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  1. Larry


    I finally hooked up my Hoggers today. Wasn't planning to hook up any Transformers for awhile, but I'm already getting Visitors & they want to see Trains Running. I spent about a week under the layout wiring up the 3 sets of Buss Wires & then tying in all the Drops
  2. Larry

    Back in MRR'ing Again

    Hi Everyone, haven't been here since 2012. I had sold everything to a lot of the Members here on the Forum. I decided in April last year(2017)to restart a new layout. I'm still working on it off & on since Jan. of this year. I'll post some pictures later on. Is there anyone left that bought a...
  3. Larry

    Stuff Sold off my Old layout

    I've been lurking around the forum about once a month since I sold all of my Layout to about 40 diff. guys all over the U.S. & Canada. Unless I accidently missed a post I haven't seen one thing that came off my layout posted here since August of 2012. What happened to all those vehicles...
  4. Larry

    Will Landers

    Has anyone heard from Will Landers lately? I talked to him on the phone a few months ago & he wasn't doing to well w/his health. I called him quite a few times & didn't get an answer.
  5. Larry

    Hi Everyone

    HAPPY NEW YEAR------Everyone. Especially all of the good Friends I acquired here on this Forum over the years.:cool:;):D:):rolleyes:
  6. Larry

    My Report about MRR'ing

    Just want to say Thanks to all of the Guys & Gals that have helped me over the years that I have been on the MRR Forum. When I 1st logged on as a member in 2000 there were just a few of us to get info from. Now, it's 2013 & there's many members. I had been in this Hobby off & on since 1961. From...
  7. Larry


    Willie, Would you Please contact me either by PM or Email & let me know if you received the Transformers I sent you.:)
  8. Larry

    No More Trains

    This Past Friday I sold off all the train tables(steel) & all the Plywood that covered them. All of the scenery, tree's, mountains, engines, freight & passenger cars, vehicles, equipment, trucks & trailers, track, turnouts, magnets, engine parts & supplies, couplers & parts, shells, frames...
  9. Larry

    UN-Construction Details

    This new Topic will cover updates on Un-Construction of my Layout. Doing away w/Larry's MRR Empire Vol#5 & adding this one. Also, use this topic for news on all the items that I have For sale.:D As I start dismantling the layout I will post pictures & then when everything is gone & the building...
  10. Larry

    Got a simple Question!!!!

    I was redoing 5 Ath. engines & was installing the LED lights front & back. After I got everything together & wired up I sat the engines on the track for a test. 2 of them ran in the wrong direction. I have a diagram on my workbench for which way the clips are turned to make sure the trucks are...
  11. Larry

    New Recycling Structure

    I took some of my computer scrap down to the new Recyling place tuesday to cash it in & they are building this new 6 or 8 story high Crusher/Shredder on the back of their property. The owner told me to come back just before they close to get some better pictures. Here's what it looks like right...
  12. Larry

    Question about Athearn Drive Axles?

    I have a lot of Athearn Engine Axles, but none w/good Gears. Can I buy the gear seperate from the axle & put it on the axle shaft? Does it need to be super glued or does it just push on? Does anyone have a bunch(30)of gears for me to build my axle sets? I went thru all of my trucks yesterday...
  13. Larry

    City Running

    Is there anyone here that has Trains running thru their towns & cities in the Streets?:D
  14. Larry

    Unused Tracks

    I was over in Sarasota(50 miles west of Arcadia)at Harbor Freight & the wife wanted to go to a Quilt Store on Bahia Vista. There's an Unused track that runs right next to the Quilt store & about 3 months ago when I was there I saw large tree's growing between the rails. The north/south CSX line...
  15. Larry

    Bachmann Turntable-Questions

    I took the Bachmann Turntable apart today to see why it had 4 dead tracks & I think there was a defect in this TT. For one thing on the plate where the track sliders are there is a space that has no contacts. Pictures showing.
  16. Larry

    Learn from our Mistakes

    You can never take it for granted that the electrical Clips on the trucks on an Athearn engine have to be faced a certain way to make it go forward. I have a note on my desk lamp that I put there w/a magic marker that says, "clips turn west for forward". Well, I hadn't ever had any of the...
  17. Larry

    Structural Shapes from China

    I bought these shapes from an EBay store from China for building some new buildings on the layout. Here's the photo's & the dimensions. Some you could use for HO & some for N scale. I'll use them for HO. All pcs are 20 in. long. The Channel isn't exactly a channel; 1/8" W. by 1/16th leg...
  18. Larry

    How Many engines do you have of a certain mfg'r.?

    How many of one or 2 kinds of engines do you have in a certain stable. I have 15 BNSF engines, 9 Conrail, 10 CSX, 9 NS, 7 Amtrak. I'm trying to stay w/certain ones, but I have a lot of nice pulling engines I won't get rid of other manufacturers.:D:)
  19. Larry

    Changing Trucks, Axels & Couplers

    Just thought I would show some pictures of what I did all day today. Changed out about 40 axels, switched about 10 sets of trucks & changed some of the #5 couplers to 147's & 148's.
  20. Larry

    Hairy Engines

    I got some engines from a guy here on the Forum about 2 weeks ago & they had so much cat hair inside the engine that it had wrapped around the axles so much it had pushed the wheels out of the end of the plastic gear. Also, the Armature on the motor was wrapped w/so much cat hair that the motor...

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