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  1. Raincoat2

    Ozark Model Railroad Association train show cancelled.

    The OMRA train show scheduled for this Saturday in Springfield, MO has been cancelled due to regulations regarding crowd size based on the coronavirus.
  2. Raincoat2

    Ozark Model Railroad Association (OMRA) Spring Train Show, Springfield, Missouri

    OMRA SPRING TRAIN SHOW The 2020 OMRA Spring Train Show will be held March 21 at the Oasis Convention Center, 2546 North Glenstone Avenue in Springfield, MO. Plenty of FREE parking, and a carpeted venue! Don't see the entry fee on the website, but it's usually $7 or $8 for adults. Lots of door...
  3. Raincoat2

    Custom Signs

    When you want to make a sign (for a business, industry, etc.), what are your techniques? So far I've been printing out signs on white paper, cutting to size and pasting to the plastic sign. But that does not look very professional. (See my post today on the Coffee Shop forum). I model HO scale...
  4. Raincoat2

    Kinsmart brand?

    I need more cars and trucks for my layout - HO scale, mid-to-late 1950's era. On Amazon I notice a lot of vehicles from a brand called Kinsmart. Never heard of it myself. Just wondering if you're familiar with that brand and what kind of quality they are and if they have a realistic look?
  5. Raincoat2

    Scratch-building a Carvel ice cream stand

    Everyone - I'm looking for some suggestions. On my layout I incorporate memories from my childhood growing up out on Long Island, NY in the 1950s. One of the businesses there was a Carvel ice cream stand. Don't know how many of you remember those. Anyway, I've looked for a model kit but there...
  6. Raincoat2

    Best parts storage unit for model RR stuff

    I couldn't see any more correct place to post this question: so far, I have been keeping spare/leftover parts from structure kits, freight car trucks, wheels, etc., in boxes. I need to get them organized better. I know Lowes/Home Depot/Menards/ Hobby Lobby/ Walmart all sell parts storage bins...
  7. Raincoat2

    Weathering bumpers

    I'm using the Walthers track bumpers kit (12 bumpers per kit). I want to know how you guys are painting them and what do you do to weather and wear them? Also, do you cement them to the track or use a track nail to spike them in?
  8. Raincoat2

    Best way to flatten warped walls

    Probably the kind of question that's been asked and answered a million times - - I've got a couple of walls from a structure kit that are slightly bowed. I can think of a hundred ways to flatten them, but wanted to know what you have tried and what works (and what doesn't).
  9. Raincoat2

    Athearn Genesis compatible locos

    I run DC not DCC on my small-to-medium sized layout. I like to run two trains at a time. I have a couple of BLI diesel locos and they match each other pretty closely in speed and operation, so I can run them simultaneously. Then I have an Athearn Genesis diesel that has become my most reliable...
  10. Raincoat2

    What product to use to make a gravel road

    Just wanted to learn from the collective wisdom of all the veteran modelers here - - when you make a "gravel road" (HO scale) what product do you use?
  11. Raincoat2

    Raising and lowering rolling stock

    Okay - another newbie type question - - I have some rolling stock that are at different heights, so they either won't couple with other cars or they barely couple which leads to wobbling cars or uncouplings in the middle of a run. I've been around long enough to know about the trick of using...
  12. Raincoat2

    Pre-printed background and backdrop scenes

    This morning I've been on several websites that sell backgrounds for model railroads:,,,, etc. They all seem a bit pricey, especially backdrop warehouse. But I do need some mountain/hill backgrounds for two...
  13. Raincoat2

    Bases for structures

    Many structures come with bases that double as sidewalks. But lots of structures don't have such bases. So I'm looking for ideas on what to mount some structures on that could be sidewalks as well. What do you all do?
  14. Raincoat2

    Looking for decals, signs, interior photo for toy store

    One of the stores in my town is a toy store, circa 1955. Has anyone found decals or other stick-ons for a toy store? Or a photo of a toy store interior that could be mounted inside the structure?
  15. Raincoat2

    Best 1950's era service station?

    I'm looking for a good mid-1950's service station. Bought one at a train show for $5 but not satisfied with it. What kits have you used, or kit-bashed?
  16. Raincoat2

    US firemen

    I need several firemen to populate my firehouse, but the ones I see on MBKlein and other places worry me - they look too European. I need American firefighters, preferably in 1950's uniforms or workAnyone have any recommendations?
  17. Raincoat2

    Non-working building-mounted floodlights

    I'm looking for non-working floodlights that can be mounted on buildings to "illuminate" signs, doors, etc. I know sometimes they come in structure kits 'cause I've had some of them. but I need some for structures that didn't come with any. I've searched MBKlein's website and didn't see any...
  18. Raincoat2

    Scratch building an icing platform

    I have an HO scale ice house that I got from another member of this forum. I need an icing platform to complete the scene. Tichy Train Group sells an 18-inch icing platform but it's pricey. Before I spend that money, I'd like to see about scratch-building my own platform. But I've never...
  19. Raincoat2

    Homemade Fire Hoses?

    Anyone ever tried to make your own hoses for firehouses and firetrucks? I've seen a white metal one by SeaPort that MBKlein sells (currently out of stock anyway), but it doesn't look all that realistic to me. So just wondering what materials one could use to make a few coiled hoses or even...
  20. Raincoat2

    Personalized Signage for Structures

    Have time for a newbie question? (One of these days I'll stop being a newbie, just not sure when that will be :rolleyes: ): Most business structure kits come with decals for the name of the business and other signs to go on the building. Most often we don't want to use the business name that...

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