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  1. tootnkumin

    Shrink wrapped decoders

    In particular for the purposes of this question. The Tsunami TSU-1000 type DCC/sound decoders. I know they warn you not to remove the shrink wrapping around the decoder, but is it only there to hold the heat sink along the bottom of the decoder and would it's partial removal over the the wiring...
  2. tootnkumin

    Atlas HO SD35 with QSI decoder

    I have just opened 1 of the 2, QSI equipped SD35's I have in preparation for a decoder change. A couple of pics to show the current setup and questions. Quite a large, what appears to be a CPU and some heavy for it's size, metal brackets of indeterminate purpose But, of most interest, is...
  3. tootnkumin

    Loksound V5 versus Loksound 5

    What is the "Go" with Loksound? Is there in fact a V5 version? By that I mean an ESU officially produced and named on the packet, V5. I have been hunting around on the web to try and get a picture of one in it's packet, without luck. The closest I've got to one, is this illustration on Model...
  4. tootnkumin

    Scale Trains Locksound motherboard and Sountraxx TSU2 decoders

    This came up as a reply in a FB thread about using a TSU2 in a DCCready SC loco. Maybe will apply to other lighting as well, e.g. classification lights. Interesting? Todd Wegter Long story short: you'll have to remove the number boards wires from the motherboard and wire them in parallel with...
  5. tootnkumin

    Atlas's QSI Quantum CV programming questions

    I'm about to dive into ( head or feet first, I'm not sure) into this SD35's programming, first by setting it all back to factory default, as I know it was at least programmed to it's road number, but not what else may have been altered. The manual that came with it is 24th March 2006, Version 4...
  6. tootnkumin

    Stereo speakers

    I've noticed when looking at cellphone speakers, the late models have their ear piece speakers in pairs for stereophonic sound (quite small, far as I can see). I don't believe any of the decoders on offer so far have that capability as yet? Some, such as Scale Trains, are using 2 sugarcube...
  7. tootnkumin

    LED current draw limits

    The Tsunami2 decoder document says each of the function outputs is capable of 100ma. I want to attach 4 smd's (factory fitted) to a single function tab (f0 headlights) using 1k Ohm resistors on each SMD's negative lead. Is any overload of the output likely? Or any dimming of the brightness of...
  8. tootnkumin

    iPhone speaker comparisons

    I installed the iPhone 7 plus speaker sample I got a couple of days ago, into one of the Athearn SD40's that still had the iP4s in it (the wiring to the rear lights had "popped" one of the fans up, so it had to come apart). After trimming the mounting bits off the speaker, it was the same width...
  9. tootnkumin

    Resistor value calculator

    Found this on the net. Might be useful
  10. tootnkumin

    Pros & cons of double sided tape

    What's the opinion/s on using double sided tape to mount board type decoders such as the Soundtraxx Tsunami2 and Econami?
  11. tootnkumin

    21 pin adapter boards in Roundhouse (Athearn) new releases

    Here is a pic of one of these boards that a questioner on a FB group posted up An interesting thing to note is that it appears to be sound capable. At the top right of the board are wiring tabs marked S+ and S-. F7 and F8 tabs on the other side (rear ditch lights etc?). It is also, going by the...
  12. tootnkumin

    Tsunami Capacitor.

    On the old Tsunami TSU-1000 sound decoder, there is a large cylindrical Capacitor (or at least, that's what I think it is) attached by 2 wires to the decoder with a plug. What does it do in the scheme of things.
  13. tootnkumin

    NCE D13SRJ 9 pin decoder fault?

    Can anyone think of a reason these silent decoders, once installed and placed on the programming track will not go past the initial manufacturer identification (not even on to the decoder's ID and not even get the message "cannot read decoder" and yet will allow the loco to be run via DC...
  14. tootnkumin

    Atlas MP15DC QSI Quantum

    Tried to run this loco at the club last weekend without luck. Couldn't get any response from it at all in DCC, but did work (with sound) in DC, Took a high voltage to get it to start up and respond. Last time I used it was some time ago and I had consisted it with Soundtraxx units to return it...
  15. tootnkumin

    Cell Phone speaker questions.

    As these speakers are becoming more frequently used as alternatives to the ones fitted by Locomotive manufacturers and possibly in multiple figurations, some info might be helpful, 2 things in particular. How to find out what the Ohms Impedance is, and is there a way of determining their...
  16. tootnkumin

    iPhone 6s plus (5 . 5) speaker

    I got a couple of samples of these speakers to see what they are like. On the ebay listing they looked like they may be under 16mm wide and suitable for insertion into HO diesel long hoods, but they are 18mm wide, minus the mounting piece sticking out. (L-51mm. W-18mm, D-4.5mm overall) the...
  17. tootnkumin

    Building the MTH HO scale, 60' wood deck flatcar with Diecast Masters 1:87th (previously Norscot) Caterpillar D9T Tractor load.

    I will start this thread outlining the dismantling of the Tractor. Diecast Masters are now the producers of this model and have made upgrades to the packaging (and price), and added an operator figure to the cab, the last adding an unknown as yet degree of complication to this task. The first...
  18. tootnkumin

    Resistor sharing between LED's

    I will be installing 2 surface mount LEDs to 1 output (number boards), is it necessary to have individual resistors for each, or can both connect to the same one?
  19. tootnkumin

    Tsunami (1st edition) TSU-1000 Hyperlighting settings

    Trying to figure out the CV values and whatnot from the Tsunami "Setting the Hyperlight effects" section in their manual. As per usual lots of page flicking back and forth, trying to get my head around it. The TSU is a replacement for a Tsunami decoder for a "Bowser" loco that was made for LED...
  20. tootnkumin

    Which is the "common" wire.

    I am wiring up a Tsunami TSU-1000 decoder with LEDs. It has a blue Function Common wire and I have 2 functions to connect to it, headlight (F0 white) and mars light (F5 brown). In the instructions that came with the decoder it says about the blue wire that it is (+Raw). Now I'm presuming that...

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