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  1. Bruette

    Theodore (Ted) Klein 1935-2020

    In Memoriam - Theodore Klein 1935-2020 It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we write to you today about the passing of our friend, mentor and colleague Ted Klein. Mr. Klein was an outstanding businessman and leader. His vision and business acumen served him well early in his life...
  2. Bruette

    MTH Closing

    I received this in an email from MTH. I do not know if it has been already posted, so here it is. "Dear Loyal M.T.H. Customers, June 10, 2020 - First, on behalf of M.T.H. Electric Trains, I want to thank you for the support and encouragement you have shown my company over our 40-year journey...
  3. Bruette

    My Lionel Scale O Trains

    With the reintroduction of Lionel Standard O I thought I should remove the Scale O items from My Lionel Standard O Trains thread and repost them here.
  4. Bruette

    How are You Spending the Stimulus Money?

    I don't mean to be personal, but if you don't want to answer that's perfectly ok. I didn't set out to spend my share of our stimulus money on more toys, but that's what it amounts too. I've had a lot more time on my hands since this pandemic hit us. My wife was nervous about me working as an...
  5. Bruette

    What is this?

    All I know is it's O gauge and MTH made it. I think it's a caboose and it came from a RTR set. Did the B&O have anything like this?
  6. Bruette

    Customer Service & Support

    I have to start this thread with Lionel. In my experience they are by far the best and not just in the toy train market. They are the best company I have ever dealt with. Even better than Microsoft or Intel. I never thought I would say that! Being self-employed for most of my life, in a plethora...
  7. Bruette

    Lionel's 120th Anniversary

    This set is one of the Anniversary Items. I like east coast railroads, but even I have this set on my wish list!
  8. Bruette

    History of All Kinds

    At the turn of the century (19th -> 20th), Baltimore was the third leading port of entry for raw coffee beans. This photograph shows the abandoned, old Levering Coffee Warehouse located at 1400 block of Philpot Street, Fells Point. It was here where ship loads of South American coffee would be...
  9. Bruette

    How Will the Pandemic Impact the Model Railroad World?

    dave 1905 asked me an interesting question in another thread. (click here if you are curious) It got me thinking (good questions always do) one thing lead to another and I wondered "how will the pandemic impact the model railroad world?" In my case, all my free time has given me a chance to...
  10. Bruette

    Are You a Toy Train Junkie? Don't worry, You are Not Alone and it's Not Fatal

    My Name is Louis, I am a toy train Junkie. I probably already have more stuff than I can ever use. I continue to buy stuff I may never use. Before the pandemic I was doing good. I had vowed not to buy any more stuff until I get what I already have sorted out. At the least I hoped to get my...
  11. Bruette

    Lionel Continues to Expand it's HO Line!

    Browsing through the Lionel Store I was amazed to see all the new and coming soon HO Gauge products. I had to share the news with my train buddies. The Lionel HO line now numbers well over 200 separate items and more are on the way! True to Lionel form they use the term Gauge as opposed to scale...
  12. Bruette

    Faith in Lionel

    In March of 2018 I bought and received a new Lionel Legacy EMD NW2 Diesel Locomotive, Baltimore and Ohio #9527 (Built to Order) In December of 2017 I had disassembled my layout when I moved. I have yet to rebuild my layout. With no permanent layout I never tried out my new purchase or even...
  13. Bruette

    Lionel is pleased to announce that it has agreed to a deal with ATI Model Products Inc (Model Power/Mantua) This is old news and I did not think much of it when it was announced last year, but at the TCA Open House Spring 2019 Lionel elaborated on it a little bit during their presentation. I'm excited about some of the new products...
  14. Bruette

    The cost of highspeed rail is expensive, but can we really afford not to consider it?

    Environmental impact of aviation I'm not advocating for a bridge or tunnel to Hawaii or Europe. I would like to hear a factual discussion on increasing rail traffic to reduce domestic flights. Please no sound bites, memes or any other clever nonsense. As Joe Friday use to say "just the facts..."
  15. Bruette

    Lionel's LionChief Plus 2.0 Control System

    "One ring to control them all" It's only a matter of time.
  16. Bruette

    New HO Track from Lionel!

  17. Bruette

    Copper Clad Aluminum wire Vs. Pure Copper wire.

    I have my idea of what to use, but I'd like to hear from some others. I will be using it for a Lionel Legacy Command Control layout with a 620 watt Lionel ZW-L transformer as my primary power source.
  18. Bruette

    What scale is Lionel's FasTrack?

    I wanted to calculate how many scale miles of track I used for my Christmas layout. Then I thought "what scale is Lionel's FasTrack?" When I first got deep into the hobby in late 2012 O was usually referred to as O gauge unlike HO, N and others that are referred to as HO scale, N scale etc...
  19. Bruette

    Stemmers Run Station

    Stemmers Run Station was the closet station/depot to where I lived as a boy. Does anybody know when it closed? It was a PRR station/depot on the northeast corridor, east of Baltimore, west of Middle River Rd. These were the nice places, I lived on the other side of the tracks. ;)
  20. Bruette

    The Polar Express Skiing Hobo Car Only Available Through LCCA

    News Story The Polar Express Skiing Hobo Car Only Available Through LCCA Lionel has announced a brand new O gauge Polar Express observation car available only from the Lionel Collectors Club of America. This special car features a skiing hobo on the snow covered roof with a Hero Boy hanging...

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