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  1. Iron Horseman

    Has Atlas Acquired all of MTH Tooling Since they Stopped Production?

    They have had their own tooling for quite a while. I have two of the 4-4-2 Atlantics. To me they seem more like O-27 size.
  2. Iron Horseman

    Great Northern 4-8-4 Aster

    First Aster is now "Aster Hobby" a sub-brand (subsidiary?) of Accucraft UK Limited. From their site, "Ultimately, Aster Hobby will continue to supply the Gauge 1 hobby with top of the line collectable live steam models for many years to come. " With that statement I would say the short answer...
  3. Iron Horseman

    Severe continuity issue: How do I go about switching out fastrack for something else?

    The control is independent of the track. Your current controller can be hooked to any track. If you are going to continue to be putting it together and taking it apart often and frequently you might want to consider the pre-FastTracks tubular type track. It is much more sturdy for frequent...
  4. Iron Horseman

    Hello New born baby here

    In short, what KJD said. A little longer. That locomotive has an 8 pin NMRA plug. That is what makes it DCC READY. Pull that plug and put in an 8 pin decoder and it will work. Put in an appropriate decoder and it will work without blowing the lightbulbs. That is the battery test KJD...
  5. Iron Horseman

    Greetings from Central Ohio!

    Digging out old train sets is always fun.
  6. Iron Horseman

    Returning To Hobby

    I have to say that I am not familiar with European prototypical track arrangements. Is it common for them to have one line do a hard cross of another to get into a station rather than just crossing over to it? Seems to make the station track pretty short.
  7. Iron Horseman

    Sound Decoders

    I say no. Sound is one of those things that if it sounds good enough to you, it is good enough. Spending $ hundreds more for what someone else says is better would just be silly. And listening to computer videos about them doesn't help. Computer sound is SOOO bad. Maybe there is a...
  8. Iron Horseman

    Caboose Types & Eras?

    Off the top of my head, one would see the wooden cabooses phased out in the early 1960s. I still remember the night the Santa Fe burned the entire line of wooden cabooses in Pueblo Colorado (1962 ish). Cupola or bay window was a railroad preference. In Wichita Kansas in the 1960s, Santa...
  9. Iron Horseman

    New Layout

    In this situation, I usually take a marker and just go down the center of the laid out track. Then align the inside of 1/2 the cork roadbed to that dotted line.
  10. Iron Horseman

    Lets Talk about 3 to 2 rail conversions..

    First I did an expose posting on a topic related to the whole o-gauge vs o-scale thing a while back. Instead of reposting here, I'll just link to it: You don't need to change the things you've listed...
  11. Iron Horseman

    Looks like some of you folks' staging areas

    That's what happens when they don't keep the boxes to put them back into when they aren't needed at the moment.
  12. Iron Horseman

    when was this vintage ho scale varney made?

    That is interesting, I didn't think they ever did a brass one. All of the ones I have and most of the ones I've seen are pot metal (zmat?). My first one was handed down to me from my father in 1962. He had applied the super detail kit that included Walschaerts valve gear, jewel marker...
  13. Iron Horseman

    Hi All, I'm a new member

    Other than the Tyco that is pretty reliable stuff so using it should work well. It could be rather than remotoring it just needs a tune up. Is it steam or diesel? Could just be a matter of making certain gears aren't jamming/binding, wheels aren't on too tight, and if steam that the drivers...
  14. Iron Horseman

    Greetings from Knoxville

    Seems to be a good collection of stuff to start with. Many have started with much much less. [quoet]Also need to be reading up on all the changes in the hobby over the past 30-40 years. I don't know if "need" is the right word. All that stuff will work just as good today as it did in 1991.
  15. Iron Horseman


    Don't meet many Reading modelers. That time frame are you talking about?
  16. Iron Horseman

    New and used HO trains, scenery, buildings, track & electrical for sale.

    Is there no Youth In Model Railroading group around you? Not enough time to post it on ebay? How about selling it on facebook marketplace or one of those other sited that show post and sell? As a prior poster stated it would help if we knew where this was. The Greeley Colorado museum takes in...
  17. Iron Horseman

    First layout, H0 short line in small space 12x6

    If that its the goal you might want a few more industries.
  18. Iron Horseman

    First layout, H0 short line in small space 12x6

    Why did you connect the industry track coming off by merchant row back into the mainline on the right? I would have made that into more industries.
  19. Iron Horseman

    Mating rail to trestle deck

    I used fast drying epoxy. Spread it on the bottom side of the rail. Was expecting the project to be a nightmare, but it went very smoothly. Runs great.
  20. Iron Horseman

    USA Power Supply For Faller Midway Rides

    USB is 5 volt. Should be lots of phone chargers at the thrift store you could get for 5 volts of power. Don't know how much power (milliamps) they need to put out for these motors. Looking at that model, it looks to me like all five motors are physically independent, so no they should not...

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