
  9. BNSF dude

    (Early) WPF 21 22 23!

    Ill start er off with a coupel of snaps of my NEW SD40-2!!!!! Which will come tomorrow afetr i break it in with DCC at my friends house.
  10. BNSF dude

    It's Weekend Photo Fun Time!!! 7-8-9 Sept 07

    Ok so i am a little Early on this but feel free to post up your pics! I have a couple myself this time! 1st Pic: See what you can do with higher exposure and a really bright 1.5 volt Mars? 2nd: My Athearn GP40X in ATSF Kodachrome paired with a BN GP39E haul a small 16 car local past the...
  11. BNSF dude

    Fictional MNT estimated 4 x 8 layout in winter.

    Well, my mom finally agreed that when she gets tax returns she will get me layyout supplys like benchwork, track, scenery stuff, ect. I am modeling this isn winter and will use the fake snow on the ground and put down baking soda on the track. I will have a "sweep" under each snow plow and or...
  12. BNSF dude

    HO Scale Athearn BNSF SW15 kit detailing thread.

    Well Im ordering an Athearn BNSF SW1500 to run at the LLRC Trainfest 2006 fall show. It will include, a stratolight beacon, RCL signs, RCL annteanaes, Fire Cracker Annteana, DH163 for Light efects.
  13. BNSF dude

    Home layout not so much space....

    What size of a layout should i build in my garage that i can move easly? I was thinking 8 x 12, 4 x 8 is too small.
  14. BNSF dude

    Luce Line model Railroad club

    For you guys that live in Minnesota. The LLRC is open every Tuesday (except holidays) and every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the year (depends).
  15. BNSF dude


    I got my choice for this months contest. Darn I was At hutch yesterday why didnt i get any pictures!! Oh well to my picture Archives!
  16. BNSF dude

    Digitrax sound

    I just got the AC4400CW sound for my Kato BNSF AC4400CW and it sounds great! I need a video camera with an audio mic so i can record it. If any one else has it please post here.
  17. BNSF dude

    Weekend Photo Fun June 3 and 4 2006

    Lets see your shots from Friday and Sunday!! I'll get mine on Saturday.
  18. BNSF dude

    Some shots from last night.

    I was at Curt's and I was running his BN F45 with Lok sound & working rotating beacon. It sounds great! I also got some shots around the mini town. PS I did not photo shop them I just sharpened em. I had the shutter time longer. BTW It was pulling well cars.

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