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    My first impressions with Bachmann Ez-Track

    Chris, that's a pretty good summary of both the pros and cons of E-Z Track. The switches are the main downfall. I have a few of them on my layout, and they took a lot of work to make them run reliably. The main problem is the lack of positive latching of the stock rail to the running rail. I've...
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    Layout for me and son

    Joe, as Chip said, no one layout plan will be exactly right for you. I think I used bits an pieces from about 10 plans for my layout. Don't get hooked on what a track plan shows as scenery. It's easy to substitute more industries for a downtown area just be rearranging and adding some tracks...
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    GN O-4 Mike in Glacier Green

    Alan, nice model and a superb paint job. You even got the red on the cab roof right, with the black extending part of the way over the roof curve. I did a few of these in my younger days, but they didn't come out as nice as yours.
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    Show us your caboose!

    Nice shot and models as usual, DJ. Do you know how the PRR came with the term "cabin car" for a caboose? I assume it's something that goes way back in history, since I've seen PRR cabooses called cabin cars in literature from the 1870's, but I never found a definitive answer on how the term came...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 8-6/8-12

    Jeffrey, nice use for a scrap tank car. Mike, that's a cool 0-8-0. Looks like maybe an AHM model? Now you just have to figure out a way to mount a Kadee couple to the front pilot. :) Gary, a toll collector/watchman's shack makes perfect sense. Most early auto bridges were toll bridges...
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    Layout Proposal

    Yes, as I said, any connection between the two loops becomes a reversing loop, because a train can enter and leave the same track by the same route. Auto reversers make it pretty painless to handle a single point of entry/exit loop. Without some kind of crossover, you'd have to run a train all...
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    Train Shows in Texas

    Check They usually have a fairly complete list of all the train related events and shows around the country.
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    Flextrack on plywood ?

    No, you don't really need it, but I'd recommend you use it. With the typical grades of plywood used for benchwork, it's not smooth or level. Using a subroadbed allows you to level the track with shims, or sanding down the high spots. The fact that you'll be laying the track on a hidden grade is...
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    Coffee Shoppe XXIV

    Afternoon, everyone. Matt, grass carp probably won't be very successful in controlling the weeds, and it usually takes two to five years before they make much of an impact, so I wouldn't give up on your job just yet. They only feed when the water temperatures are above 68, so they don't have...
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    tooters scooters...

    Tooter, you have the vote of approval. My daughter thinks your train is "cute" and she hates trains. :) That engine is really a tank engine, so the tender isn't very prototypical, not that that matters on the Tooter Lines. :D One thing you might try is replacing the couplers with a shorter...
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    BNSF 9-44CW Heritage paint scheme options?

    I agree with Jerome. Nice job on a very complicated paint scheme.
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    Layout for me and son

    Joe, welcome to the hobby! Check out the layouts at I think one or more of them would be near perfect for what you're trying to do. The nice thing is you get to see the track plan and what it looks like when it's all built.
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    Show us your weathered boxcars and covered hoppers

    Dang, LOS, you nailed those two cars. Even though they're O scale, your attention to detail really shows in those pictures. Excellent work.
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    Stuff I've been working on & bought.

    This should be good. PVC buildings backed up by old air purifiers converted to skyscrapers. I can't wait to see what your inventive mind comes up with next. :)
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    intro and looking for HO PRR Mikado

    Howdy, and welcome aboard. Do you have a real first name we can use? Calling you an automobile just doesn't seem right. :) Bowser is discontinuing their cast metal steam engine kits, but they still have some left in stock. The link to the L1 is Give...
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    Cotton Belt 819 in the 1980s

    Nice shots of the old #819. I'm saddened to hear she's in pieces and not running any longer. :(
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    Watsonville junction

    LOL, you've got the political situation about water rights in California down pat. :) Nice job modeling the scene too.
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    NYS&W SD40T-2, 4 years and finally done

    Steve, the three foot rule generally works, but it's always a good idea to get things like paint stripes as close to straight as possible. As the view moves out, crooked things actually show up more, because it visually disrupts the shape of the locomotive. A little overspray isn't noticeable...
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    New Member

    Indeed, modeling about 2,000 miles of track in any scale is quite an undertaking. One of the things about being a new modeler is overplanning what you can really do. Don't ask me how I know this. :) I agree with the idea of picking out one area that intrigues you the most and focusing on that...
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    Layout Proposal

    With that type of double track folded dogbone, there's no way to avoid at least one reversing loop to get trains from one track to the other. It would be a lot easier, and less expensive, if you had a single crossover at the locations of the double crossovers, with opposite direction crossings...

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