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  1. tompm

    Weathering Flat Cars (TOFC)

    I am weathering some trailer on flat cars. One area that truly needs weathering is the flat car decks. On the Athearn blue box kits the decks are the same color as the rest of the car as shown below: Since they look very out of place this way I decided to weather them. I will be using...
  2. tompm

    Building the RK&M: The Farm House Area

    Another area of the layout I am working on is known as the Farm House. It was originally going to be a diorama but has since been added to the layout. I completed the part of the road a while back and now I have begun working on the extension of the roadway. I started off with coloring the...
  3. tompm

    Building the RK&M III: The Mountain

    Part of the layout that I have been working on is an area that I called the mountainside. It is not much of a mountain but it the best that the RK&M has got. On one side of the mountain there are three houses along the road as seen here:
  4. tompm

    B&O F3s and Some New Rolling Stock

    We heard that there was a train leaving for parts up north. The train was made up of some newly acquired and weathered rolling stock for the RK&M and a friend’s gondola. The first ten cars in this train are the ones I have been working on. B&O P1K F3A B&O P1K F3B MDT Athearn...
  5. tompm

    Black Diamond Express

    It is time for what the anthracite roads do best: Haul the black diamonds! P2K Lehigh & New England FA1 P2K Lehigh & New England FB1 Atlas/ARHS Lehigh & New England 2 bay offset hopper Atlas/ARHS Lehigh & New England 2 bay offset hopper
  6. tompm

    B&O Work Train at M.P. 46

    We heard the dispatcher giving orders to the B&O work train and we headed out and caught it passing Mile Post 46. Atlas B&O RS-1 Athearn B&O Work Train Baggage Car Athearn B&O Work Train RPO Car Athearn B&O Work Train Gondola
  7. tompm

    Down on the Interchange Track Pics & Video at 11

    The interchange track saw some action today as we caught the local switcher moving some cars from the RK&M to the OTERR (Off the Edge RR). Atlas Plymouth Marketing Associates Double Door Evans Boxcar Bev-Bel/Athearn Vesuvius Crucible Boxcar Accurail Vesuvius Crucible Boxcar
  8. tompm

    Penn Central Passing the Grain Elevator; Stills and Vid

    Sitting along the tracks near Drexel Ridge we caught this freight as it past the Grain Elevator. Atlas RS-11 locos A friend’s Plymouth Marketing Associates Atlas Double Door Boxcar Athearn Reading 50’ Boxcar
  9. tompm

    PRR on The Hillside - Stills & Video

    We were sitting alongside Drexel Ridge when we were surprised by a special that was being detoured over the RK&M. P2K PRR PA1 P2K PRR PB1 Athearn Abbotts 50’ Express Reefer MDC/Roundhouse Chateau Martin Wines 50’ Express Reefer
  10. tompm

    CNJ RSD4/5 Locos on the Hillside

    Went out to the hillside and caught this! Atlas CNJ RSD4/5 Atlas CNJ RSD4/5 Walthers Reading gondola Walthers Lehigh Valley gondola
  11. tompm

    B&O E8 Special

    While we down at the Water Tower and the interchange track we heard the RK&M Chief Dispatcher clearing a special so we decided to wait and see what rolled by. P2K B&O E8A Sound equipped P2k B&O E8B unpowered Walthers Santa Fe REA 50’ Express Reefer (birthday gift – not weathered...
  12. tompm

    B&O F Unit Train

    Now the computer has been replaced I can again get back to the layout and the trains. Here are my latest completed weathering projects (and a couple of extras). P1K B&O F3A P1K B&O F3B MDC/Roundhouse Chateau Martin Wines Express Reefer (previously weathered car)...
  13. tompm

    Reading Local

    Here is the local coming from the Grain Elevator and rounding the curve at the Cement Distributor. Reading P2K GP7 New York Central Athearn ACF covered hopper Farmers Co-op Elevator Assoc. Athearn Special Mid West Run of covered hoppers Lehigh Valley Life-Like covered hopper
  14. tompm

    Cat on the Hill

    Chessie decided to strut her stuff along the hillside! P2K SD9 Athearn Blue Box U30B P1K High rood boxcar Athearn 50’ Boxcar
  15. tompm

    Passenger Station Diorama Part 3

    I finished adding spackling to make the highway bridge approach.
  16. tompm

    Rolling By The Tunnel

    Just got word that a train would be passing by the tunnel that had some interesting cars. (Actually I spent a good portion of the evening running this train around the layout and watching it pass various features on the layout. Kind of fun to see the trains pass by what you have been working...
  17. tompm

    Passenger Station Diorama Part 2

    I am beginning to work on the highway bridge. It is a kit made by Rixx. Here are all the parts laid out. I have begun to assemble the pier. Here is the foundation. I am planning on painting the pier after it is assembled. The parts didn’t want to stay on the spurs so I figured to...
  18. tompm

    Passenger Station Diorama

    In this topic I will discuss the construction of my second diorama. This one will depict a passenger station along a branch line. The branch line runs along a creek and crosses under a highway and a trolley line. The station serves the local rural community and the nearby amusement park. I may...
  19. tompm

    An Office for the Cement Distributor

    Recently I have been working on a section of the layout I call the Cement Distributor. It is a scene centered around Walthers Cement Distributor kit. As I am finishing the area I realized that I needed an office for the Cement Distributor. I dug through the junk box and found this old caboose. A...

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